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Description: william gurney tucker\r\nb. 1895 d. 1951\r\nm. gladys elizabeth stringer

Surnames: tucker\r\nstringer

Wendy Tucknott
Description: I am interested in sharing any information regarding the Tucknott name. My Ancestors George & Sophia Tucknott came from Bishopstone, East Sussex prior to 1839.

Surnames: Tucknott

Joe Zadrozny
Description: Texas Tuckers

Surnames: Tucker

David Puttock
Description: Puttock and Puttick one name study
whole world 1400-2003

Surnames: Puttock, Puttick, Puttuck, Puddick,Puddock,Puttocke

Eleanor Watson
Description: Looking for information on Eleanor Watson, born in England, December 20, 1815. Married Robert H. Tucker, January 28, 1835 New York. Eleanor died January 10, 1892 in LaCross WI. We are looking for any information on her family in England.

Surnames: Watson, Tucker, Anderson, Maertin, Gruhn, Gross,

Linda Corbin Ford
Description: I am looking for Elizabeth Eliza Adair the first name maybe just Eliza she had a sister named Mary Jane Adair these sisteres were from TN I believe and they were on the Trail Of Tears.
They married David and Jesse Yandell who were
I guess you would call them escorts for the Army
Eliza married David and Mary married Jesse.
Story go that the boys married Cherokee women and their father thought they had disgraced the family name for marring Indians.
I don't know who the girls father was and I am trying to find anyone that has info on these 2 girls.

Surnames: Yandell, Adair, Brothers, Smith, Leatherwood, McGraw, Corbin, Tucker, Wilkins, Vinesett, Austin, Logan

Mary Silvers Damon
Description: Looking for any info about Jake Silvers and Stella Dunseth.

Surnames: Silvers, Dunseth, Jacob, Tuck.

Description: Looking for deceased grandmother's family. Her mother's name was Sally Jenkins, married Silas Tucker around 1870(+/- 1-4years). One known sibling, Elizabeth Jenkins. Sally's birthday around 1853. May have been born in Alabama but reared in Texas. Died in SC in 1944.

Surnames: Brown, cobb Smith, Tucker, Long

Sherry Livesay
Description: Am looking for info on Andrew Tucker m. Mary E. terry. In the 1850 census they are in Boutetourt County, Va and after that Alleghany County, VA. Any info would be of help.

Surnames: Tucker

Description: Goodman PA>VA by 1815>White Co. TN1820>Monroe Co. TN 1830>Cherokee/Ettowah Co. AL 1840>Roane Co. TN 1850>Van Buren Co. AR 1860 til death after 1880.

Henry Goodman b. 1815 VA m. Charlotte Moore Monroe Co. TN 1838.

Nancy Goodman Crone b. 1815 VA m. George Crone date & place unknown.

Minerva Jane Goodman b. @1824 TN or AL m. George Moore 1845 Roane Co. TN.

All in Van Buren Co. AR 1860. There were prob. other siblings but these are all I know at this time. Any help appreciated.


The Don Nalley's
Description: we are looking for any information on the parents of Thomas Jefferson Nalley. He was born 9-22-1840, and died 4-10-1928. He is buried in Tate Mountain Cemetery in Seminole County, Oklahoma. have lots of information up to his parents, if anyone knows anything about them please email me, and if i can help anyone with what information that i have please contact me.
thanks God Bless
The Don Nalley's

Surnames: Nalley or Nally, Young, Akin, Murray,Tucker,

Kit Weiler
Description: Searching for Holloways descended from Billy Holloway of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Direct descendants include Barnes, Lawson, Henry and Ira Sankey Holloway. Placenames include Cumberland County VA, Lincoln Co, NC, Blount Co., TN, Cass Co., MO, and Kincaid, KS.

Surnames: Holloway, Lewis, Jones, Barnard, Hammontree, Jackson, Wallace, McGill, McClellon, Meador, Meadow, Blaylock, Senter, Jenkins, Privett, Whitehead, Blakely, Tucker, Weiler, Deaton Hawley, Grindstaff, Jeter, Snodgrass, Cramer, Berry, Cushing, Porter, Hodgson, Thompson to name a few.

Amy Himes (Ball)
Description: hello, I am looking for any and all information on my lost siblings and parentsI haven't seen my siblings for over 20 years and I am TRYING to make a family history chart for my children who have never seen their aunts and uncles and grandparents(died before my kids were born) the following is all the information I have to go on sorry for the incompletion.

Surnames: BALL side:
Richard J. Ball (B) 5/16/27(D) 8/1988 Father
Ann F. Ball (Stergar) (B) 5/16/28 (D) 1/79
Timothy P. Ball (B)9/20/52 ? married Susan Croft bowling 2 kids (Ashley Ann & Andrew Croft Ball) last known location in Kentucky, possible move to Evansville,IN Susan is a schoolteacher Holy TrinityI believe.
Rebecca Ann Ball (B) 1/10/56 ? never married as far as I know..Bloomington, IN
Susan Marie Remsen (Ball) (B) 3/13/61 Married
Jay Kent Remsen as far as I know they have 2 kids name (UNK) Address in Sheridan, IN
Kevin Richard Ball (B) 6/24/64 Married a girl named Paula last known address in Paska ? not sure of spelling) OHIO and 1 child. My Mother's side includes a step grandmother(Helen Stergar )Gainsville, FL a brother Donald Stergar Lady Lake, FL a Half sister name Theresa Stergar Whereabouts (unk) father's name was Frank stergar(don't know 1st wife name she passed on before I was ever thought of lol) but Donald had 2 brothers I think and married a girl named nancy and they had three children named Mark, Victoria(Vicki) and Brian born in 1964 I believe,
he was the same age as my brother. If more information is needed I will try to get it but most of my relatives have passed on to be with the good Lord in heaven so if possible I would like any and all suggestions as to where I can get obituaries and pictures or anything about them for my family history i am still new at this (2 months) and a "green horn"

M Hansen
Description: Looking for Tucketts in Truro, Cornwall or Devon, England around 1800. Grandson, James Alfred came to US in 1898, settling in Santaquin, Utah. Would appreciate any information. I think a cousin was Charles Tuckett, and have info on him, but no link.

Surnames: Tuckett, James or John <1801>
TUckett, Edward (a brother)

terence (terry) davis
Description: Researching the four main branches of my family and attached names including Kellow (Kello, Killow, Kellough) of MD, NC, and TN; Davis of SC, MS, and TN; Capps of NC and TN; Dowland (Dowlen, Dowling, Dolen, Dolan, Doland, and so on!) of VA, NC, and TN

Surnames: Kellow (Killow, Kello, Kellough) with Vaughn, Jones, Arrington, Tucker, Essary, Childress, Newton, Hyde, and Ross

Davis with Brooks, Dyer, Hubble, Hubbell, Howell, Garrett, Foster, Freeman, Crumb, Croom, Boatright, Boatwright

Capps with Bates, Nelson, Fly, Rogers, McNeeley, Stafford, Ray, Bledsoe

Dowland (Doland, Dowlen, Dowling, Dolan, Dolen) with Knott, Akin, Aslin, Rutledge, Shearin, Williamson, Medeiros, Clark, Mitts, Kuykendall, Adair, Smith, Myers, Barnhardt

Beverly Wells Roseberry
Description: WELLS, Gustavus, TERRY, Edden, SWAIN, Caleb W., CREECH, John, TUCKER, Ary


Thom Anderson
Description: I am looking for information about the Keller Family. My ancester, Claira Belle Keller (1865-1959) b. Barren Co., KY married Albert Daugherty Anderson (1861-1947) They were married in Barren Co., (Glasgow) KY in the mid 1880's and later moved to Louisville (Jefferson Co., KY) where my father, Benjamin Lloyd Anderson (1893 - 1983) was born.

Surnames: Anderson, Keller, Hall, Jackson, Tudor, French, Brook, Jacobs, Watson, Revenscraft, Ellis, Trigg, Arthur. All have Kentucky connections.

Description: Looking for any ancestors of the Pucketts. Grandfather was Joseph H. Puckett, ggrandfather was William Mack Puckett, gggrandfather was Harrison Puckett. Also looking for ancestors of Nancy Ann Monday (wife of Harrison Puckett).

Surnames: Puckett, Monday, Brewer, Stuckey

Ron Bronemann
Description: Josiah BEAN, b. abt. 1780, d. unknown, m. 25 Oct 1801 Montgomery Co., Maryland Eleanor WILSON, b. unknown, d. unknown.
Child: Lois BEAN, b. abt. 1800, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire, d. unknown, m. 1821 Hamilton, New York, Robert SHATTUCK, b. 29 May 1796 Hamilton, NY.


Angela Tucker
Description: Looking for any information on Moses Tucker. He was born Oct. 25, 1793 in Jacksboro Tn. and died Sept. 6, 1884.He married Milly Johnson.I was told of Cherokee blood , Any info on that as well would be really help full thank you all!

Surnames: TUCKER

Description: Looking for Emma J. Maxwell, married to Henry C. Tucker in 18 Mar 1861 at Carthage,Franklin Co., Maine. Any info please.

Surnames: Maxwell-Tucker-Ullom-Brown-Brandenburg-Bartlett-Steed-Aker-DEARDORFE- RAY- SNYDER-wilsom

marilee spradlin multhup
Description: Need info on Louise Cole that married Isaac Selvage in Morgan Co. KY in 1840.

Surnames: The Spradlin Branches

Also researching: Blair, Selvage, Salyer, Hitchcock, Conley,
Blanton, Harmon, and many, many more, in Eastern Kentucky,
Johnson and Floyd Counties.

Laurlee Fry-Lau
Description: Looking for information on family.

Surnames: FRY-Wiltshire, Alderbury, England, LEVERSUCH-Wiltshire, Alderbury, England, PHIPPS-Tennessee and Kentucky, GUNN, FULKS, LEMMONS

Description: Looking for info on Mary Rebecca (Mollie) Tucker born 1862 in the Inidan village called Ridges in GA. She married John Holtzlcaw on 16, Jan 1882. Her mother was called Itsy Washington. Itsy married a man by the last name Tucker, don't know his first name.

Surnames: Tucker, Holtzclaw, Debord, Killian

Stacey Adger
Description: Looking for any information on Pleasant TUCKER 1838-1915, Philip Tucker 1848-1929 and possibly a brother, George Tucker 1835 - dies between 1900 and 1910 census. Pleasant, according to an obit, was reared by a member of the RANDOLPH family. Pleasant was supposedly born in Fluvana, but Huguenot and Goochland do appear as well in his life. Pleasant became a pastor and died in Pa., wife was Eliza (Jane). Philip was a contractor and died in Ohio wife was Elizabeth until 1890 then Jennie, George appears to have died in VA., wife's name Lousiana. I am also looking for other siblings and Pleasant's parents' names.

Surnames: TUCKER

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