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Origin of Yocum

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Origin of Yocum, Meaning of Yocum

Origin: Frbeller b: 12 Apr. 1782 and Tarhey b: 11 Aug. 1799. Need info for parents. This is the Enoch Yocum line born in Philedelphia PA.
Surnames: YOCUM
Submitted by: Cheryl
Origin of Yocum, Meaning of Yocum

Origin: There are several names in this country of like pronunciation, and only slightly diverse spelling, Yokum, Yocum, Yoakum, Joachim, and perhaps others, which it seems probable are of common Swedish origin. It is reasonable to suppose that all bearing these names are descendants of one ancestor.%0a%0aOne of the almost forgotten chapters of modern and American history concerns the short-lived effort of Sweden to be a colonizing power. In the early days after the discovery of America, the active days of English, Spanish, French, and Dutch enterprise in exploration and expansion, Sweden also sought to have a part in the unfolding possibilities of empire. Their military power and energy were not equal to permanent and successful conduct of the enterprise, but New Sweden once lay near the Delaware, and several remains of this short-lived Swedish colony are still to be found in Delaware and in Philadelphia. To this part of history the present family owes its American transplantation.%0a%0a(I) Peter Joachim, the founder of this family, came from Sweden, and helped to establish the Wicaco settlement, near Philadelphia, several years before the coming of William Penn, when the country along the Delaware was New Sweden. After Penn laid out his city History of West Virginia
Surnames: Yokum, Yocum, Yoakum, Joachim
Submitted by: History of West Virginia

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