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The Link Family of Newport, Virginia
Gasper Link first appears in the Newport area in September 1787 on a personal property tax list; he weds Mary Nosler the same month. Gasper and Mary settle in the Plowscrew community of Newport. By about 1800 they have six children and now, 200 years later, several thousands of descendants. This website focuses on the descendants who remained in and around Newport.
The Vaught Connection
My website The Vaught Connection is dedicated to the research of these families, Christian Vaught, George Vaught, John Paul Vaught and Matthias Vaught. The Vaught Connection is also affiliated with the Vaught Association
Wells, Lupton, Avedikian, Trexler and other families
Isaac Kindred Wells b.1830 TN, Samuel Paxton Campbell b. 1824 TN, Charles Barford Lupton b.1794 ENG and his wife, Sarah Cross, b. 1800 ENG, Jacob L. Myers (of Livingston County, MO) b: abt. 1826 VA and his wife, Caroline Holcombe b: abt 1828 NC. Dirkran Avedikian b.1882 TUR? and his wife, Vahide Bedzjian b. 1895, Nerses Aynilian b. ca 1853 and his wife, Anna Missirian b. ca 1856, John David Trexler b. 1783 GER, and Conrad Metzger. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Isaac Kindred Wells Genealogy Report: Descendants of Benjamin Seaborn Genealogy Report: Descendants of Bernardus Hassens
Wayne and Brenda Arnall's Family Home Page
Wayne E. Arnall surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Terry P Arnold AZ
terry & lorry arnold surname list
Alice's and Katina's Family History
This is an ongoing search for both my family tree and my daughter, Katina's tree on her fathers side.
The Anderson & Crawford Family Home Page
Charles Henry Anderson and Anna Mae Davis (my paternal great-grandparents). Charles and Anna Mae were from the areas of Missouri/Kansas/Nebraska/Oklahoma and lived from around 1866-1955. James R. Crawford and Susan Gibbons (my maternal great-grandparents). James moved to Missouri from Tennessee around 1870. In Tennessee he had two previous wives, Ellender Harris and Evaline Allison. There were about 17 children who had James as the father, spread between all 3 wives. Carol E Anderson - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Biscoe Allsbrook
Amick & Neel, Vaught & Dennis - Hunches on the Odd Bunch
Amick - North Carolina, Indiana after 1820Neel - Southern Indiana, but maybe Texas too in 1860'sBallengee - Virginia and West VirginiaDawson - in Johnson County Indiana in early 1800'sDennis - came to Indiana from Kentucky after Civil War. Joel Amick,44th Indiana, wounded at Stone River TennesseeJohn Wesley Vaught, 70th Indiana, killed at Gilgal Church near AtlantaSam Neel, 8th Texas - Walker's GreyhoundsJ.W. Crum, 137th Indiana.
The Jimmy Alvey Family Home Page
My grandfather was John Henry Alvey. He was married to Josephine Gordon. They lived in Grand Saline,Texas until his death in 1991. My grandmother still lives there. . I was born in Canton,Texas. My father Johnny Alvey Jr. (no middle name) who died in 1966 on mothers day was married to my mother Glenda Coggins.
WOOD, Cullen -b.abt. 1785 NC d. Baldwin Co. GA BOYER, Elias -b.abt. 1749/59 VA d. abt.1833 Hancock Co. GA m. Ann BRUCE abt. 1805 in VA/PA. BROWN, William Henry b.Unknown d. abt.1864 died of disease contracted in The War Between the States. ENNIS, Elias Nathaniel - b.abt. 1755 d.abt. 1826 FLETCHER, Mary (Polly)m. Stephen PEARSON d. abt 1827 Hancock Co.GA GRIMES, William A. b.? d.? Married Ella McCray He was private in Co.E 1st GA Reg. C.S.A. GILES, John - b.?NC d.?GA married ? Mary Ann BRIDGES BOYER: GA & VA********** BRANTLEY: GA PEARSON: GA SC PA & Eng.**********BROWN: GA ARCHER: GA SC VA********** BRUCE: VA GARLAND: GA********** DAVIS: VA NC SC GA ALLEN:AR********** ENNIS: GA WELLS:AR & OK********** GRIMES: GA AVANT: GA********** MARTIN: GA BLIZZARD: GA********** MEEKS: GA BOURCHIER: VA & England********** PROSSER: GA VA STROTHER: GA NC********** WOOD: GA & NC VEAL: GA & VA********** WHITAKER: GA NC VA & England JACKSON: GA********** GILES: NC GA Margaret B Allen - InterneTree
The ALFORD Family Page
InterneTree: Larry L Alford\r\n
Borrowed Memories......An Unproven Collection of Ancestors..
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Pinion Hamblin Genealogy
Pinion Hamblin Hamblen Hamlin McDaniel Morgan Lowrance Genealogy in Tennessee: Obion County, Gibson County, Kentucky: Hickman County, Fulton County
Pettitt Genealogy
I have pictures of 4 generations of Pettitts. Descendent chart of Zachariah Pettitt
Alice's Family Tree
This is my family histor
Jennifer Payne's Genealogy Page
15+ generations of genealogy and history of several families from the American South and Western Europe.
Robin's Genealogy Page
My page includes all the surnames I am researching along with links to various other sights that may be used for doing genealogical research... I also have links to my family photograph pages where I have pictures of different family members.

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