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Balbaugh Family Defiance Ohio
InterneTree: Johann Martin Balbach
The Robert L. Baker Family Home Page
Minnesota - Baker, Lien, Benjamin Henry Kitterman, Ludwig Zarth, Karl F. Gruett, Iowa - Baker, Samuel H. Lien, Louis Sutter Indiana - William P. Baker, John N. Baker, Ann I Kitterman, Nancy Taylor, Fortune Kentucky - William P. Baker, John N. Baker Tennessee - William P. Baker, Eli Baker Virginia - Benjamin Fortune and Mildred Carter, Zachariah Albaugh, Philip Danner Maryland - Fortune, Albaugh, Danner, Kitterman Pennsylvania - Albaugh, Danner, Kitterman
Baker, Albaugh, Householder, Clutz
InterneTree: Dusty L Adamson Genealogy Report: Descendants of Maurice/Morris Albaugh
The Arthur G. Austin and Associated Families Home Page
Arthur G. Austin surname list
My Duncan Lineage
InterneTree: Leannah Nichols (Nicholson)
Allen-Hill Genealogy of Manchester, TN
Book: Ed Allen Genealogy\r\n\r\nAllen-Hill Genealogy of Manchester, TN.:\r\nSurname List\r\n
Abel, den Nijs, Martin, van Elburg, Feigt Family Root's
All Surnames in Family Tree\r\n\r\n
The Family of Kathy and Nimrod Funk
I am the first one in our family without the Redfield surname. The Redfields in our family are traced back to William Redfin/ Redfyn who was born about 1616 in England and came to Connecticut by mid-century.
Eller Family History
Eller...Starting with Henry Eller Sr. who arrived in Philadelphia Oct. 25, 1746. <br>My Direct Line:<br> 1: Henry Eller Sr. & Elizabeth Bigler<br> 2: Henry Eller Jr. & Fronica Crabill<br> 3: Daniel Eller & Elizabeth Siler<br> 4: Henry Eller & Mary Ann Cable<br> 5: John Eller & Hattie Miller<br> 6: Ader E. Eller & Elizabeth Hahn<br> 7: Leo Ader Eller & Alice M. Maloney
Everything Albaugh
Data collected in search of ancestors of the Albaugh surname including variations of same. Records include Biographies, Births, Census, Land, Obits/Deaths, Probate and miscellaneous records

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