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Origin of Tuggle

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Origin of Tuggle, Meaning of Tuggle

Origin: Dictionary of American Names
By Eldon C. Smith, Harper, 1950

- defines TUGGLE as a man from Tughall, ?Tucga?s corner? in Northumberland.
There was a township and manor in Northumberland named Tuggal or Tughall - the pronunciation is the same.
Tuggal, or Tughall, a township, in the Parish, and north division of Northumberland, 3 miles from Emberton. It is situated on the southern extremity of the Parish, near Tuggal burn, which shortly falls into the North sea; and comprises about 1500 acres of good wheat land and excellent pasture (the property now of the Duke of Northumberland and J.R. Forster, Esq.) A little eastward from the village containing 119 inhabitants, stands Tuggall Hall.

The family name of TUGGLE as now found in the United States is identical with the present English family name TUGWELL; only the orthography is different ? the ?W? is silent ? Tug?l or Tug?ul.
Genealogy of the Tuggle Family 1560 - 1936, dated 1934 by Henry Forbes & Morgan Lanier Tuggle
The TUGGLE?s or TUGGLESTINE - as the name was spelled in Holland, from which they emigrated in the early part of the fourteenth century ? were Dutch merchants and emigrated in commerce between England and that country, who were on very friendly terms at that time.
It appears from the most authentic records, that all who had established a permanent residence in England, were required to take the oath of allegiance to the British Crown. It was at this time that the name was shortened to TUGGLE and had remained so to this day; except where by marriage, the name was combined with some other name and formed a new name; such as TUGMAN, TUGHILL, TUGWELL and perhaps others. The name of TUGWELL seems to be the only combination name to survive the ravage of time and become a distinct name and bears much infusion into the social and political life in both England and America.
Surnames: Tuggle
Submitted by: Marilyn J. Webb

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