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Uc Genealogy research can be facilitated by use of this page. It links to the majority of the Uc surname data on the web, as well as to individual Uc family trees, Uc origin and Uc meaning if known, and many other Uc genealogy resources.

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    Buchanan Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Genealogy Links; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Archives; Queries; How to help; Surname Researchers; Look up Resources; Family Histories; Mailing List; etc.

    Surnames: Buchanan


    Burtcher Resource Center
    Description: Genealogy; Early VA Immigrants; Obituaries; Census records; Marriages; Mo Ill; Bible records; Charles Parish York County Virginia History and Registers; Misc. Burtcher/Butcher's; 1787 Va Census; Ma Records; PA Newspaper articles; Burtcher and Butcher Soundex Listings; Military Records; Wills, Inv. & Such; Christmas of Old in Linn, Mo; Burtcher Brother's Story (The Boots Story Links to helpful sites; Pictures; Land Grants and Records; For a Smile!; ~~In memory of our Burtcher Angels; Burtcher GenConnect Boards: Queries~ ~Bio's~ ~Deeds~ ~Obits~ ~Pensions~ ~Wills~; etc. Site covers: Bucher, Burcher, Burtcher, Burtscher, and Butcher spellings.

    Surnames: Bucher, Burcher, Burtcher, Burtscher, Butcher


    Castle La Zouche - Surname Resource Centre
    Description: This Web site is dedicated to the one name study of the name La Zouche and its following surname variants: Chuck, Chucks, Parrhoet, Shuck, Soach, Sooch, Such, Sutch, Sych, and Zouch. Interesting site that weaves you through the castle on your genealogical journey. Be sure to visit the: Great Hall; Chapel; Library; Gallery; Solar; Hall Of Fame; Armory; Nursery; Kitchen; Dungeon; and Guestbook.

    Surnames: Chucks, Chuck, La Zouche, Parrhoet, Sych, Sutch, Such, Sooch, Soach, Shuck, Zouch


    Couch GenWeb
    Description: Couch GenWeb

    Surnames: Couch


    DUQUETTE Family Forest
    Description: Trying to connect all members of this wonderful family! Send me any info you have and I\ll add it to my searchable database so others can find their link with you!

    Surnames: Duquette, Duquet, Duket, Ducket, Ducatt, Ducat


    Fox Genealogical Research Group - The Fox Hounds
    Description: We are descendants of those with the surname Fox and have decided to join together to further our research on our Fox ancestries. Our lineage comes from different nationalities and our families have migrated in different directions, but we all have a Fox Fox

    Surnames: Fuchs, Foxx, Foxe, Fox


    Gotcher Family Homepage
    Description: Gotcher Family Homepage

    Surnames: Goucher, Gotcher, Gocher, Gochar, Goatcher, Goacher


    Goughnour Family Center
    Description: A resource center for the Goughnour surname containing archives, databases, resources and information for any Goughnour or variant researcher.

    Surnames: Coughenour, Coughenor, Coughanour, Cokenhower, Cochenour, Cocghnower, Cocanower, Cocanour, Cocanougher, Cocannour, Cocannouer, Goughnour, Gouchnour, Gochnour, Gochnauer, Gochenour, Gochenouer, Gochenauwer, Gochenauer, Gochanauwer, Gachenower, Gaachenauwer, Kokanour


    HUNT-List: The Website Resource for the Hunt Surname
    Description: Resources; Upload; Gedcoms; Archives; Biographies; Links; FAQ; Resources; Files; Genealogy Help; Biographies; Documents - Links to biographical sketches and books,

    Surnames: such as


    Huxtable Family Research
    Description: Huxtable Family Research

    Surnames: Huxtable, Huxstboll, Huxstaple, Huxstable, Huxstabell, Huxstabel, Husctable, Hukestabull, Hucstapyll, Hucstapull, Hucstable, Huckstaple, Huckstable, Hoxstabel, Hoxable, Hosestaple, Hokestaple, Hocstaboll


    Lucraft One-Name Study
    Description: This study aims to cover all Lucraft occurences, worldwide. Overview of the Study and Name Variants; List of Collateral Surnames; Lucraft Family Trees; Luckraft and variants Family Trees; Newsletter

    Surnames: Lucraft, Luckraft, Luckarift, Luccraft, Lowcrofte, Locraft


    Pancake Pages
    Description: This Website is dedicated to the exchange of genealogical information on individuals bearing the surnames PANCAKE, PANKAKE, PANNEKUCHEN, and PFANNEKUCHEN and other variations; and, to serve as an archive for that information. Site includes: On-line Search; What's New; Table Of Contents (Records grouped by State and County Census Records; Queries; Directory Of Pancake Family Researchers; Database; etc.

    Surnames: Pfannekuchen, Pannekuchen, Pankake, Pancake


    Tewksbury Tracings
    Description: A gathering place for researchers, research, queries, records, photos and other documents pertaining to the Tewksbury, Tuxbury, Tewkesbury surname and variants.

    Surnames: Tuxbury, Tucksbury, Tewksbury, Tewkesbury


    The BRAUCHT Surname Resource Center
    Description: The purpose of this site is to provide a central location for all researchers of the BRAUCHT surname. This page provides links to searchable databases, related surname links, researchers index, and queries.

    Surnames: Braucht, Braught


    The Buczkiewicz Families Web Site
    Description: A gathering place for all branches of BUCZKIEWICZs. Site features: Purpose, Meaning, Queries, Researchers, Database, Reports, Records, Obits, Cemeteries, and Links.

    Surnames: Buczkiewicz, Boczkiewicz


    The Castle La Zouche
    Description: The One Name Study of the name La Zouche and all its name variants, Includes the history and origins of the name, surname interest page, researchers index, research database, gallery and much more to come

    Surnames: la Zouche, Zouche, Zouch, Suche, Such, Sych, Syche, Sutch, Souche, Souch, Soache, Soach, Sooche, Sooch, Shuck, Shucks, Chuck and Chucks.


    The Mock Family Historian Home Page
    Description: The MOCK FAMILY HISTORIAN was organized by a group of researchers in 1990. The first issue of this quarterly newsletter was published in July, 1991, and has always emphasized the preservation of historical documents related to all spelling variations, and especially colonial and pre-civil war records. An attempt is being made by various researchers to show connections and interrelationships between many of the early families. Site features: Mock Family Historian quarterly newsletter; Spelling Variations; Origin; Mack and Mock ; Early families in Virginia; Mock/Mack/Mauck/Mauk Researchers; Annual Mock Family History Conference Reports; Immigrants; Photographs; Query Archives; Working Charts; Lineage Library; Genealogy Discussion Group; MOCK/MACK/MAUCK/MAUK Web Page Links; Genealogy Forum Links; Wills; Grantor and Grantee Deed Indexes; Census; Descendant Listings; Civil War records; Death Index; Genealogical Links of General Interest Including Genealogy Databases. Surnames covered by this site: Maag, Mack, Mak, Mauch, Mauck, Maug, Maught, Mauk, Moak, and Mock.

    Surnames: Maag, MacK, Mak, Mauch, Mauck, Maug, Maught, Mauk, Moak, Mock


    The Starbuck Surname Resource Center
    Description: This site was built with the hope that it will bring more Starbucks into the adventure. Everything that will be available through this site will be free to everyone. Site features: Queries; On-Line Database; Archive Records; Starbuck Researchers; Starbuck Web Links; Photos; What's New section; etc.

    Surnames: Starbuck


    Tucker Family Association
    Description: Tucker family genealogy and records such as census, birth, death, marriage. Many US states with information. A little from England and Canada.

    Surnames: Tucker


    Tuckness SRC
    Description: This is a place for posting your information about the Tuckness Surname. Keep up to date on the additions to this page, and get to know other Tuckness researchers. Site Features: Births, Marriages & Deaths; Census; Family Genealogy Sites; Group Sheets; Letters, Stories & Tales; Photos; Researchers; Miscellaneous Records; Online Gedcom; Resource Links; Queries; and Mailing Lists. Variations include: Tucknes, Tuckness, Tucknis, Tuckni?, and Tuckniss. Note: The

    Surnames: Tucknes, Tuckness, Tucknis, Tuckni?, Tuckniss


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