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Extended Family of WILLIAM EPWORTH Website
Ongoing search for the ancestors, antecedants and collateral families of one WILLIAM EPWORTH born in the late 1700s somewhere in England.
Mueller & Baldy Families
Over 3,000 names, spanning 18 generations and 6 centuries. Branches from regions throughout the world including eastern and western Europe, North and Central America and the south Pacific.
Dahling, Oven, and Simanski Genealogy Site
Showcase of my ongoing research including families from New England, Kentucky, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and England.
Angela's Attic
There are many extended limbs on this page. Jessie Bowman, Died at the Alamo in Texas, USA. Younger Johnson, attacked by Indians during the War of 1812. Lots of interesting family tidbits.
Krause Genealogy
Genealogy dated back to the early 1700's. Many surnames the two main are Krause and Boeckmann.
Viehweg Family Homepage
Welcome to Viehweg Family Homepage. The Layton and Viehweg family genealogy and their allied lines. I am researching and seeking additional information on these families and allied lines.
Ron's Roots, My Genealogy Journey # 4
Come on a genealogy journey exploring over 70,000 names, with most from New England and Southeastern states.
Beam Family History Page
Beam Family History Page: Surname List
The Salem Connection
The Salem Connection: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Cecily Reeves Beasley surname list
The Baugh's of Stone County , Mo
Kimberly R Baugh - InterneTree
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
Descedants of John Baskin of Donegal Co., Ireland
William Baskin Sr. French & Indian War (1700-1770)my 5th great- grandfather. Hugh Baskin American Revolution (1743-1797) my 4th great-grandfather. Robert McKinley Baskin War of 1812 (1790-1871) my 3rd great-grandfather. William Carrol Baskin Sr. Civil War (1829-1906) my 2nd great-grandfather. Robert Peyton Baskin World War I (1895-1964) my grandfather's older brother. InterneTree: Benjamin C Baskin Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bailey Williams Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Baskin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Great Forester Anacker Genealogy Report: Descendants of Hugh Graham Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bannister Harper Descedants of John Baskin of Donegal Co., Ireland: Surname List
InterneTree: Tim Baldy Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johannes Heinrich Sch?enwald Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Joachim Kitzm?ller Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Nicolaus M?ller Genealogy Report: Descendants of Bernardt Becker It is in the City of Chicago where Jacob Schoenewald would become the first German immigrant to serve on the cities police force in 1851 and where he would also be elected first German immigrant judge in for Cook County in 1861. Slightly less than 100 year later, Leonard Baldy, the husband of Jacob's great great granddaughter would become the first police officer to broadcast helicopter traffic reports over the radio in Chicago.
The Baldwin Family Home Page
Lisa Renee' Baldwin surname list
Baltz Buffalo, NY & Hester- Alabama and many more families
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Andrew Baltz (View PDF) Genealogy Report: Descendants of *** Nieman (View PDF) Genealogy Report: Descendants of Alfred Cook (View PDF)
The Donna Smith Baker Family Home Page
Donna Smith Baker surname list
Donald Carey Bailey of South Georgia
Thomas Cason came over from England around 1635. The Donald Carey Bailey of South Georgia: Surname List
Family of Clinton Henry Yerkes in Canada and the U.S.
InterneTree: Descendant Tree of Clinton Henry Yerkes The other Yerkes of Canada and the United States: Surname List
Kimberly Ann (Reinhard) Augelli - My Family Tree
InterneTree: Kimberly A Augelli NC Kimberly Ann (Reinhard) Augelli - My Family Tree: Surname List
Audibert, Audibert-Lajeunesse Home Page
Descendants of Etienne Audibert dit Lajeunesse (1675-1750) and Catherine Rocheron (1673/74-1749/50), Married August 19, 1699 in Ste Famille, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Etienne Audibert-Lajeunesse Audibert, Audibert-Lajeunesse Home Page: Surname List
The Mitchell Atkinson Family of Texas
My GGGGrand-father was William Neale Atkinson born 1813 Liverpool, Lancaster, England. Married Catharine Boscow 1838 Braddan Parish, Isle of Man, England. Immigrated Buffalo NY 1839. Then to Quincy IL in 1840-1850. Died Quincy IL 1855. Catharine's family was also from Liverpool, England. My Great Grand-father Keaton James Wright and wife Dilla Dito Shaw Wright. They married and lived in Haskell county Texas and had 12 children. My GGGGGGGGrand-father was Thomas Brown from the William Penn Colony to my grandfather William Mitchell Brown Jr. Patrick Marion Munn my grandmothers father. Patrick Munn's GGGGGrandfather was Alexander McAlpine Munn of Scotland B1720 D1776. InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Mitchell Ray Atkinson Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas Brown Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of K.J. Wright Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William Neale Atkinson Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Alexander McAlpine Munn The Mitchell Atkinson Family of Texas: Surname List
Jon Aston's Genealogy Home Page
Jon Aston's Genealogy Home Page: Surname List
Fitts Family of Georgia
John Tandy Fitts Born in Virginia prior to 1760. He married Mary in Halifax County Virginia after 1780. They left Virginia sometime after 1796, and moved to Elbert County, Georgia. They settled in Captain Jesse Nellum's Military District in Elbert Co. Georgia. John Tandy died sometime after 1800, and prior to 1807. Mary stayed in Elbert Co. as late as 1838. Then she accompanied her son William Henry Tolliver to Union Co., where he took up the land that Mary had successfully drawn in the Land Lottery of 1832. William Henry Tolliver Fitts son of John Tandy was born in Elbert Co., Georgia about 1800. He married Mary M. Christian on May 11, 1820. He died in 1880. William Payne Fitts son of William Henry Tolliver was born in Elbert Co. 1821, the first born of his parents. He married Frances Angeline Keenum in Lumpkin Co.,Georgia on April 26th, 1844. He enlisted in the 66th Regiment of the Georgia Volunteers in 1863, and lost his life in the battle of Jonesboro of 1864. Frances lived many years after his death, and later applied for widow's pension in 1891. Joseph B. Fitts son of William Payne was born 1860. He married Frances E. Loggins on Oct. 5th 1884 in Lumpkin Co., Georgia. He was a pastor of Enon Baptist Church. Joseph and Frances are buried at Enon Baptist Church Cemetary. Dowdell B. Fitts son of Joseph B. was born January 22, 1892 in Lumpkin Co.,Georgia. He served in W.W.I in Co.H 140 Infantry. He married Mary Belle Shope on Oct. 26th 1919. He went up to Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines, then later came down to Birmingham, AL and worked in the steel mills, and finally moved to Hall Co., Georgia to farm. Dowdell and Mary Belle are buried at the Oakland Cemetery in Birmingham, AL.
The Arthur-Kelly-Cashen families of Baltimore Maryland
John Pierce Arthur immigrated to the United States with his wife and three children in 1849. In Matchett?s Baltimore Directory for 1853 it is noted that he was a woolen factor and lived at 71 Potter. He died in Baltimore, MD in 1853 at age 35 of typhoid pneumonia. He was buried on the 9th of March in St. Patrick?s Cemetery Yard, Fells Point. John P. Arthur was born in Castle Connell, County Limerick, Ireland; his wife Maria Maroney was born in County Clare; their parents were in the Wool business; they came to ?America? in 1849, first arriving in New Orleans and then to Baltimore in 1850 where they lived on Hawk Street; three children were born in County Clare (J. Thomas Arthur, Elizabeth Arthur Frederick, and Frank Arthur). Elizabeth Frist Gutman, (Bess Gutman) was the daughter of Margaret Ann Arthur Frist. Margaret Ann was born in Baltimore in 1850. The earliest documentation of the Arthur family is the passenger list of the ship Forfarshire that sailed from Liverpool, England and arrived in New Orleans on December 28, 1948. The ship?s register shows the names of John (30) and Mary Arthurs (30), Anne Arthurs (32), James Arthurs (20), Thomas (7), Bridget (5) and Francis (3). While the register shows that the ship arrived in New Orleans on Dec 28, 1848 a close examination indicates that the ship?s register was completed on that date at Liverpool. Arrival in New Orleans would probably have been four or five weeks later in February 1849. It is believed that Bridget Arthurs was Elizabeth Arthur Frederick. Although later accounts point to her birth in New Orleans our research concludes that she was born in Ireland. The conclusion is that many females received the name Bridget when they were born in Ireland and her name was also Elizabeth. The Kelly family emigrated from Ireland to Philadelphia PA. Anna Clark Kelly came from Newry, Co Down, where she was educated in a convent school. She came to this country with her sister who remained in Philadelphia. Thomas Kelly came from CO Louth in Ireland. Thomas and Anna met in this country and were married in Philadelphia. Three children were born in Philadelphia (Mary Jane-1857; Thomas J. -1859 and John-1862). Four more children were born after they moved to Baltimore. Thomas Kelly Sr. had a fashionable Shoe Shop on Centre Street near the present St. Ignatius. A Baltimore City Directory for 1896 shows ?Kelly Thos, shoemkr. 111 E. Centre, h 907 E Chase?. In 1871 and 1872 he was shown as living at 189 Chesnut St. The family also lived on Hillen Street near the Belair Market before they moved to Chase Street. The families of Lacey and Holden besides the Arthurs are direct descendants of this family. Richard Cashen came to this country in 1915 through Ellis Island. He was born in County Tipperary, Ireland in a town called Templederry. He was one of ten children. Seven children came to the US and three remained in Ireland. One went to New Orleans, two went to St. Louis and four came to Baltimore. The Arthur-Kelly-Cashen families of Baltimore Maryland: Surname List
The Arnett & Routh Family Home Page
David Arnett (b? 1755 (35) was in Russell Co, VA in 1799 and then moved to Knox Co, Ky by 1801 and died in KY. His sons, Reuben and Stephen moved to Floyd Co (later Magoffin Co, KY) in 1811 where their descendants have continued to thrive. A Levi Jones and his family settled in Somerset, Pulaski Co, KY about 1840. the Arnetts came from France out of the Arnulf line and after the 1066 Channel crossing settled in England where Arnulf eventually changed to Arnott especially amoung those who settled in lands of northern England and southern Scotland around County Fife. Some of the Arnetts or Arnotts participated in the plantation of Northern Ireland and are found in Donegal for example in 1603. There may have been a group of Arnetts which remained in France around the Alsace area or migrated there from England. Arnett line traced from 1640's. Current theory is that this family came from Scotland and established a plantation, and in about 1730 a David Arnett emigrated to Virginia as the progenitor of the Louisa Co line. New Jersey: James and Isaac Arnett of Elizabeth Maryland: William and Andrew Arnett of Talbott & Dorchester Cos. Virginia: David Arnett of Louisa James Arnett & Susanah McGehee; Alexander, Thomas, Samuel Arnott(Arnett) family of Loudoun Co--Thomas later settled in Clark Co, KY; my David Arnett of Russell Co. in 1799 possibly from NC. James Arnett prob son of Eastern Shore Sea Capt. Thomas Arnett who settled later in West Virginia. West Virginia: James Arnett from Loudoun--not related to the James Arnett of Elizabeth, NJ North Carolina: Andrew, Joseph, James Arnett from MD; Silas Arnett from the Elizabeth NJ Arnett family; David Arnott from Savanah; Anson Co Arnett family likely from South Carolina; Valentine Arnett from Ireland. South Carolina: David Arnett of Kingstree in Williamsburg Co; many other Arnett families. Kentucky: several distinct Arnett lines--Louisa Co group; David & Barnett Arnett line; Clay Co; Clark Co; Henderson Co; Green & Larue Cos; et al. Texas: several Arnett families with origins in VA and NC, GA Colorado: Anthony Arnett from Alsace, France in early 1800's Arizona: Descendants of Thomas Arnett from Clark Co, KY California: Many Arnett lines ended up here including Valentine and George Arnett families
Ron's Roots #2 My Genealogy Journey
Come on a genealogy journey exploring over 70,000 names, with most form the states of Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carloina, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas , Tennessee and Kentucky. Several surnames traced back to Europe.
Anders Family Tree- 2002
my grandmother, Lucille Stevens (DOB 8/13/1916) and Charles David Lewis (DOB 8/19/1913).
Home Page of Elsie Anderson
Elsie Shope Anderson - InterneTree
Robert Allen of Jackson County, Alabama
My great-great grandfather was Robert L. Allen, born 1823 in Jackson County, Tennessee. Robert Allen was the son Celia Rash and an unknown Allen. Robert Allen's father apparently died when Robert was very young. As Celia Rash Allen, moved with her parents William Rash and Celia Laxton Rash to Jackson County, Alabama.
Walker Kistler of Perry County PA
Reasearching the Perry County Kistlers
The Prante/Lee Family History
The Cranes (Lee family) were pioneers to California. \r\n\r\nThe Prante family originates in Germany. Many of them still live in the Quincy, Illinois area. Some are also located in the Freeport, Illinois area. \r\n\r\nInterneTree: Descendants of Edward Savage Thomas\r\n\r\nReport: Kinship of Edward Savage Thomas\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Edward Savage Thomas\r\n
The Ainsworth Family of Southern England
InterneTree: The Ainsworth Family of Southern England
A Relative Account
Switzerland: Paroz, Juillerat\r\n\r\nGermany: Haake, Stegemann\r\n\r\nEngland: Cripps, Adcock, Mullens, Mountjoy, Haines, Chope \r\n\r\nAustralia: Adcock, Ryan, Juillerat, Cripps, Dangerfield, Zoeller (Zeller), McQuillan, Connolly/Connell, Beutel, Henry/Henery, Haines, Hill, Alliston, Mountjoy\r\n\r\nIreland: Henry/Henery, McQuillan, Ryan, Kaylay/Kelly, Connell\r\n\r\nUser Home Page Report: Report\r\n\r\n
Happel-Rundschau / Happel-Genealogy
Happel-Genealogy is a magazine on CD-Rom and internet, which is principally involved in researching this special family name. For subscribers there is a database of 25.000 individuals.
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Prussian and Scottish Roots
My father's ancestors come from the borders of Scotland and my mothers are from Prussia.
The Kirkup Genealogy Page
Contains details of births, deaths, marriages and census details of persons with the surname 'Kirkup

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