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Origin of thomas

Origin of thomas

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Origin of thomas

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Origin of thomas, Meaning of thomas

Origin: There is said to be a family of this name in Wales, of great antiquity, and claiming descent from the ancient kings of Britain. Their authentic history is said to commence with Uryan or Urien Rheged, whose date is in dispute, but who is put by some as early as the sixth century of the Christian era. It is, however, extremely improbable that all persons bearing this name are descended from one Thomas ancestor, or even from a few Thomas ancestors. Mere consideration of the large number of persons of this name would point to such improbability. It is heightened by reflection on the origin of the name and other facts. Surnames in Wales are of rather late origin. Thomas was first a Christian name, before it was used as a surname. It is a Hebrew word, meaning a twin; hence the interpretation in the Gospel of the name of the Apostle, 'Thomas, which is called Didymus;' Didymus, or rather Didymos, is the Greek word of the same meaning. From St. Thomas the Apostle, persons bor! n on the twenty-first of December would probably have sometimes been named Thomas. The name, however, did not become a common one till much later; in fact, till the middle ages. Then the name was often given in honor of England's great archbishop and martyr, St. Thomas, ofHistory of West Virginia
Surnames: Thomas
Submitted by: History of West Virginia
Origin of thomas, Meaning of thomas

Origin: Thomas

biblical origin means twin
Surnames: Thomas
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of thomas, Meaning of thomas

Origin: It means reddish or ruddy skin. I think it comes from the gailec word for the color purple.
Surnames: Thomas Michael
Submitted by: Mike

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