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Origin of Unk

Total Records: 8 
Origin of Unk, Meaning of Unk

Origin: The surname Younker is German and in germany was originally spelled with a J.
Surnames: Younker
Submitted by: Bonnie Younker
Origin of Unk, Meaning of Unk

Origin: Germanic, I've been told that possibly the Snapp name is an adaptation from 'Schnauppe' and that the name was given to makers of schnapps liquor in Germany, which is kind of funny because the descendants who arrived in the U.S. in 1733 (within 1 year accuracy) were religious zealots of some sort. The first house built and occupied by the original snapp emigrees still stands (I've been told by other snapps online) in Fairfax, VA. The original descendants were father and son. I think the house is brick, but am not sure. I hope this is helpful. There are Snapps in California and TN who know vastly more about Snapp family geneology.
Surnames: Snapp, Unknown
Submitted by: Frank Snapp
Origin of Unk, Meaning of Unk

Origin: Eva Funk b. 1795 Wurttemberg, Germany married John George Easterday/Ostertag
Surnames: Funk
Submitted by: Bee
Origin of Unk, Meaning of Unk

Origin: Arrived US in 1967, f. John 46, m. Caroline 45, sons Carl 19, Phillip 15, Jacob 11, and Fredrick 4. Remarries to an Elizabeth Mink and has two additional children Adam and Eva in Pa (1872-1876). Find them in Ks on the 1880 census. They remain there until @1888. In 1900 I find Phillip in KS and John,Elizaqbeth and Adam in PA.
Surnames: Dunkel
Submitted by: Barbara Harvey
Origin of Unk, Meaning of Unk

Origin: Looking for information for my Grandfather, Tyler Allen Rogers. Mother was Katherine May Housley who married John A. (Allen???) Rogers possibly in Illinois or Wyoming...
Surnames: Hunkin
Submitted by: Sandy Roberts
Origin of Unk, Meaning of Unk

Surnames: BLUNK
Submitted by:
Origin of Unk, Meaning of Unk

Origin: Light house
Surnames: Funkhouser
Submitted by: Sean Williams
Origin of Unk, Meaning of Unk

Origin: Junker from Jung+Herr originally meaning young nobleman.

The American Heritage dictionary states that Younker, as an English word, archaicly mean young nobleman.
It is doubtful, however, that this was ever used as an English surname.
Surnames: Junker, Younker, Yonker, Yonkers
Submitted by: Brian Junker

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