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Origin of adams

Origin of adams

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Origin of adams

Total Records: 9 
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Origin: John Washington Adams born Sept 1886 Glassboro, NJ, father? George Adams born Mannington, NJ 1854, his father John S. Adams
Surnames: Adams
Submitted by: sandy
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Origin: THE ADAMS FAMILY OF MASSACHUSETTS Compiled by: Gary G. Glynn THE ADAMS FAMILY OF MASSACHUSETTS Soft-Cover 8 1/2 x 11, 535 Pages Price: 50.00 (includes shipping) Second Printing Available: May/2001 AVAILABLE THROUGH: Gary G. Glynn Post Office Box 57007 Babson Park, Massachusetts 02457-0007 EMAIL: AdamsFamily
Surnames: ADAMS
Submitted by: Gary G. Glynn
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Origin: I am looking for info on Julia Ann Adams of GA, who m. Hezekiah Foote in the early 1800s. I am also looking for Adams around the Randleman NC area, particularly John, Isabella, Nancy, Mourning Owen/Owens Adams, George Adams, John Quincy, William, Delphina, Mary, and Francis Adams. All these people should be present around the late to early 1800's somewhere in Randloph Co. near Randleman, Deep River, Muddy Creek and Pleasant Garden.
Surnames: Adams
Submitted by: Ann
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Origin: I am researching the origins of John Adams, who married Frances Hayden, in Gaspe, pQ, CANADA. He died 4 jan 1847 at Lobster Cove, Gaspe. There is a rumor that he and his brother (possibly Joseph, who married Frances' sister Mary)were the first English Catholics in the region. Seeking his parentage, and contact with any descendents from any of his children.
Surnames: Adams
Submitted by: Leslie G. Parish
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Origin: I am looking for descendants of James Sr and Nancy Adams Pendleton County, South Carolina , married about 1872 and then oon to Gerogia
Surnames: Adams
Submitted by: Judy Pepperdine
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Origin: My gradfather was Arneth Adams. I have no idea where he was born but I believe it was Indiana. He married Lennie Violet Ditzenberger who was born in Whitestown Indiana. I know very little. Basically their names. I was hopeing someone would recognize Arneth Adams. Thank you
Surnames: Adams
Submitted by: Linda Baca
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Surnames: ADAMSEN
Submitted by:
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Origin: Man, earthly, or red. The surname of Adam is of great antiquity in Scotland. Duncan Adam, son of Alexander Adam, lived in the reign of King Robert Bruce, and had four sons, from whom all the Adams, Adamsons, and Adies in Scotland are descended.
Surnames: Adams
Submitted by:
Origin of adams, Meaning of adams

Origin: son of adam
Surnames: McCadams
Submitted by:

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