Our Purpose

One thing we have discovered is that we are a nation of wanderers. Our ancestors have wandered the globe, and often left us with only one clue to trace their heritage, their surname. Because of this we suggest that we establish Surname Resource Centers, where all the information available on a surname can be centrally located. Dennis Partridge has set up The Partridge Nest, a place for all Partridge's and the variant spellings of that surname. What we propose is that you build a nest for one of your major surnames too, someplace where you can gather all your cousins together. The SurnameWeb links to all the nests on the web, there are over 1000 so far! All of them places where you can go to meet your cousins.

Become a Host

To learn more about hosting a surname please visit our Host a Surname page.

Components of Our Site

A. Surname Registry
B. Surname Resource Center
C. Other Surname Resources and Databases

The Surname Registry
links to personal genealogy pages, descendants pages, family organization pages, regional genealogy pages with considerable information on a particular surname, mailing lists, query pages, and any page with information on a surname for which information on a particular surname can be found. The registry serves as a starting point for finding your surnames on the web.

Surname Resource Centers
The purpose of Surname Resource Centers is to serve as the starting point for your research into a particular surname. They collect all the information that YOU submit so that the next cousin that comes into the nest may find a little bit more to help them in their research. If we ALL submit our information these Surname Resource Centers will become a powerful means of finding our cousins and doing are genealogy.

Other Surname Resources and Databases
If your research fails to find the information for the surname you are researching then we suggest that you try researching by focusing your research on the location, ethnicity, military, and/or religious background of the person you are researching.

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