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Steve Moody
Description: Moody, Partin, Perkinson, Gage, Wilkerson, Goode and Cheatham Families of Chesterfield and Dinwiddie Counties in VA. Purswell family of SC, AL and TX. Isaacks family of VA, NC, MS and TX. Baker of VA and KY. Durham family of NC.

Surnames: Moody, Purswell, Isaacks, Lee, Baker, Durham, Carroll, Perkinson, Fitzgerald, Gage, Partin, Wilkerson, Hudson, Shreve, Mansfield, Creel, Condrey, Stivender, Zorn

Wally Caviness
Description: Family lineages

Surnames: Caviness,Carney,Barton,Shults, cavaness, caveness,Evans, Little, Humphreys,Moody,
Hickey, Cavinis,Cabanis,Dabbs,

Rachel (Bentley) Ramey
Description: Have some info; would like more

Surnames: MAINLY: Ramey, Bentley, Kilbourn, Moody, Sharp, Raymond, Wright, Appleby, Gurksnis, Healey

ALSO: Lynch, Paulin, Blatnik, Masteika, Sokastyte, Papasyke, Reighard, Gess, Erway, McAllister, Butler, Bigalow, Goodrich, Richardson, Howes, Lonsdale, Marvin, Gregory, Sage, Kirby, Hinds, Starr, Harris, Weld, Clapp, Bushnell, Warner, Clark, Fron, Goodell, White, Hollister, Redway, Humphreys, Brewster, Hills, Fox, Mack, Bill, White, Holbrook

Tahlia Moody
Description: I am trying to find out about my family history, I have very little information.

Surnames: Moody

Rebecca Irene Moody-Depew
Description: I am trying to gain information about my grandmother Irene Williams-Moody-Pratt and my grandfather Oscar Napoleon Moody son of William Marion Moody. One of 9 children. born Feb. 24th, 1905 in Copeland, Arkansas and died Oct. 3rd, 1989 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My father is Oscar Napoleon's son, Donald Eddie Moody. IF you have any information that will be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it!


Oliver Moody
Description: Born approx. 1900 around California, PA. I believe he died in the 1950s. He served in WWI. His second wife was my grandmother, Rose Collette Rohrer. I'm looking for his descendants in order to forward photos of him - what a handsome guy!

Surnames: Moody

Trinity Boss
Description: Would like to share information, photos, documents, etc.

Surnames: Ramey, Hewitson, Rynearson, Whipple, Pierce, DeMoss, Moody, Hobson

Diane Stewart
Description: Looking for info on Vigue's from Skowhegan Maine area. Particularly Gustus (Ausgustin) Vigue born 1837 Canada married Abbie ?, had at least one child Eli. Thank you.

Surnames: Vigue, Moody. Smith, Hewes

mary lee
Description: My great-grandmother was Edith Amalia Mylander
Gobelman.She was born in Sweden,outside of Stockholm,12-apr.-1841.She married George Phillip Gobelman in Carbon,Carbon Co.,Wyo.,27-May-1874,and died in Bennett,Colo.,in 1901.
I would like to exchange information.

Surnames: Mylander-Gobelman-Moody

DeWitt Taylor Brooks
Description: Great great grandmother was Aphrey Moody. Married Sthreshley Taylor in Essex County, VA in 1815. Aphrey's brother, Jameson was a vet of the Civil War. Another Moody, Young Marshall Moody was General in CSA Army. William Lewis Moody [Jameson's son] left Virginia and ended up in Galveston, TX very wealthy individual. He was born 1828 in Essex County, VA

Surnames: Moody, Taylor, Upshaw, Cridlin, Chandler, Carneal, Roane, Peed, Brooks and Brizendine.

Debbie Little
Description: I am searching for Woodend family from Coniston, Issac who born 1869 married Emma Jane Auty (b. 3 Feb1878, Hartshead, W. Yorkshire) they had two children Edith Annie (b. 1906, Featherstone) and Harry (b. abt. 1913, Featherstone, YK). I m in particularly looking for Harry, as my mother and grandmother (Edith) came to Canada in 1950s and lost touch with Harry. If you have any information, please contact me.



wilma moody-eberle
Description: in on James M. Moody, born in AK about 1879. Alos, Melissa Lee Raney born 12/14/1883 in Strawberry, Lawrence, AK. These are my grandparents.

Surnames: james m. moody, melissa l. raney

Mary Cole/Brown
Description: Looking for information on family to add to the pot so that when i get a connection i can go like crazy. They start in England i have Moody back to 1625. From my research find that the Moodys in the English Colonys and Virginia are good start and forward to Oregon, California, Missouri.
Would love to hear from all that is connected around these areas. I am the great grandaughter of GW Moody, grandaughter of Fannie Ellen Moody and William Coles.

Surnames: Moody, Coles, Young, Lawrence, Freeme Fitzgerald, Warfield

Stephanie Helm
Description: Looking for parents of Field Lafayette Harper. Was Married to my Grandmother, Lucile Helen Moody Harper. They had 1 child, my Mother, Shirley Jean Harper, 1929, Gulfport,MS. He was in the Navy. Died from Mustard Gas. He is buried in The Biloxi National Cemetary. Internment Date:1-17-1935. Also, is in the Harper Ferry Family. Just cannot figure, out where he fits into the family. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


Description: have lots of info to share, am looking to prove my line further in order to join certain societies for my family-wouldlove to share/trade iany info with amyone also hunting in these families...

*MANY OTHERS...have alot of info on the wives' lines in my male lines.

Description: looking for family history of moody maguinness fletcher from dukinfield and mossley lanccashire and place history and history onst josephs and st franicis orphanages in the 1930.

Surnames: moody maguinness fletcher

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