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Origin of Tully

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Origin of Tully, Meaning of Tully

Origin: Tully is from Tulloch, Irish for Hilloch, small hill, English Hill.
Surnames: Tully
Submitted by: Neil
Origin of Tully, Meaning of Tully

Origin: Famous in Connacht & Eire provinces, ancient warriors & physicians to the king are Mac an Tuile or O'Maotuile of Cavan, Longford region & Tullystown, Barony Fore, Westmeath. Tully Castle?s north-west of Monea Castle Fermanagh & Tullynally Castle are on maps dated 1600. Tully?s near Killagan & Kingstown, Kildare, Strokestown & Tully Bay south of Lough Erne. Russian Prince du Tolly, was the General against Napoleons 1812 retreat & of Clan Barclay in Scotland where Tully's enjoy 'protection' today
Surnames: Tully
Submitted by: Andrew Tully
Origin of Tully, Meaning of Tully

Origin: This information came from hired research on the family name & Crest performed by my Grandfather, Van Buren Tully, approx. 20 years ago.

Tradition traces the ancestry of the TULLY family back through the O'Neill line to a chieftain Maoltuile, a brother of Maoldoon, King of Ireland in the 5th century. The Gaelic is Mac Mhaoltuile - a name which enshrines a rich tradition. The Irish word "maol" means "devoted to" and "toil" means "will". Combined they mean "devoted to the will of God".
There is some manuscript authority showing the form, MacTully, was also used, and scholars are not quite agreed on whether this is a shortened form of the older name or one coming from another source, viz, the Gaelic word "tuile" meaning "flood". In some cases the name was translated as "Flood" and likewise in English "Flood" was Gailicized as "MacTully".
The Tullys were hereditary physicians to the O'Connors, Kings of Connacht. They also served the O'Reillys of Breffney in the same capacity. This traditional profession in the clan accounts for the fact that today the representatives of the family are found in greatest numbers in the ancient O'Connor territory in County Galway and in the O'Reilly lands of Cavan. The place name Tullytown near Granard, County Longford, commemorates the historical association of teh Tullys with the princes of Breffney.
Since the Tullys were so intimately connected with the O'Connors and the O'Reillys it is only to be expected that their material fortune followed those of their leige lords. We find the Tully chieftains on the attainder lists published with the collapse of the Stuart cause in Ireland after the battles of the Boyne and Aughrim. Their properties were confiscated and, like the O'Reillys and O'Connors, their fighting men joined the "Wild Geese" in the service of France and Spain.
Surnames: Tully
Submitted by: Van Tully

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