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Origin of Ya

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Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Derived from 'highgate' an English placename meaning a low break in the hills. Earliest reference is to John Hiett (alternately spelled Hiatt) in Bucks, County, PA.
Surnames: Hiatt, Hiett, Hyatt, Hyett
Submitted by: David Hiett
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: I was wondering if it could be LYTLE. Pronounced and spelled by someone who had an accent that didn't pronounce the 't'. LYTLE is from Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
Surnames: Lyall
Submitted by: Geraldine Lytle Martinez
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Spain connection with the migration of ancestors coming into the US Landing in the Town of Alamosa.
Surnames: Montoya
Submitted by: Joann Montoya
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Derivation of Merriot: Habitation name from a place in Somerset, England :-O.E. (ge) Moere-boundary or Miere, Mare & geat - gate. Alric filius Meriet, Aelric Meriete sune - 1066: cited in Domesday Book. Variations of Marriott or Marryat - changed through hypercorrection.
Surnames: Marriott, Maryat, Merit, Meritt, Merrett, Merriot, Merriott, Merrit, Merritt, Merryett, Meryett
Submitted by: Michael Merritt
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: After nearly a century of family research, the origin of the Yancey family and the Yancey name itself, for the most part, still lie in obscurity. The history of the Yancey family has been traced back to the early 1700's to the colony of Virginia where branches of the family were living in the counties of New Kent, Hanover, Louisa, Spotsylvania and Culpeper. Where did these families come from? When and how did they immigrate to America? How did the name itself originate? These are questions that have eluded Yancey researchers for decades, most of the answers to which still lie undiscovered. What follows is not the discussion of any recent major discovery concerning the origin of the family, but a general summary of the various theories and traditions concerning the history of the family as well as some rather general information concerning life in Virginia during the 17th century. This is given to help the reader develop some general insight as to who our early Yancey ancestors were, and what life may have been like for them in the early Virginia Colony.
Surnames: Nanney, Nanny, Yance, Yaney, Yanney, Yonce, Yoncey, Yoncy, Yance, Yancey, Yancy
Submitted by: admin J Yancey
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Originally, the Danish name was 'de Yarburgh' This ancient family migrated to the area of Yorkshire, England and eventually three brothers came to America and the spelling of the name changed to several different variants, but all the variants are from the same family.
Surnames: Yarber, Yarberry, Yarbro, Yarbrough, Yarburgh
Submitted by: Elizabeth Yarber-Beavers
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: 11th Century Romany.(gyspsy) romanies originated in Northern India. They lived in clans called DOMS. Pressure from the south caused some clans to move to NARD- far north of India. From there they emigrated throughout Europe. When asked who they were they answered that they were the clan from nard ie DOMNARD. In england the name changed to dennard.
Surnames: Dennard, Denard, Denyard, Denerd
Submitted by: brian dennard
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: its a french name. my line came from 3 brothers abraham, david, john emanual, came from france to new jersey in middle to late 1600s.
Surnames: Coryell, Coirell, Koriell, Coryal, Koryal
Submitted by: l e wissel jr
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Kocaya is an English translation for the Polish name Koczaja. Developed upon immigration to US prior to 1910. Family resided in Carnegie, Pennsylvalnia
Surnames: Kocaya
Submitted by: Stanley Kocaya
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: While I have heard a story similar to that above, I have never heard that meaning. I have heard that the name Yandell was a derivative of a word that meant steep.

I paid thirty dollars for this but I am not convinced that this is accurate. It basically says that Yandell is a derivative of Johnson. The woman I bought this from had two other name origins for Yandell but this is the oldest known. The second one she showed me was for the English or Welsh derivative that came latter. I myself am a descendant from the Welsh Yandell?s. I may purchase it later if I cannot find the it myself on the net. I have also found two different coat of arms than the one described below as well.

Surnames in Germany vary greatly due to regional variations. Most German surnames belong to some form of local derivation. Kinship names are more often adopted from given names as opposed to baptismal names of saints and popular figures. In eastern parts of Germany names were influenced greatly from neighboring countries.

The surname Yandell appears to be a variant of the German surname Handel which is of family origin. Surnames, also designated as family names, or alternatively a last name were added to a given, or baptismal name. This name was in many cases inherited and held collectively by members foremost being the father. In this case the name means ?the son of Hans? i.e. the German and Swedish form of John which is Hebrew origin meaning ?God is gracious?. The popularity of the given name was influenced by the fact that this was the name of one of the twelve apostles and a writer of the Gospel of John.

The earliest recorded references to the surname of Handel or a variant appear to be found in German documents from at least the 16th century when Simon Haindl was mentioned in Steyr records in 1597.

The arms described below were granted to the Handel family of Bavaria in 1579 and are recorded in the ?Armorial General? produced by JB Rietstap which was first published in 1884 and describes the armorial bearings of the noble families of Europe.

Blazon of Arms: Or, a bull?s head affrontee sable. The tincture or depicts gold or yellow and indicates the bearer was generous, alternatively it indicates elevation of the mind.

Crest: Two banners gules, each charged with a fess argent, crossed in saltired and attached to a to a tournament lance or.
Surnames: Yandell, Handel
Submitted by: Justin Yandell
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: A Jewish Israeli surname meaning "loved by God."
Surnames: Yedidyah, Solomon
Submitted by: Kate Yaffi
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: It's a Jewish Israeli surname meaning "to take vengeance."
Surnames: Yadin
Submitted by: Kate Yaffi
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: John and Jane (Colley) MANSELL came to Ontario, Canada, from Yorkshire in the early 1800's
Surnames: Bunyan
Submitted by: Sue
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Any information on the family in Pa. or N.Y.
Surnames: Yarnes
Submitted by: Christine Yarns Schaefer
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Any information on the family in Pa. or N.Y.
Surnames: Yarns
Submitted by: Christine Yarns Schaefer
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: I am hunting for info about my Grandfather, Elmo Eugene Yates of Bibb County, Georgia
Surnames: Yates
Submitted by: Duane T. Yates
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: kenneth william born 43.8.1925 died 14.11.2001 son of edith may nixon & william charles yarwood, brother stanley - born in port hill newcastle under lyme believed originally from cheshire
Surnames: yarwood
Submitted by: michelle mellors
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Looking for family of Gordon Samuel Bryant. He had brothers Raymond and Thomas...maybe more. He was a railroad engineer.
Surnames: Bryant
Submitted by: Julie
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Trying to connect ancestors of Jacob Bryan of Edgecombe Co., NC with possibly Absolom or John Bryan of Chatham Co, NC. Progeny settled in Lawrence Co., Tennessee
Surnames: Bryan
Submitted by: puah
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Surnames: ANAYA
Submitted by: GLORIA WALL
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: It is a rare English Matronymic name -- that is, it comes from the name of the mother instead of the father. It is derived from the Germanic female given name Hildegard (Saxon or Norman in origin), comprised of Germanic elements hild = battle, strife + gard = fortress, strength. It is disputed as to whether this surname is Saxon or Norman derived, as the name was used by both, however, the Matronymic nature of the name suggests the former due to the patriarchal societal structure and culture of the Normans.
Surnames: Hilleard, Hilliard, Hillyard, Hillard
Submitted by: Ember Radford
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Tafoya, as well as the Basque meaning, may derive from Tafalla, a town in the Spanish Basque region of Navarra that is located south of Pamplona, where annually the bulls are run.
Surnames: Tafoya
Submitted by: Jim McEuen
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: am starting to research my family details father's name -RYAN mother's name -McAleer -born Dungannon(?) Any details welcome Thanks
Surnames: Ryan
Submitted by: Pete Ryan
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: I would like to find out more about the family history and the meaning of the name. I am an adoptee who's birth mother's maiden name was Mary Yarrington. I am looking for any relatives that are interested.
Surnames: Yarrington
Submitted by: Sylvia Hill
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Yatsko was changed from Yaczko not sure,Family comes from Pennsylvannia
Surnames: Yatsko
Submitted by: Phillip Dazley
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Anna - Czechoslovakia, NJ, parents unknown, raised in an orphanage with a sister. Married Paul Sharik, one daughter, Joan.
Surnames: Yanik
Submitted by: Debbie Chinique
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Kayastha:'Kaya' means The Body and 'stha' means to Live in, ie. Kayastha means those who Live in the body of Brahma.
Specially Chitragupt the main Judge and Accountant for deciding whom should go to Heavenand whom to Hell,is the Father of this branch of Caste.
Surnames: Srivastava, Shrivastava, Srivastav, Shrivastav, Nigam, Asthana, Vidyarthi, Bhatnagar, Ambastha, Rai, Raizada, Raijada, Sinha, Bachchan, Vidhyarthi
Submitted by: Shashwat Srivastava
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: my granfather told me that Nayar's mean "the carpinter".
the origin of this surname , provide of lebannon.
Surnames: Nayar
Submitted by: Christian
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Dyall

means worshipper of God
Surnames: Dyall
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Hay

English origin means Fence, enclosure or hedge
Surnames: Hay, Haya, Haye
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Columbia
Surnames: Olaya
Submitted by: Clara Ines
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: "BYARS" and variant spellings is Irish and means "Out of the cow byre".
Surnames: Byars
Submitted by: Steven Byars
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: From Skousen (Mormon geneology researcher) Yagoda is from the tribe of Napthali who were led into over the Caucasious mountains into captivity by the Babylonians. Origin of the word Juda.
From a Russian folksong ? "yagoda" translates into the word "garden."
Surnames: Yagoda
Submitted by: Nick Iannone
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: The family name YAN is a popular Cantonese, a Chinese dialect mostly used in Hong Kong, translation.
Yan means Distingush.
Surnames: YAN
Submitted by: Edward Hanway Yan
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: kara means black, petyan -- stone. But I am not very sure.
Surnames: karapetyan
Submitted by: Konstantin Karapetyan
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: I believe that the name was originally gates, ie the keeper of the gates of the village ( trade name such as smith tailor etc) and the g became silent. While working in Sweden many years ago I was told there that the name was an old Swedish name meaning a goatherd. On returning to the UK I looked up some references to heraldry and found a Yates coat of arms with both gates and goats' heads. The motto "pro rege pro patria' for king and country.
Surnames: Yates
Submitted by: G Yates
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Though this had been much debated, it appears to mean "FALLING STAR"or "the comet that will kill us all". The first syllable can be likened to the words "wan", "wane" or "yang", the first par is a negative drive. And dell is akin to "tell" ""stelle" or "devil". It is not surprising that the tribe consisted of looters, marauders, pillagers, rapists and murders. The name doesn't refer to their fall necesarrily, but to the 'stars' or light around them as well.
Surnames: Yandell
Submitted by: Wilton Yandell
Origin of Ya, Meaning of Ya

Origin: Tafoya, a Basque surname, means "light in the forest" in the Basque language.
Surnames: Tafoya
Submitted by: Ellie Crawford

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