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Description: I am looking for James Monroe Gibson b. March 15, 1862 in Arkansa, married Sarah Jane Jones, b. JUly 18, 1874. I am looking for family pre- 1862, I have no info on his parents etc. thanks

Surnames: gibson

David Harrison Riggs
Description: I would like to contact and share information with anyone with Gibson and Riggs connectioins also Howard from 19th&20th century Mclean and Daviess Counties, Kentucky

Surnames: Gibson

sam martin
Description: I don't know the surnames of half the people in my family !!

Surnames: anderson, andrews, aspin, bibby, blakey, briggs, byrne, christmas, coleman, coubrand, crowther, davey, dawdry, dewhurst, farrer, firth, foster, gibson, halsal, harrison, hollings, jenkins, jones, kelly, looney, martin, pete, quilliams, renshaw, ripley, shimman, stott, sutcliffe, walker, williams, yewdall.

Description: I am tryingto locateany information on my grandmother Deliah Gibson raised in Bypro, KY she was a blackfoot indian,she died when my father was very young. She was married to Jack Caudill,he also died was my father was very young we can not find any marriage records,birth records,death records. I just need to be able to trace a blood line to show that she was a blackfoot indian and have it documented,but since there are no birth records of any family members we can not find any one to help me. My father did not even know how old he was there was no record his three sisters have no records eitherthey were aresent to different homes and adopted. Thank-you

Surnames: Deliah Gibson Caudill
Jack Caudill

Beck Sams
Description: Researching all SAMs from late 1600's to present.

Surnames: Updated: 1 Nov 2003
Surnames of those who married into Sams families since 1686.

Alexander, Alford, Allred, Ammons, Anders, Armstrong, Arrant, Arrington, Bailey, Baker, Balch, Ball, Barlett, Barton, Bassett, Bates, Beard, Bertin, Blackstock, Blackwell, Boling, Booher, Boulton, Bowman, Boyd, Bradley, Bradford, Briggs, Brilhart, Bradshaw, Bratton, Brenan, Brilhart, Brock, Brown, Buckner, Bullock, Burch, Burton, Butler, Campbell, Carl, Caplinger, Carden, Carrmichael (Carmichel), Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Cate, Catherman, Caudill, Chandler, Clark, Clayborn, Clouse, Comer, Cook, Conner, Coons, Cornelison, Cornett, Couch, Council, Crawford, Crisp, Cross, Crowder, Cruzan, Curry, Curtis, Dauberman, Deem, Dellinger, Delph, DeWeese, Dillard, Dillingham, Dowers, Durham, Edgington, Edmonds, Edmunds, Edwards, Erhardt, Erwin, Fisher, Flasher, Fleak, Folsom, Fortner, Foster, Franklin, Freeman, Fulk, Fuller, Geddie, Gentry, Gibson, Gideon, Gobel, Goldsberry, Goldsmith, Gosnell, Gottbehuet, Green, Gregory, Grove(s), Hacker, Halscomb, Harper, Harrison, Hasty, Hatcher, Hayes, Haynes, Helton, Henderson, Hensler, Henson, Herron, Hickam, Hickman, Hicks, Hill, Hoenes, Holcombe, Hollifield, Hood, Hopkins, Horbeck, Hoskins, Hunt, Hunter, Irwin, Jameson, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jasper, Johnson, Jolly, Jones, Katherman, Katterman, Ketterman, Keever, Kelly, King, Kirkendall, Knowles, Krebs, Lamb, Lansford, Lawson, Laycock, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lewis, Lillard, Massey, Mayfield, Mays, McCall, McKinnon, Merrell, Miller, Mills, Mink, Moon, Moore, Morton, Murray, Orr, Osborne, Osteen, Parham, Payne, Pendergrass, Pitzer, Ponder, Porter, Potts, Preble, Presnell, Price, Proffitt, Prugh, Pugh, Radcliff, Radford, Ramsey, Ranck, Ransom, Rector, Redmon, Reed, Reeder, Reynolds, Rice, Ridenour, Roberts, Rodden, Rowe, Run(n)ion, Runyoun, Rutherford, Sample, Sams, Saunders, Siner, Smith, Sondin, Sowder, Sprinkle, Stanley, Stout, Tackett, Talbot, Tallant, Tate, Templeton, TenBroeck, Terry, Thacker, Thomas, Tillinghast, Tolbut, Tracy, Tre(a)dway, Trent, Tweed, Veatch, Wade, Waldrep, Waldrip, Waldrop, Waldroup, Wallen, Warburton, Ward, Ware, Warren, Webb, Wells, Whit(t)aker, Whittington, Wild(s), Wigel and Young.

E. A. Sloan
Description: Thomas Wyatt family of Essex England..cir. 1650-1750. Daughter Mary Wyatt m. John Farmer..both Quakers. John settled and died in PA, but unable to find Mary's death records. Have wife/children of Thomas Wyatt and would like to go back further if possible

Surnames: Wyatt, Fulbig (Fullbig), Emerson, Gibson, Smith, Ladgater & Farmer

Lisa Worthington
Description: I'm looking for my ancester's for both sides.

Surnames: Gentry, Fitzgerald, Ward, Gibson***Worthington, Wallace, Allred

hanah barlow
Description: researching hanah or hannah barlow, b:abt 1828, married levi gibson 10-23-1846 in brown co. illinois. any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: gibson, barlow, white

Linda Pearson
Description: Looking for these names in Mississipp, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia

Surnames: Farnell, Valentine, Roberson, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Canon, Cooper, Key, Jesffus, Gibson, Ponder, Oles

Malcolm S Gray
Description: I am Researching Stewart of Glenfinglass, Callander, Ardvorlich, Balquhidder, Baldorran. Perthshire from around 1700, looking for worldwide descendants from these areas

Surnames: Buchanan, Murdoch, McLaren, McNab(b) McAree, Campbell, Cameron, Carmichael McKinlay from Annie, Comrie, Dewar, Dow, Gow, Drummond, Eadie, Ferguson, Forbes, Gibson, Gray, Hart, Henderson, Innes, Johnston, Maxwell, McCall + variations, McDiarmid, McDonald, McDougall, McFarlane, McGregor, McIntyre, McNaughton, Whitehead, Stirling

John T. Palmer, PhD
Description: Researching all known Mangums from John
and Rebecca Bennett of VA, but especially
interested in Jacob Mangum of South Carolina,
Pageland area

Surnames: Mangum, Gibson, Person, Butler, Magee, Palmer,
Gates, Ponder, Hays, May, Tullos (Tullis), Ponder,

Description: Seeking info on James N. Palmer married to Maria from NY. Moved to Noble County, OH and later IL. Children are Austin, Don, Delila, Alice, James, Jr. and Lizzie


Description: trying to locate information on my great grandfather (Joseph Benjamin Esmon) born about 1869 or 1870 born in MO. married in MO. buried in poplar bluff,MO.I can't locate anything any furter back than 1920.PLEASE HELP!!


Philip Winsborough
Description: Winsborough & Winsborrow Geneaolgy

Surnames: Winsborough & Winsborrow , Mulliins, Gibson, Windham, Henderson, Jones, Lee, Reynolds, Mauzy

Teri Twigg
Description: William Randolph Dorman b. in the 1700's later half? Son was Rudolph Henry Dorman b. 1819 in GA, wife Sarah Agnes Gibson b. 1824 in SC and had son William Henry Dorman b. 1856 in MS. William Randolph Dorman's mother was a Randolph from Va.

This is what I have in my family notes and records. To the best of my knowledge, Rudolph Henry Dorman was Allen Dorman's (b. 1759) son and William Randolph Dorman was also a son of Allen Dorman of Twiggs Co., Ga. Anyone have an answer?

Surnames: Dorman, Ryals, Mathews, Gibson

Ed Hill
Description: Genalogy of H. Edgar and Karen R. Hill.

Surnames: hill harlan flood lamaster washburn gullion hicks tingle robertson springfield burns morgan gibson acre thomas tomlinson

Description: I am researching MacKinlay from anie , Callander Perthshire, Stewart, of Balquhidder, Ardvorlich, Annet, Callander, Kilmadock, & Glenfinglas;; Buchanan in Trean of Leny, by Callander

Surnames: Anderson, Barclay, Blair,Balfour, Bryce, Buchanan, Campbell, Cameron, Carmichael, Cater, Christie, Clark, Colquhon, Comrie, Cornelius, Corson, Dewar, Doig, Dow, Drummond, Eadie, Falconer, Ferguson, Forbes, Gage, Gibson, Gillespie, Gow, Graham, Grainger, Gray, Henderson, Hughes, Hutton, Innes, Johnson, King, Laurie, Leckie, Lock, McDonald, McLaren, McNee, McNie, Maxwell, McAllister, McAree, McArthur, McBeath, McCall, McCaul, McColl, McDiarmid, McEwen, McFarlan/e, McGregor, McInnes, McIntyre, McKerracher, McKinlay/ey, McLachlan, Mc Lean, McNab, McNaughtan, McNiven, McRuer, McVean, McVey, Moir, Morison, Murdoch, Paterson, Robertson, Sharp, Smelly & Var, Stewart, Stirling, Strang, Donaldson, Whitehead

crystal jefferies
Description: looking for information on a matilda a gibson born 1859 in the 1900 census it shows no information on where she is from or her parents.she is the mother of three of my childrens ancestors.melton(joe,bessie and iola) all are on the dawes roll. any information appreciated. thanks

Surnames: gibson/melton/johnson/russell

Description: I am Looking for information on John Hickey and Family in or around the 1820 through 1860 from TN to Arkansas, his daughter was Martha Hickey Burton borned in Arkansas, his wife was Nancy Gibson borned in Alabama. Please Help.

Surnames: Jones,Stubblefield, Burton, Hickey, Gibson, Loflin, Collins.

Description: Right now I am trying to piece together the Melungeon connection to my Moore and Gibson lines. I am descended from John Moore born circa 1758 in Orange Co., N.C. married Sally Goodman born circa 1760 they married circa 1784 and moved to Floyd Co., Ky. where John died in 1836 and Sally died in 1840.Then their son Joel Moore born circa 1785 in Rockingham, N.C. and married Juda Gibson they moved to Scott Co, Va. where Juda died before 1850 and Joel after 1850. It is probable that John and Sally were also living in Scott Co., Va. before they moved to Floyd Co., Ky. Then Ephraim Moore born 1808 in Scott Co., Virginia and married Jenny McGee born 1810 in Scott Co., Va. They both died there, Ephraim about 1886 and Jenny unknown. Then Dorcas Moore born 1831 in Scott Co., Va. Married John W. Chaney, born about 1835, they moved to Pike Co., Ky. John was in the 22nd Va. Cavalry and was captured and taken to Rock Island Confederate Prison where he died July 29, 1864 leaving Dorcas with 3 small children. Dorcas married later in life to Joseph Hatfield whose 2 sons married 2 of her daughters. Then when Dorcas was in her 40's she and Joseph had twin daughters. I am descended from Dorcas and John Chaney's daughter Louise Chaney and Joseph Hatfield's son Albin Hatfield.

Surnames: Paternal: Espy-Riddle-Rutledge-Bryan-Tallent-Mull-Moorehead
Maternal: Slone-Moore-Hatfield-Estep-Goodman-Gibson-Chaney

Judy Ballard
Description: Looking for any information on the John Riley Gibson family that came to Hopkins County, Texas from the South. Also looking for any information on the William Knight Gregory clan in Hopkins County, Texas. And the Zach Gafford clan that was in Hopkins County, Texas. And my husbands family of Elijiah Jackson Ballard that lived in Poolville, Texas and also the James Silias Pieratt family history.

Surnames: Gregory/Gibson/Gafford/Ballard/Pieratt

Gene Harper
Description: I am researching the HARPER and GIBSON surnames beginning in Escambia Co., Florida about 1860. The Harper's migrated to Coffee Co, Alabama from Georgia. Joseph Malone Harper married Roxie A. and moved to Pensacola, FL. They had several children. Joseph Malone was reported killed in Altanta in Civil war in 1863 - yet Roxie had at least two more Harper children, one was named Fitch (Fritz) possibly (Fiz Patric) Harper - born 1874. Fitch married Agnes Gibson in Pensacola, FL. They had one child Robert Franklin Harper (My Father). Fitch died in Oct 1908. My work is a work in progress. I am willing to share with others and make corrections to my own research


Michael John Rayside
Description: Currently researching RAYSIDE, also Gill & Croney & Gibson & all others related. Particularly in Barbados, also in Scotland, Canada, USA & Australia. Immediate concern is ancester 'Thomas Henry Rayside' - lost trail in early-1800's. He married Sarah Jane RICHARDS 9 August 1866, in Barbados, probably born in Barbados, but there is no sign of birth records in otherwise well kept Barbadian records. His father is believed to be John RAYSIDE who probably immigrated to Barbados from Scotland? Are the 'RAESIDE's of Renfrew & Ayre & Argyle, Scotland related?? Any information would be appreciated. I am also willing to share the information that I have (particularly if you can exchange Gedcom files). Regards, Mike :)

Surnames: Rayside, Raeside, Gill, Croney, Corbin, Gibson, Yearwood, Agard, King, Goddard, Goodman, Marshall, McConney, McConnie

Description: I am looking for any information on the Gipsons that were from Pine Barron or Pineville Florida.I know that my great granfather is Jesse Wiley Gipson and my great granmothers name is Bessie Less Parker Gipson, but this is as far as I have been able to get. Any information would be appreciated.

Surnames: Gipson/Gibson

Description: Looking for any information on my great great great grandparents
Lucy and James Davison, both born in Virginia/W Virginia moved to Ohio in ?
Had Children:
William in 1922 was living in Sturgis Mi
Margaret: Elyria
Martha: Lorain, Ohio
Albert/Louis? New York
Mary my great great great mother born 1866 in Oberlin Ohio Married John H Martin in Novemeber of 1885, moved to Fremont, Ohio died in 1922

Surnames: Davison
Mary Martin
Martha Gibson
Margaret Jones

Description: Langman family research

Surnames: Langman, Andrews, Gill, Hender, Gibson, Rogers

Lori Clark
Description: Trying to find any information on Laura Gibson, my Great Grandmother--reportedly part or half indian. Laura's grandmother's camp was ambushed by the Calvary and she was the last one to survive the attack, then grabbed up by the Calvary. Laura married Gus Lee McNatt and they had 7 children. She was born in AR Sep 1870, Died July 1911 and buried in AR, but I would like to find any info. on her parents--and the indian nation and family from which they came.

Surnames: Gibson, McNatt, Massey

Description: I am researching Marion Francis Gibson, Gipson b 1854 Alabama, d 1928 Sebastain Co Ark? Married to Ludy Wilhite 1890 in Sebastain Co. Ark. Do you have any info on his parent?

Surnames: Dawson, Gibson, Gipson, Wilhite, Willhite

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