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Origin of Vaughn

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Origin of Vaughn, Meaning of Vaughn

Origin: Vann is a French name referring to the people from the city of Vannes, France, who migrated to the British Isles with William the Conqueror, and who where knighted for their valor. Most Vanns were exiled by Oliver Cromwell because if their alligence to the monarchy.
Surnames: Van, Vann, Vannes, Vaughn
Submitted by: Kacey Renfroe
Origin of Vaughn, Meaning of Vaughn

Origin: Thomas Samuel Spouse Elinor Mustard
Surnames: Vaughn
Submitted by: Tad Vaughn
Origin of Vaughn, Meaning of Vaughn

Origin: JOHN D. VAUGHN married PRUDENCE JANE MARTIN ca:1850 Wayne Co, IL seeking relatives/descendants/info Will share
Surnames: VAUGHN
Submitted by: Laura L. Horton (Martin)
Origin of Vaughn, Meaning of Vaughn

Origin: Vaughn is a derivative of the Welsh word meaning "little" or "small".
Surnames: Vaughn, Vaughan
Submitted by: L.M. Vaughn
Origin of Vaughn, Meaning of Vaughn

Origin: Since Vaughan is Welsh in origin it might help those on their search to know that the Vaughan is the English pronouncement of the original Welsh spelling, Fychan or Bychan.
Surnames: Vaughan or Vaughn
Submitted by: Charlton Vaughan
Origin of Vaughn, Meaning of Vaughn

Origin: The surname Vaughan is one of just a few Welsh surnames derived from pure Celtic sources. It illustrates the influence of English customs on a family located in a bilingual border area where both English and the Welsh language interact. The name Vaughan has its origins in the Welsh epithet Fychan. This translates from Welsh as the younger or smaller (rather than small or little). So the name Rhosier Fychan, translates as 'young Roger'
Surnames: Vaughan, Vaughn, Fychan
Submitted by: Robert Vaughan

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