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Hackstock Family Genealogy
Family website researching ancestors/decendants of HACKSTOCK (HACKSTADT, HACKSTOK and other variations)
Worsham & Washam Family History Home Page
Family History, Photographs & Research of Worsham and Washam families and related names.
BEARDSLEY and WIGGINS - Why We Are ...Who We Are
BEARDSLEY/ENGELS Family LineMy husband's paternal family line decends from WILLIAM BEARDSLEY, Immigrant who arrived in 1620 from England with his wife Mary HARVEY, and their first three children, Mary, John and Joseph. They settled first in MA. and then helped establish the town of Stratford, CT. His mother's family are all of German descent. His grandfather was Walter Maximillian ENGELS who was born in 1880 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was married to Wilhelmina DRESING, born in New York City, NY in 1879. Walter's father was Frederick W. ENGELS born in Germany location unknown. He arrived on the ship Breman from Hamburg in 1873. His wife's name was Ernestine. He was a Baker by trade and he had a sister named Renate who was a seamstress. This is all we know about the ENGELS line. Wilhelmina was the daughter of Frederick G.W. DRESING who was also born in Germany. He operated a grocery store in N.Y.C. He and his wife Elizabeth F. Jaegle had 11 children and they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1917. Elizabeth Jaegle was born in New York City and had a brother named William. We believe her father was a farmer. WIGGINS/SMITH Family Line My PATERNAL ancestor was Rev. War Soldier, WILLIAM WIGGINS, born in NC circa 1755. He was married to Elizabeth COOPER, daughter of Fleet Cooper, Sr. and Margaret COOR. It is thought that his father may have been George Wiggins, born c. 1725 in Duplin, N.C. Any assistance to verify this information would be appreciated. My MATERNAL line is the greatest challenge. My grandfather was Geoge Wilson SMITH and my grandmother was adopted. Her adopted name was Grace Emma MARSHALL and we believe her natural name was Elizabeth PRESUITA or PRESEITA. She may have been born in Italy. She was adopted through the Fairmount Childrens Home in Alliance Ohio in 1905. She had a younger sister named Mary born in 1904. It is very possible that the parents gave false information when they left the children as foundlings. Also, the sketchy infomation from the records says that the father was in the Canton WorkHouse. I have never been able to find out any information about such a place. Grandfather's papa was Martin Gring SMITH, son on LeFerry SMITH (1824-1906 PA & Iowa) and Frances Fanny GRING, (1827-1906) dau. of Isreal GRING of PA. Martin was married to Samantha (Manta) WILSON (1867-1935) She was the daughter of Joshua Henry WILSON bn 1824 in Indiana and Frances TEMPLETON born in Ohio.Joshua Henry's father was Grinner WILSION born 1793 in NC. He married in Wayne County Indiana Eleanor Blair WALKER said to be the daughter of James WALKER of Ireland. Who was Griner's father? Was it Milton or Israel?
The Kenneth P. Beaman of Rochester, New York (Beaman Museum)
descendants of Gamaliel Beaman, who came to the New World in 1635.
Ball-Beauchamp-Egeberg-Fraser-Randall Geneology Homepage
Erik Randall Beauchamp surname list
The Sadler's of Charlotte, ME
Linda M Bauer - InterneTree
Diana Baumann surname list
Bastians -Tuttles - Tolles - Petersons
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Virginia Lee Bastian All-in-One Tree of Johan Georg Stenfelt (PDF Format) All-in-One Tree of Virginia Lee Bastian (PDF Format) Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Virginia Lee Bastian (View PDF) Almond Butler, Alvin, Albin, A. B., and Colonel Metcalf. He lived at Fort Dodge, KS in the late 1800s and the early 1900's He died 1933 in Dodge City, KS. Bastians -Tuttles - Tolles - Petersons: Surname List
Barnett Family Lines of William A. Barnett of Napa, CA
Noble Blair, Sr, came to Floyd (now Johnson) co, KY in 1815, probably from Lee (now Scott) co, VA. Jonathan Gilbert came before 1645, and was an early settler of Hartford, CT, was much involved in settling Indian uprisings. John Crandall was the 1st Elder of the Baptist church in America. He came in 1634, to Newport, RI. He worked with Roger Williams. Elias Barnett of Floyd Co, KY. He travelled to CA from MO in the 1st wagon party to CA, the Bidwell-Bartleson party of 1841. William Tuttle came to America in 1635 and was one of the first settlers of New Haven, CT. Harris, Capt Israel, 1747-1836, of CT, NY and MA. Israel Harris was actively involved in the Revolution, was with Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys at Ticonderoga and Bennington. Harlakenden, Mabel,abt1614-1655, her ancestors. Mabel Harlakenden was the wife of Col. Gov. John Haynes, the 1st Gov. of CT. She had extensive royal ancestors, including over 52 kings and queens. She is my direct ancestor, but because her lines go back to the 7th century, this pedigree starts with her. Richardson, Amos,(1623-1683),MA & CT, Descendants. Amos Richardson was a very early resident of Boston, and later lived in Stonington, CT. Welles, Hugh, abt 1598-1660, of Hartford, CT. Hugh Welles or Wells, came to America before 1650. A founder of Hartford, CT, son of Thomas Welles of London, a wealthy merchant. Brother of Gov Thomas Welles of CT. Barnett, William A.,b1932,of Napa, CA, Ancestors. All known direct ancestors of William Arthur Barnett, of Napa, CA, including over 50 kings, queens and counts, extending back to the 7th century. Wilbore, William, abt 1630-1710, RI, Descendants. William Wilbore or Wilbur, came to America between 1650-54, resided in Portsmouth, RI, a weaver of cloth. Cooke, Francis, CA 1583-1663, Of Mayflower, Desc. Francis Cooke came on the Mayflower with his son, John, after living in Leyden, Holland. Holmes, Jacob,Sr(1769-1834),of NY, Descendants. Jacob Holmes, Sr was the father of Judge Jacob Holmes of Troy, NY. He was probably born in Dutchess Co, NY. He is buried in Granville, Washington Co, NY. Wyllys, Gov George, 1590-1645, of CT, Descendants. George Wyllys, Gov of CT in 1642, came to America before 1638. Was very wealthy, perhaps the wealthiest man in the Colonies at the time. Was an original proprietor of Hartford, CT. Haynes, Gov John, 1594-1654, CT, Descendants. John Haynes came to America in 1633, was Gov of MA Bay Colony in 1635, and then was 1st Gov. of CT Colony, and Gov. every other year until he died. Rhodes, James, (1809-1899) of NY & CA, Descendants. James Rhodes was born in the Paris or New Hartford, Oneida Co, NY area, where several of his children are buried. He died and was buried in San Jose, Santa Clara Co, CA, with his wife, the former Margaret Mitchell of NY. Crandall, Elder John,1612-bef1676, RI, Ancestors. John Crandall came to America in 1634, and was the first Elder of American Baptists, worked with Roger Williams. Lord, Thomas, 1585-1667, Some of his Descendants. Thomas Lord came to America in 1635, was an original proprietor of Hartford, CT, with a home lot in 1639. He married Dorothy Bird. Barker, Samuel,(1809-bef 1860), of NH, Descendants. Samuel Barker was probably born in Grafton Co, NH, and probably died in the Manchester, NH area. Hughes, Ellis, of Wales, Some of his descendants. Ellis Hughes was born in Wales, in abt.1750, and moved with his family to Ireland, possibly Co. Tyrone. His sons James, John, William and Ellis, Jr, were probably born there, and then left for America in the late 1700's. Clark, Lt William, abt 1619-1690, MA, Descendants. William Clark came to America in 1633, settled in Dorchester, married Sarah Cooper, lived in Northampton, MA. Bigelow, John,1617-1703, of Watertown, MA. John Bigelow, or Biglo, was in Watertown, MA in 1640, some of his descendants. I am not a direct descendant of John, but as John Edwin Bigelow of Nova Scotia and Berkeley, CA was the only father my mother ever knew. Rust, Henry, abt 1614-1685, of Hingham and Boston. Henry Rust came to America before 1635 from Hingham, England, and helped form Hingham, MA. Married Mary Wardwell, resided in Boston in 1651. Deming, John,Sr, abt 1620-1694, of CT,Descendants. John Deming, Sr, came from England, and settled in Weathersfield, CT. He mar. Honor Treat. His family name was also spelled Demon. Bishop, Rev. John, 1610-1694, of England & CT. Rev. John Bishop came to MA in abt 1640, and settled in Stamford, CT in 1643, where he remained the rest of his life. Taber, Philip,1604-1669, of MA and RI, Descendants. Philip Taber came to America in 1630, settled in Watertown, lived in Plymouth, Yarmouth, Martha's Vineyard, MA and in Newport, Providence and Tiverton, RI. Edwards, William, abt 1618-1672, of Hartford, CT. William Edwards came to America in 1639, and was a founder of Hartford, CT, Had only one son, Richard Edwards, the grandfather of Jonathan Edwards, one of the most brilliant men in America. Taylor, Rev Edward, 1642-1729, Some descendants. Rev Edward Taylor came to America 1668, after attending Cambridge Univ. in England, then to Harvard College. Settled in Westfield, MA and was there during the King Philip's War.
Delaneys and relative families in MO, NE, IA, SD, CT & IL
We know that my father John Frances Jack Delaney was born in January 18, 1930 in Sioux City, Iowa. We know that Charles Leo Delaney (b. Sept 1891 in Iowa d. 1950 in KCMO) and Elizabeth Tuttle Delaney (b. 1888 in South Dakota d. 1944 in KCMO) adopted him. We know that Charles Leo Delaney's father was Thomas F. Delaney b. April 1859 in Connecticut and that his parents were both born in Ireland. We know that Charles Leo Delaney's mother was Mary J. Delaney b. May 1856 in New York and that both her parents were born in Ireland. We know Charles' siblings were: Thomas W. Delaney b. Oct. 1877 in Illinois Elizabeth Delaney Beacom b. May 1878 in Illinois Edward Delaney b. Nov 1881 in Illinois Joseph J. Delaney b. Oct 1885 in Iowa Catherine Delaney b. Oct 1887 in Iowa John F. Delaney b. Sept 1888 in Iowa Julia Delaney Irwin b. April 1895 in Iowa Rosella Delaney Letellier b. Nov 1896 in Iowa
Jim Ball - Saint Paul, Minnesota
Jim Ball - Saint Paul, Minnesota: Surname List
Ancestors and Family of the Northwest Connecticut Baldwins
Report: Kinship of Howard William Baldwin, Jr Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Baldwin Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Latimer Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Howard William Baldwin, Jr Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Baldwin James Latimer, b. Nov. 1842, & Margaret Rowland, b. Sep. 1850, my great great grandparents who came to Connecticut from Ireland in 1871. George and Angeline (Sandoz) Penley who were married in 1896. George Penley (my great grandfather) was born in CT, and so were his parents. Angeline's father was born in France and her mother was born in New Jersy. Ancestors and Family of the Northwest Connecticut Baldwins: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Charles James Baldwin
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa: Surname List
The Edward C. Badger Family of Hudson, New Hampshire
InterneTree: Ancestors of Edward Charles Badger, Jr The Edward C. Badger Family of Hudson, New Hampshire: Surname List
The Avants/Avance Family home page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Robert Harris Avance Sr. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John William Avants Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Father Avants Genealogy Report: Descendants of Father Avants
The Pfiesters of Ohio and Michigan
Pfiester family from Germany. Frederick Pfiester was born March 8, 1850 in Holmes County, Ohio. Maxwell Pfiester, Frederick's son, born June 6, 1888 in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, in the 1920 U.S. Federal Census for Eaton Rapids Township, Eaton County, Michigan. This census reported his children as Eva, Donald, Frecerick, Dean and Charles.
The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page
InterneTree: Frederick Stuart Atkinson On the McKinnon, Stuart and Scottish Clans sides, the heritage of Mary Queen of Scott's and the Battle of Culloden Moor and have deeply affected our Scotch family history. Because of religious persecution, battles and wars, our Scotch ancestors ended up hastily leaving Scotland, from The Isle Of Skye, on the Ark and Dove and immigrated to Prince Edward Island. The Atkinson Family Tree ancestors emigrated from Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Holland, France and Germany, Italy, Switzerland). Others came from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania in particular. This is not unusual because the Maritime Provinces were a haven for those loyal to the British Crown and setters were promised substantial land grants from the British government to move to the Maritimes after the expulsion of the Acadians. It is interesting to note that our family also includes Iroquois and/or Micmac Native American women marrying at least two separate ancestors in the US and Nova Scotia. Another ancestor came to Duxbury MA area in the 1621, on the ship that came after the Mayflower called the Fortune. On the Atkinson side, my grandfathers 5th great grandfather Benjamin Allen left New England and fought in the French and Indian War on the British side in Nova Scotia. He was badly wounded losing a leg, was discharged and sent back to New England, settling and starting a family in Kingston, MA. He later went back to Halifax, NS and joined in the ill-fated Eddy Rebellion, and after the Eddy Rebellion failed, he became a wanted man. He eventually joined the Tories in Nova Scotia during the American Revolutionary War. He would have been hung as a traitor if he returned to his home and family in Kingston, MA. We are also descended from Col. Hezekiah King and Col. Benoni Danks who were infamous participants in the Eddy Rebellion. On the Atkinson side we are related to Presidents John Adams, Samuel Adams and William Howard Taft, Poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Betty Ford and singer Ann Murray to name a few. The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page: Surname List
Chantal Asselstine Family Tree
InterneTree: Jemima Benham (Beecher)
The Ashley, Hatmaker and Maystead Family Home Page
the George Lee Ashley Family, Adam Hatmaker Family and Henry William Maystead Family. These families have branches in Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. The Ashley Family reaches to England. The Hatmaker and Maystead Families reach to Germany.
The Browns Of Grover Beach, Ca
Brown's of Cutler, Illinois Banks of Hobart, Indiana Chandler's of Bishop's Stratford, England Bachiler's of England Cheney's of Massachusetts Dustin's of Haverhill, Massachusetts Tuttles of New England
The Teresa Schemerhorns Of Ny
teresa m andrews surname list
Ruth Anderson's Family
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Roger Plaisted Genealogy Report: Descendants of Claus Anderson Genealogy Report: Descendants of John (Treat) Trott Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Tuttle Genealogy Report: Descendants of Richard Munson Andrew Campbell and Thomas Campbell, from in or near Keyport, New Jersey, and Frank Munson, originally from CT, who married Lula Rodie and died in Rochester, NY. LOVEJOY, MARDEN, INGERSON, all from NH.
The Anderson Family Roots
The Romeo James Tuttle of Paynesville, Minnesota
Romeo James Tuttle-born l850-Mickkelburg, Conn.-died 8/19/1928--Married Mary Jane Lounsbury-l873. Three daughters-Cora, Ivy, and Maud. Married Minnie L. Phillips-1882. Two children--daughter--Vira A. -son--LeRoy James. LeRoy married Margaret Patterson. They raised Vira's son, Keith Tuttle Darland in Washington state.
Cathy Anderson's Family Tree Home Page
TUTTLE (Kansas to Colorado to Washington), RICHIE (Kansas to Colorado), BROWN (New York to Colorado), and ABBOTT (New York) lines on my mother's side, and the DIXON (Massachusetts), WOODWORTH (Massachusetts), HANSCOM (Maine to Massachusetts), and SHAPLEIGH (Maine to Massachusetts) lines on my father's side. On my husband's side, I am researching LAWLER (Oklahoma to Kansas to Washington), BOOTH (England to Kansas), BAIRD (Nova Scotia to Kansas), RUEDE (Crimea, S. Russia to North Dakota), and HAAR (Crimea, S. Russia to North Dakota).
The Allen-Tuttle Home Page
Allens and Tuttles lived in Grundy County Missouri during the 1900's.
Marilyn Maxfield King Family
Welcome all readers. User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of Tedric; Descendants of Richard De Wydeville; Descendants of Wesley Henry King; Brothertown Indians and the Fowler Family; Descendants of Furbert de Wescote
Ancestors of Patricia Louise Ratcliff
The site is a work in progress, any additions would be welcome.
The Tuttle-Allers Family of Deansboro, NY
InterneTree: Cynthia T Allers\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Ancestors of Robert Harry Allers\r\n\r\nThe Tuttle-Allers Family of Deansboro, NY:\r\nSurname List\r\n
The Addison Family Tree
InterneTree: Arthur Gower IV
Donna's Family Treehouse
Henry Wiley BEESON who was born somewhere in Kansas in 1878. \r\n\r\nDonna's Family Treehouse:\r\nSurname List\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Julie Jean Adams
Nancy Acker Home Page
\r\nI am researching the following families, most of whom are of English descent, lived in MA/CT during 1600's, emigrated to NY after Revolutionary War, some via VT, some directly.\r\n\r\nAm also interested in families who emigrated from Tomrafjord or Vestrefjord in Romsdal, Norway, particularly Mads Petersen Tomren, his wife Gjertrud Hanibalsdatter Tomren, Iver Andreas Rasmussen Tomren, Ane Vestre Nilsen.
Jeannie Abbott's Family Home Page
Jeannie Abbott's Family Home Page
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Bill Anderson's Family Home Page
Ancestors of Bill Vee ANDERSON
Biographies of Missouri
This is the second volume from this set and contains 351 biographies and photographs of leading men of the first century of history in Missouri (1820-1921). Though this manuscript covers the entire state of Missouri, a good portion of the individual biographies are on people who had resided in St. Louis at some point in their life.
Cobb-Sasser Family Lineage Website
Descendants of John Henry Sasser and Nancy (Kirby) SASSER. Descendants of Samuel Ambrose Cobb and Rachel (Black) COBB. Descendants of VENTNER COBB.

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