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Origin of ow

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Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Some surnames can have meaning or origins steeped in history. Ours appears to be very straight forward. Czarnik family legend has it that the surname Czarnik is simply a derivative of the Polish word for the colour black. In Polish 'black' is 'czarny'.%0a%0aPlease feel free to contribute any knowledge you have about the meaning of our surname, or it's origins.%0a
Surnames: Czarnik, Czarnetsky, Czarnetzke, Czarnick%0aCzarnikow, Czarnke, Zarnke, Czerny%0a
Submitted by: Lawrence Czarnik
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: site devoted to history, origin and genealogy of Maternowski surname. The website mostly deals with the Russian branch of the family from mid-18th century.
Surnames: Maternowski
Submitted by: Denis Maternowski
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The Clow surname is locational in origin, meaning one who came from, or lived near a valley in a hillside
Surnames: Clow
Submitted by: April Clow-Gelina
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The family was originally from Somerset, England. A large portion of the family moved to the East Riding, Yorkshire, before 1600. The name originally meant a carder of wool.
Surnames: Touse, Tows, Towse
Submitted by: Debra Cohig
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The name Farrar comes from the Latin word, Ferrum, meaning iron. The name was carried into France by the Romans and from there to England, where a man who put iron shoes on horses was known as a Ferrier, or blacksmith. condensed from 'Some American Farrars' by C.L
Surnames: Farr, Farra, Farrar, Farroh, Farrow, Ferrer
Submitted by: Diane Farrar
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: German
Surnames: Duda, Luck, Lueck, Bohmann, Ebert, Pfeiffer, Howard, Shetler, Schettler, Shettler, Stephens
Submitted by: dianna
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Parsley, according to my research is either a place name(saxon: Parr's leah, or Parr's grove), or a variant on Pashley, Paisley, Paslow, or Presley. The English name seems to be from northern England and southern Scotland, however, its also rumored to be Irish. There is also a group of Parsleys from Norway, but I have no knowledge if the two are connected. In the United States, Parsley is most often found in the southeast, around Tennessee, Virginia and Arkansas. The earliest American reference I found to the name was a death certificate from Virginia dated c.1720
Surnames: Paisley, Parsley, Pashley, Paslow, Presley
Submitted by: Donald Parsley
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: This name is a Scottish name drived from two Scottish words, weard and laugh. (law) Weard means 'watch' and Laugh means 'hill'. (We have been called 'Weardlow' many times over the years. A Watch hill was used much as Paul Revere used Old North church. A lookout tower, only it was a hill, many of which are found in Scotland. Wardlaw and Wardlow are very well known in Scottish history and we believe the variance to be an aural misconception and the hearer just wrote down what they thought they heard. You may have been named Wardlaw just because your family lived very near one of these hills.
Surnames: Wardlaw, Wardlow
Submitted by: Donald Wardlow
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: ...According to tradition, the first person to have this name was a child who was found under a tree called 'Rowan Tree', or mountain ash tree, growing in Yorkshire, England. The child was a boy and was dressed in fine clothing. He was found on the estate of a nobleman who took compassion the child and raised him as his own son, naming him 'Rowantree' after the tree under which he was found. The origin of the child he did not know and never found out. This boy's descendants now run in the thousands, and they live in all parts ofthe world....'('Rowntree and Rountree Family HIstory, 1521-1953' by Joseph Gustave Rountree ll)
Surnames: Rountree, Rowntree
Submitted by: Dorothy Maechler
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Germanic, I've been told that possibly the Snapp name is an adaptation from 'Schnauppe' and that the name was given to makers of schnapps liquor in Germany, which is kind of funny because the descendants who arrived in the U.S. in 1733 (within 1 year accuracy) were religious zealots of some sort. The first house built and occupied by the original snapp emigrees still stands (I've been told by other snapps online) in Fairfax, VA. The original descendants were father and son. I think the house is brick, but am not sure. I hope this is helpful. There are Snapps in California and TN who know vastly more about Snapp family geneology.
Surnames: Snapp, Unknown
Submitted by: Frank Snapp
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: A sept of the Clan MacDonald form the Isle of Man. Directly translated, Killough means Holy Lake, or Church Lake. The Killoughs were keepers of holy relics with in the clan.
Surnames: Kalloch, Kellough, Killoe, Killough, Killow, Kilo
Submitted by: Gaylee (Killough) Bork
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Bowker is listed in English and Welch Surnames as being Welch for the occupation of Butcher.
Surnames: Bowker
Submitted by: Gordon Mitchell
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Those of Irish descent should note that the names Bowe/Bowes/Bogue are derived from the Gaelic, O'Buadgaigh which translates roughly as meaning 'champion' or 'victorious'. The names Bowes is found in County Tipperary. in Tipperary Town, Bansha, and Cahir. It bears no relation to the English/French name Bowes.
Surnames: Bogue, Bowe, Bowes
Submitted by: Jeffrey Allen Bowes
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Believe to be Scottish, moved to America in early 1800's. Settled in Alabama and Arkansas area. Original name may have been Halcro.
Surnames: Halcro, Harcrow
Submitted by: Jimmy Carl Harcrow
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The name as far back as I have been able to go generated in Scotland and Leslie Felix Clow went to Nova Scotia from Scotland in 1900's
Surnames: Clough, Clow
Submitted by: Jo Ann Boyd
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: This name is from England. I can trace the roots back to England from 1600's
Surnames: Croshaw, Crowshaw, Crusher
Submitted by: Kathy
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: All come from the Slavic, meaning 'From the place of the pears'. Most and including mine come from Mecklenburg-Schwerin (North East Germany). A Slavic people called Wends or Sorbs mixed with the Germans since the 12th Century. The Mecklenburg area had Teutonic people living there since the first centuries of Christianity and in the 6th Century, Slavic tribes moved into or seized the area untill the Germans (Henry the Lion) seized the area in the 12th Century but let the Slavic princes rule and since 1871 is part of Germany.
Surnames: Grischow, Grueschow, Gruschow
Submitted by: Kenneth Gruschow
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Crawley (and Crowley) is a corruption of Crow-Ann-Lea, meaning that the first people of the name Crawley (and Crowley) lived on the crow (shady) side of Lea Hill, which is somewhere in England.
Surnames: Crawley, Crowley
Submitted by: Kimberly Crawley
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: This information is regarding the Welsh origins of the name. The name 'Powell' is said to have been derived from 'Ap Howell' meaning 'son of Howell'. It is found in ancient records in the variants listed above and Powell is the generally accepted form today.
Surnames: Poell, Pouall, Poul, Powal, Powel, Powell, Powle
Submitted by: Leeanne White
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: This name is of ancient Anglo-Norman origin, and comes from the Anglo-Saxon word 'Fugal', meaning fowl. However, most of the Fowlers in America are of English descent. It seems that the early bearers of our name not only 'pursued the captured wild fowl', but also sold them , for in its early form the French suffix,'ere', following 'fowl', meant an agent or dealer. Old English and early American records carry frequent mention of the name in various forms, such as 'Fouler', but'Fowler' is the generally accepted form. - 'The House Of Fowler: A History of the Fowler Families of the South' by Grover Parsons Fowler(1940).
Surnames: Fowler
Submitted by: Lisa Huskey
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The name Hallowell is of english origin
Surnames: Hallowell, Halowell
Submitted by: Matt
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The name is from England. Originally thought to be from the old spelling of bridge by the River Stowe, I believe brygs and it was given to people that lived near or under the bridge of the River Stowe.
Surnames: Bristow
Submitted by: Preston A. Bristow
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Ganow is a variant of Gano which was changed from Gaigneau, de Champuallins, de Chateaumorand France, about 1610 in the USA.
Surnames: Ganeaux, Gano, Ganoe, Ganow, Gerneaux
Submitted by: R. Parker Ganow
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Originally developed from a job title, keeper of birds of prey (apparently to the King/nobility.)
Surnames: Howlett
Submitted by: Sam Howlett
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Barrows is a location name, meaning dwelling by the grove, or dweller by the hill. English surname
Surnames: Barrow, Barrowe, Barrows, Berrow
Submitted by: Sandy Holladay
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: British in origin. From Hwit-hloew. White soil hill or burial mound.
Surnames: Whitlow
Submitted by: Travis Whitlow
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Crowell is derived from the Old English 'crawe', meaning 'crow's spring'. In fact, there is a Crowell,Oxfordshire,England which is near to the source of a spring located along an old Roman roadway. First families to America used the Crowe surname and later added the 'L'. Under heated debate is whether some Crowells are descended from the Oliver Cromwell and dropped the 'W'. In my opinion, Cromwell's son has proven to have lived, died, & buried in England.
Surnames: Croel, Crow, Crowe, Crowel, Crowell, Crowl
Submitted by: Jeffrey Crowell
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The Krauer surname originated from the Swiss/German Canton of Zurich.
Surnames: Crower, Crowers, Grauer, Krauer, Krower
Submitted by: Sue Ellen Keenan
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: There is a town by the name of Lowenstein in Germany. It is situated south-east of Frankfurt. There is also a castle there by the same name, as well as a mountain range of that name. There are several branches of the Lowenstein family. I know of the following: 1. The German high nobility (mostly catholic) 2. 'Ordinary' folk in northern Hessen (mostly Lutheran) 3. The Jewish branch (many of them in the United States). In Germany during the 17th and 18th centuries, Jewish people often took the names of the prominent families who protected them. 4. The Lowensteyn (originally Lowenstein and Lutheran) branch, mainly in The Netherlands, but also families in Canada and Ne
Surnames: Loewensteijn, Lowensteijn, Lowenstein, Lowensteyn
Submitted by: Peter Lowensteyn
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The Unsworths intermarried with many of the distinguished families in southern Lancashire and of the Wirral Peninsula of Cheshire, the Blundells, the Molyneuxs and the Bolds.Edward Unsworth married Mary Delafield, who was maternally descended from Edmund, Duke of Somerset, grandson of John of Gaunt.
Surnames: Hunsworth, Hunworth, Onnsworth, Ownsworth, Unceworth, Undsworth, Uneswort, Uneworth, Unisworth, Unsewoorthe, Unseworthe, Unswarth, Unsworth, Unsworthe
Submitted by: Karl Unsworth
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The name means (AS) 'Enclosure of the Hound or Dog'! or more accurately (OE) 'Hund's enclosure', (probably a man's name).
Surnames: Hunsworth, Hunworth, Onnsworth, Ownsworth, Unceworth, Undsworth, Uneswort, Uneworth, Unisworth, Unsewoorthe, Unseworthe, Unswarth, Unsworth, Unsworthe
Submitted by: Robert Unsworth
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The name Stapelton (as it was invariably spelt before Richard the Second?s time) is Anglo-Saxon. It means a 'trading village;' 'stapel,' a pile or heap, denoting a place where goods were collected and stored for sale?Dr. Johnson defines it, a 'mart or emporium'?and 'tun,' an inclosure or town. It was appropriate to a village like Stapelton, conveniently situated for commerce, on the border-line between the two provinces of Deira and Bernicia, at a point where the river was passable. But the term 'stapel,' or 'staple,' has long since lost its former signification. From being first applied to the place where goods were sold, it was next given to the merchandise sold there, and is now usually understood to mean the product for which the place is best known. The 'tun' was surrounded by an earthen mound tipped with a stockade or quickset hedge, with a ditch outside, and each township was thus a ready-made fortress in time of war.
Surnames: Stableton, Stapelton, Stapilton, Stapledon, Stapledown, Stapleton, Staplton, Stapulton, Stapylton, Stebelton, Stebleton, Stepleton, Steppleton, Steveldon
Submitted by: Steve Stapleton
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Old Scandinavian forename Thorgeat meaning 'Thor's gate'. Origin (Thurgood) : England.
Surnames: Thurgood, Thorgeat, Thorgod, Thurgot, Turgoti, Thurgod, Thorogood, Thoroughgood, Thorowgood, Throwgood, Thorgood, Thurgate
Submitted by: Mark Thurgood
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Diminutive of the French name Michel/Micheau, literally 'little Michael.' Most Michauds in North America are descended from Pierre Michel, who arrived in Quebec in 1656.
Surnames: Michaud, Mishou, Mishow, Michau
Submitted by: Scott Michaud
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Cheshire (U.K.) County Parish between Malpass and Whitchurch. Source:- The Family History Society of Cheshire. Ordnace Survey Pathfinder 807 Whitchurch (Shropshire) & Malpass (Cheshire)on the B5395.
Surnames: Chidlow
Submitted by: Tim
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: Scotch-Irish,Family from N.C. Halifax Co.
Surnames: Downs, Downes
Submitted by:
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: It can be an English surname meaning "laurel tree."
Surnames: Lowrie
Submitted by: Kate Yaffi
Origin of ow, Meaning of ow

Origin: The barrow family is close relatives of King Arthur the 1st of England.The Barrow family had once carried around a ship called the Flow Barrow that had more than a life time supplie of gold that sat on the ship.The ship sailedfrom ireland to new york city in the year 1643.after they arrived at the docks of new york,there boat sunk under water and nobody knows about it to this day.
Surnames: barrow
Submitted by: mark

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