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My Gillon Family
I am so proud of my Gillon family from Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, that I wanted to put up this web site to honor all those that are the Gillon ancestors and descendants of my grandfather, Charles Gillon.
McCain - McClellan Research Site
Looking for ancestors and descendants.
McClelland's in Canada
The McClelland's emigrated to Canada from Northern Ireland in 1837. My gg grandfather emigrated to Ontarion, Canada in 1837 at the age of 19. He was accompanied by a younger sister Jane, but nothing is known of his parents or other family.
Descendants Of William H.Chandler From Patrick Co.VA.
Report: Kinship of Or Eughiootee, Elizabeth Coody Genealogy Report: Descendants of Milton Calvin Montgomery Genealogy Report: Descendants of Matthew Deatherage Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Chandler Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Grant Descendants Of William H.Chandler From Patrick Co.VA.: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
nancy baughman surname list
Book: THE BAUGHMAN FAMILY InterneTree: John F Baughman THE BAUGHMAN FAMILY TREE: Surname List
The Dan T. Bates Family Home Page.
WILLIAM HENRY BATES b.1823 in New York, d.1898 Missouri, married Mary Jameson. DAVID BATES b.1792 N.J. or Ohio, d. 1865 Illinois? HATHANIEL HAYES b.1629 d. 1706, Illinois JOHN T. GILLEN b.1804 New York d. Illinois
Pam's Family Research
Pamela Banks Family Tree
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard: Surname List
Ancestors and Family of the Northwest Connecticut Baldwins
Report: Kinship of Howard William Baldwin, Jr Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Baldwin Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Latimer Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Howard William Baldwin, Jr Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Baldwin James Latimer, b. Nov. 1842, & Margaret Rowland, b. Sep. 1850, my great great grandparents who came to Connecticut from Ireland in 1871. George and Angeline (Sandoz) Penley who were married in 1896. George Penley (my great grandfather) was born in CT, and so were his parents. Angeline's father was born in France and her mother was born in New Jersy. Ancestors and Family of the Northwest Connecticut Baldwins: Surname List
Jacob Keller Family History
Janet Baker SURNAME LIST Jacob Keller Family History: Surname List
Report: Birthday Report Genealogy Report: Descendants of Henry Fred Dillemuth
A Little Sprinkle of Everything
Melanie Ayotte surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Betty Askins
Allyson L Arrington - InterneTree
Ardinger Archives
Dennis B. Ardinger surname list
Sheila's Mountain Genealogy
Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Norris, Sr. and Eunice Shinn Genealogy Report: Descendants of Moses Anderson Genealogy Report: Descendants of Dudley Farthing and Annie Phoebe Watkins Genealogy Report: Descendants of Johann Adam Koch and Anna Margaretha Rohmann Genealogy Report: Descendants of Dunning Ladham SHEILA'S MOUNTAIN GENEALOGY: Surname List
Anderson, Ennis, and Johnsons
InterneTree: Mathew Anderson Anderson, Ennis, and Johnsons: Surname List
McClellan Family
McClellan Family: Surname List
Andres / Coulter Family Search
G S Andres - InterneTree ALLERDGE, Sara - m. Robert Burleigh ANDREWS, Thomas - m. about 1630 Dorothy ______ ANDREWS, Robert - m. about 1680? ________ __________ ANDREWS, Joseph - m. Elizabeth Proctor BOSMAN, Thomas - m. about 1730 Mary Francis Cofer BURLEIGH, Robert - m. about 1780 Genevive Elizabeth Miller BURLEIGH, Robert - m. about Sara Allerdge CRONEA, Charlie - m. 1823? Amanda Johnson HARGRAVE, Mary - m. about 1760 Benjamin Andrews HAYES, William - m. about 1750 Sarah Celeste Bosman McCLELLAND - John - m. about 1755 Eugenia McClough McCLOUGH, Eugenia - m. about 1755 John McClelland NAYLOR, David - m. Nancy Randolph OMAN, Jacob - m. Amelia ________ PROCTOR, Elizabeth - Joseph Andrews RANDOLPH, Nancy - m. David Naylor REED, Jonathan - m. Phebe ______ RIVIERE, Francois - m. Julia A. ______ RIVIERE, Francois - m. in 1850 Matilda Cronea SULLIVAN, Henry Edward - m. about 1850 Sara Unedine TOOMBS, Nancy - m. in 1871 James Anders (various spellings) UNEDINE, Sara - m. 1850 Henry Edward Sullivan
The Popejoy & McClelland Family Home Pages
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Benjamin Clark Montgomery Genealogy Report: Descendants of John A. Parker Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Popejoy Genealogy Report: Descendants of John McClelland
Miles of Stiles
STILES/STYLES and associated surnames from AL,GA,NC,TN & elsewhere
Robert Pew Worst's Geneaology Page
Looking for ancestors of Peter Worst 1753-1822 and Barbara Ann Weaver 1758-1835 also, John Pew 1770-1849 and Elizabeth Vaughn
Ancestors of Frank(ie) Marie Blaisdell
Sixteen generations of ancestors, back to the 15th cdentury. Frank(ie) \Frances\ Marie Blaisdell b. 1883 in Humboldt, Iowa. Lived in Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin.
Kansas Field/Allen
InterneTree: Jan-Peter Jansson (Roos)\r\n\r\nKansas Field/Allen:\r\nSurname List\r\n
Nathan Allen Family of New York
McClellan- Illinois/Iowa/Ireland\r\nFrame- Ohio/Illinois/Iowa\r\nBrundidge/ Brundage/Brundish- Iowa/New York\r\nHollenbeck- New York/Iowa\r\nHammond-New York\r\nStone- ConnecticutSouthworth- Indiana/Kentucky\r\nPhipps-Virginia/ Indiana\r\nDees/Meyers- South Carolina/Indiana\r\nAllen- Kentucky/Michigan\r\nCraft- Kentucky/Michigan\r\nNickell- Kentucky\r\nSouthworth- Kentucky/Indiana\r\n\r\nFamily Trees of Nathan and Cynthia (Stone) Allen
Billy G Allison surname list\r\n
Widner, Montgomery and McClelland's of KS,NV & Ireland
Kim C Albanese - InterneTree
The David Akers Family Home Page
InterneTree: David H Akers\r\n
The Pittman's from Jackson Co., FL. and Houston Co. AL.
InterneTree: Descendants of James Olive\r\n\r\nInterneTree: Annette M Burkam
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
Descendants of James Courtney
Descendants of James Courtney
Our Coleman Family
Genealogy and history of the family of Major Henry Allen Coleman of Cobb and Carroll county, Georgia.
Cardon Families Organization
Genealogy, Biographies, Photos, Histories
My page is for the mine and my husband's family ancestry. There are 2678 surnames listed as of 1/15/99. My files are growing regularly as my search broadens. I\m interested in and all information about my main surnames.
In Search of My Phillips & Martin Roots Genealogy
Of Phillips line from Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas; Martin line from Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois as well as other names
Roach Family, N.Y & Fla
Thomas Roach came from Ireland, wed Anne Campbell had 2 sons, Patrick Joseph and Edward. Also researching Ira G. Moore b.1824 N.Y. and served in the 144th Inf. Vol. Civil war in Company 'B
This site has numerous family genealogies including McClelland, Howe, Furgerson, Schlichtmann, Autery, Jackson, Rhoads, Bauer, Ettwein, Siglinger, Keister, McGlashen, ransom, Dill
Nancy Cleere Rodgers Genealogy Homepage
Family lines in form of outline charts. Also Surname Contact List and Home Page Links for those researching my surnames. On-line Cemetery links for above surnames. Additional data in the Christal & Cleere Surname Family Centers setup on the site

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