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Adams County Illinois Biographies
The short family histories here have been gathered from a variety of sources. Many are from county histories and vanity books of the late 1800s. Click on a name below to see a family history.
Beach, Needham, Barnes, Steen familes of Michigan
Laura McKinnon, born about 1903 in California, died Dec. 1938. Married Sylvester W. Barnes of Indiana and moved to Mt. Clemens, MI before the 1930 census. Joseph H.W. Huffman, born 1805 in Ohio, died 22 Sept 1883. Married Amelia Peterson. Second marriage to Mary Montgomery of Greenfield, OH, on July 8, 1827. Beach, Needham, Barnes, Steen familes of Michigan: Surname List
My Heritage-Ballard, Campbell, Johnson, and various families
My Heritage-Ballard, Campbell, Johnson, and various families: Surname List
Family Passage
JUDY JONES BALINT surname list
Yates-Anderson Genealogy
In about 1914, my grandfather migrated to the city from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where his mainly Germanic ancestors were firmly rooted for generations. Comprised mainly of Germans and German-Swiss, his ancestors arrived in Pennsylvania at various times during the 18th Century and migrated into Virginia. There, a few Scotch-Irish and English families were tied in. My grandmothers ancestors were mainly prominent English settlers who arrived in Maryland during the late 17th Century. Once her branch had arrived in Washington, DC, a family of Irish immigrants was added to the family.
Shenandoah Valley Virginia Genealogy
Michael Holsinger immigrated to Pennsylvania with his ftaher, David and both eventually settled in Rockingham County, Virginia.
The Descendants of Michael Holsinger.
The Miami Valley Mann Family
The Miami Valley Mann Family
Family website created and maintained by Janice BULLOCK WILLIAMS which includes information about the families of her parents, Joe Charles BULLOCK & Doris Belle WALKER; her cousins-by-marriage, Tressie Jane LAW LeBLANC, Maynard Donzel LAW, and Rita Mae KING; and allied families. There are links to companion family sites created and maintained by Janice and links to off-site pages that provide more family info.
Information on the norvell family, Covesville, VA, branch back to 1630.
Brumbach and Associated Families
It is a genealogical page at and is attached to Gendex. Database of some 2,600 names. Primarily Swiss/German and English/Welch/Irish in origin

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