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Description: looking in Alabama/Tennessee/Oklahoma

Surnames: Youngblood,Purser,Combs,OBryan,Coates

Description: searching for Youngblood in Oklahoma. I know up to my Oklahoma granddad (that means great-granddad); Epp Youngblood, I don't know if that was his real name or not

Surnames: Youngblood

Description: I'm looking for my great grandmother's heritage.
I would like to know what indians she was from. She was a Youngblood before she married my great grandfather whose name was Luther Magee from Tylertown Mississippi. Her name was Gabrella but was known as Gabe and she was born about 1874 or 1875

Surnames: Youngblood

Bessie Youngblood
Description: I would like to know what type of indian and roll number. She was a Youngblood before she married Jim Hogle

Surnames: Bessie Youngblood

Genny Dubus
Description: We are trying to find information for my husbands grandmothers mother and her parents.His grandmother's name was Edna Roberts Dubus was born on Dec.18,1910DOD was Nov.24,1984,Her parents were Walter G. Roberts and Pearl L.Youngblood. Pearl L. Youngblood was the Daughter of David Youngblood and Anna Mason..

Surnames: Youngblood, Mason

Description: seeking imfo on one chief white cloud possibly of the choctaw tribe.he was on the trail of tears and had a child by the name of sarah denny youngblood.

Surnames: white cloud youngblood and shrum

Description: I am researching my g g grandfather,James T. Jackson,born 1835 Ireland.He married Mary A. Dinsmore Jackson Sept.1,1859 in Randolph County,Illinois.They had several children,some born in Illinois and Kansas.The last census I have on him and family is in Cowley Co. Kansas(1880) Silver Creek Township. If anyone has info to share I would appreciate it.


J. R. Simons
Description: Seeking information on the Youngbloods of Luray, Virginia. My paternal grandmother was the daughter of Lewis Youngblood and Ida Virginia Ruffner of Luray.

Surnames: Youngblood, Simons, Ruffner, Fulkes

J. R. Simons
Description: Looking for the parents of Charles M. Simons from the Sutton, WV (Braxton County) area. He married Ammie Jane Fulkes (daugher of John Verten Erastus Fulkes) before 1900 and divorced her after moving to Michigan in 1935. I have unconfirmed parentage and absolutely no information after 1935.

Surnames: Simons, Youngblood, Fulkes, Ruffner, Kapity, Kozobarich

Kenneth Ambroise
Description: i as well am interested in finding out about what tribe my grand mother was from she was from arkansas and her last name was yougblood and she talked of her father being an indian man her name is Costella youngblood

Surnames: Costella Youngblood

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