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Central Missouri Families
This site contains individual names along with their birth & death dates/locations from many families who lived in several central Missouri counties during the 1800s. Also included are several ancestral lines extending back to the colonies and some even to Europe. The European ancestors mostly arrived in the colonies during the 1700s and settled primarily in Pennsylvania, Virginia and the Carolinas.
The KAYE Files -- Genealogy Archives
This web site houses data files that pertain to any variation of the KAYE surname, from anywhere at any time. Most of the data accessible now (March 1999) focuses on Yorkshire, England, and Philadelphia, PA. Files include census records, birth/marriage/deKay, Kaye, Kays
Brenda Baltzer
InterneTree: Brenda Baltzer
W. David Baird Family Page
W. David Baird Family Page: Surname List
Avery Family History Page
McKim (Guernsey Co., Ohio, Loudoun Co., VA, Ireland, Scotland)) Overy (Faversham, Kent, England) Various Families (Stugun (Navarade), Sweden) Avery Family Tree
Samuel SR Lee of West Virgina
Samuel Sr Lee b.1775 married Elizabeth M McCabe b.1795. William Robert Lee who married Betty (Betsy)Elizabeth Noe. \r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Samuel Sr Lee\r\n
The Adrienne Silvear Acoba Home Page
The Adrienne Silvear Acoba Home Page\r\nUpdated September 5, 2000\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n \r\nI am currently researching the following: Robert LEIGH, b. 1829, Norfolk, VA; Sarah Ann CHINN b. 1854 in Yamhill Co., OR, m. William H. LEIGH of Santa Rosa, CA in 1871, both d. in CA ; Benjamin L. TOOF of NL, NY, IL, then CA, m. Mary Ann Atherton of Hamilton County, OH 14 Oct 1841 in Hancock County, OH; Sir James BELL b. abt 1840, Bury St. Edmunds, ENG, m. Janette ESCUDIER, b. 1843, ENG they had several children then took the Santa Fe Trail to CA, Rose Floreine BELL born enroute at Jicarilla Indian Reservation, NM, 27 Mar 1889 ; Mary Ellen DOTY, b. abt 1850, Cork, IRL came to OH m. Marion HARTER, dau. Katherine 'Katie' Belle HARTER, b. 1872, Winchester, IN; John Conrad (VON)MEIER, b. abt 1850 in Bavaria, then to NY, abt 1865; IN, OH, parents were Barbara WEICHEL and Lorenz vonMEIER who stayed behind in Bavaria, John founded J.C.Meier Winery in Silverton, OH, m. Katherine KELLER abt 1870; Catherine KAYSER, b. 1827, Wurttemberg, DEU, then to OH; George Godfried KELLER, b. abt 1827, Baden, DEU, dau Katherine KELLER; James PETERS b. Ohio 1820-1840, then to CA married MAdrienne Jean Acoba
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
complete known family history, genealogy and surname list provided
Mike Donohue's Family Genealogy
This contains my family and anecdotal history including ancestor and descendant trees.
TURLEY Central
The History & Genealogy of the Ancestors of Jason Turley and Tammy Marable. Site focusing on the TURLEY lineage that came from Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, then settled in Oklahoma. And other allied families!
Ancestors of Elizabeth Gabriel
Ancestors in Scotland and England back to 17th century.

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