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Lenora Shope
Description: Shope in Casey/Taylor County KY by 1890; previously in IN,NC,PA and possibly GA and W.VA. ANY info appreciated. Will share info with all.

Surnames: Shope

David Hedley
Description: Descendants of John HEDLEY and Frances LAWS of Northumberland England who immigrated to to the Ottawa area of Canada in 1819

Surnames: HEDLEY

Description: I would love to know more about my family. I want to know where we came from.

Surnames: Dad's name, Herman Roebke
Mom's maiden name, Susan Hope Bass

Bonnie Dailey
Description: Resource Book - Linder surname

Surnames: The Linder Sourcebook: Origins, Distribution and Immigrants by Harold Linder.
(hard cover, 333 pages, available early May 2004.)

Special pre-publication price for orders received before 1 April 2004: $60 plus $10 shipping and handling. (Arizona residents add 8.1% sales tax.)

Send orders and checks to: Castle Mt. Books
5803 S. Kenwood
Tempe, Arizona 85283
From the Introduction:
??This book is a first attempt to establish a framework for answers to the most fundamental questions about the Linder surname. Where did it originate? What does it mean? Where and how did it spread? How many Linders are there today? Where do they live?
I hope the incomplete answers and vague clues given here will both inspire and help direct further research. Most Linder genealogists and family historians are properly concerned with the limbs, branches and twigs of their individual family trees. This book attempts to establish an overall Linder framework and context for their efforts. This is a first description of the Linder forest, large, mysterious, difficult of access and shrouded in the mists of history, but offering great rewards for its explorers.??

Table of Contents
?? The Earliest Linders (1267?X1600)
?? Origin of the Linder Surname
?? Linder Numbers and Distribution
?? Linder and Lindner
?? Linders in the Register of Swiss Surnames
?? Saanen, Switzerland Linder Line
A. Some Historical Background for the Saanen Area
B. The Black Death Plague in the Saanen District
C. Early Surnames in the Saanen Area
D. Evidence that the Linder Surname Originated in the Saanen Area
E. Peter Linder Helps Negotiate Freedom for the People of Saanen in 1448
F. Cristan Linder from Saanen Serves as a Mercenary for the Pope in 1512
G. Glimpses of Everyday Life (and Linders) in the Old Saanen District
H. Emigration History of the Saanen District
?? Bern, Switzerland Linder Line
?? Basel, Switzerland Linder Line
A. Linders in the Historical-Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland
B. Linders in the Swiss Genealogical Almanac 1943
C. Some Historical Background on the Silk Ribbon Industry
D. Alfred Linder 1961 Memorandum on the Textile Linders
E. Other Linder References
?? Walenstadt, Switzerland Linder Line
?? Calw, Germany Linder Line
?? Linder Anabaptists
?? The First Linder in North America
?? Chronological List of Linder Immigrants to North America
?? Chronological List of Ship Crew Linders Arriving at Ellis Island
?? Jewish Linders
?? Black Linders
?? Canadian Linders
?? Linder Coats of Arms and Nobility
?? Linder Place Names
?? Future Research

This book will provide a wonderful resource for information for Linders seeking the meat to go on the bones of their Linder Family Tree. It will be of particular benefit to the genealogy buff who already has learned the basic structure of their family tree, but long to give it some historical perspective or to bring alive some of the real Linders who lived before our time. It feels like you??re reading about your own 15th and 16th century ancestors, how they lived, their marriage customs, their occupations, how frequently the plagues of Europe claimed their children before they reached adulthood.
One of the most exciting portions of the book for me was reading the details of how the Linders of Saanen participated in the purchase of the land from the local feudal lord, the Count of Gruyeres. That vignette brings to life the actual conversion of the European fiefdoms of Switzerland from the feudal system to one of small private land ownership.
Of interest to those descendants of Simon Linder b. 1680 are several articles on the history of the Linders in the Saanen area of Switzerland, including articles on associated early surnames, the effect of the black death plague on everyday life between 1600 and 1850, on emigration to the Pfalz (Palatine) and North America. An extensive collection of local church records are also cited.
The year by year listing of all of the immigrants listed in the various reference books is a real boon to anyone doing genealogical research. I??ve been working on my family genealogy for 14 years and this book is unique in its attention to detail. Harold says he??s been gathering material for this book for over 25 years, but says that he??s only captured the highlights of Linder history in this book. The time and devotion he has spent in analyzing the data and making sense out of it where there were only individual fragments before, is the beauty of this work. Although the author makes no claim to have uncovered all of the information on one surname, I??ve rarely seen as scrupulous attention to detail. It must have been a labor of love. the way it has been presented allows the reader a breadth of information that will allow him easily to delve deeper for more. And the writer has provided accurate references as well as the library he located them in in order to assist the serious genealogist in his work. Travel to Switzerland and Salt Lake City may be cost prohibitive to some seeking more information, but most libraries will mail a few pages from a book for a nominal cost if you know the exact location of your reference.
This book spans a time of 737 years of recorded history.
The Linder Sourcebook includes over 300 references to Linders in Europe before 1600, the present distribution of Linders throughout the world before 1600, information on 13 Linder lines and their origins, a chronological list of all Linder immigrant to America (over 1200), illustrations of 19 Linder coats of arms and a list of almost 200 Linder place names.
The Linder Sourcebook will be a standard reference for anyone interested in Linders for many years. It will probably change forever the way you think about he Linder surname. It includes translations of several German documents that give the English-only reader a solid introduction to early Linders in Europe.

Ron Johnson
Description: Genealogy information on Wauchope(s) from England to Walkup(s) in America.

Surnames: Wauchope, Walkup, Nipper, Pickens, Pettus, Cheaney, more

Brian Hope
Description: Researching the descendants of William Hoult born in Macclesfield 04/02/1840, served in the Army in Canada and married in St.John, New Brunswick where my Grandfather was born. All other children in various garrison towns in UK

Surnames: Hoult

Angela Reeder
Description: I am searching for records of my paternal grandmother Florence Griffor; married first to Glenn D. Downs.

Surnames: Downs, Hope, Griffor, Donaldson, Schmidt

mitzi drinnen
Description: Searching for the parents of Hensley Joab Drenning b 1823 Lenoir City, Louden Co.,TN
Married Isabella Drucilla Shope 1846 in Buncombe Co., NC
Hensley's mothers name was Mary born in SC about 1895, father was Thomas Drenning-Drennan.

Surnames: Drenning-Drennan-Drinnen-Shope

Description: We are trying to locate Manassie Philips of Alabama's place of Birth year 1858-1860 and date of death 1890-1892. We located her in Marengo cty,Al.Clarke ctry,Bibb cty,She died and is Buried in Marengo County, Alabama in the O'Neal Cemetery in Dixon Mills. She had several children and we do not know if she ever married or not, we were handed down stories that she left home at an early age and asked a Dr. Mobley or Moseley? where she could find work and he sent her to an Eli Warren Roberds family and also worked for a George Wright, and a Paul Boler all in very close vicinities.

Surnames: These are the surnames we know to be true, Boler,West,Downy,Calhoun,Hudson all of the surrounding counties in Alabama.
I cant find a Dr. Moseley or Mobley anywhere.
Hope someone can help. We were told she was of Indian and French descent, but we dont know what kind or what clan she would of come from.

Cynthia Glover
Description: Researching my family and my husband's to write family books for our daughter and grandchildren.

Surnames: WHEELER, Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
REED " " "
GREENE, Dublin, Ireland
U'REN, Cornwall/Devon, UK
OWEN " "
SHEEHY, co Kerry, Ireland
FOSTER, co Fermanagh, Ireland
GLOVER, Wiltshire, UK
PEACHEY, Oxfordshire, UK

Alex Farquhar
Description: I am 70 years of age I am searching my family tree,linking lasswade loanhead and lanarksahie along with west lothian

Surnames: all surnames involved are as follows Farquhar
McInally Graham Love Thomson Drummond MuirMcDowell their are more but I have to verifythese so hopefully I will be able to bring forward

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