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Origin of Tso

Total Records: 15 
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: This is an Anglo/Saxon surname that emerged as a notable English family in the country of Yorkshire where they were anciently. By the year 1509 they also appeared on the tax rolls of Oxfordshire.
Surnames: Mabbet, Mabbetson, Mabbett, Mabbit, Mabbitt, Mabbot, Mabbotson, Mabbott, Mabbutt, Mabetson, Mabitt, Mabotson
Submitted by: Michael B. Mabbitt
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: Anglo-Saxon origin, coming from the word 'Ead,' which indicates 'wealth, prosperity, joy or bliss.' In the 10th century it became common for younger generations to be distinguished from the senior by adding 'son' to the original name. Richard Edson (b. about 1510) was buried in the churchyard of 'All Hallowes' (All Saints) Church, Fillongley, Warwickshire, England in 1558. Refer to 'Edsons in England and America,' by Jarvis B
Surnames: Ead, Eade, Eadson, Ed, Ede, Edeson, Edison, Edson, Eede, Etson
Submitted by: Sherry Jakey
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: The meaning of Mattson (finland), pronoucation, etc.
Surnames: Mattson
Submitted by: jen
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: looking for watson's from Northern NY, especially from ST. Lawrence, Jefferson and Oswego Counties.
Surnames: watson
Submitted by: nancy
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: Ireland - Dorchester,New Brunswick,Canada
Submitted by: Heather
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: There are claims that the Robertsons are the oldest documented clan in Scottish history, descended from the Celtic Earls of Atholl, who in turn were from a line of the kings of Dalriada. Conan, the second son of Henry, 3rd Earl of Atholl inherited extensive lands including Glenorchie. His descendant, Duncan, was the first chief of the Clan Donnachaidh. When surnames began to emerge, they adopted Robertson of Struan from Robert, the 4th chief. (Others adopted names such as Duncanson, MacConochie, Collier and Reid). Robert obtained a charter for his lands in 1451. Other Robertson families were Robertson of Lude and Robertson of Straloch. The first recorded Robertson was in 1371 but his origins are unknown.

The Robertsons were loyal to Robert the Bruce and to the Stewart kings - Alastair the 17th chief took up arms for the Stewarts in 1689, was pardoned in 1703 but took part in both the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite Uprisings.

There are Robertsons in many parts of Scotland with a concentration in Dundee and Perth. It is the fifth most common name in Scotland. The present chief is Alexander Haldane Robertson and there is a Clan Museum between Blair Atholl and Struan.

The clan motto is "Virtutis gloria merces" ("Glory is the reward of valour").

There are Robertson (or related) clan Web sites here and here as well as here
Surnames: Robertson
Submitted by: Paul Robertson
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: Geister means "Ghosts" in german. I have no idea how it originated.
Surnames: Geister, Robertson
Submitted by: JOhn Robertson
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: Watson comes from 'Walter', as do Watts, Wattson, Watsonne, Wattersonne, Watkins, etc. Watson means 'son of Walter'
Surnames: Watson
Submitted by: Don Watson
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: Lambertson

Son of Lambert

English origin means shepherd
Surnames: Lambertson
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: The name originates from the village of Tittensor in North Staffordshire, the only place of that name in England. On the origin of the place name refer to The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names, which notes that the surname appears as Titesovere in the Domesday Book in 1086, and in the Book of Fees as Titneshovere in 1236 and as Titnesovere in 1242. Its meaning is 'Titten's ofer or slope'. Titten is a derivative of the Old English name Titta, a short form of the names Tidfrip and Tidstan".
Surnames: Tittensor, Titensor, Titterson, Titson, Titsor, Tittenson
Submitted by:
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: Latson
Surnames: Latson
Submitted by: Julia
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: The Name Knutson is a patranimical surname derived from a Scandinavian tradition where the son took his father's first name, added the word "son" (i.e. Knut -son) and used the result as his surname.
Surnames: Knutson
Submitted by: Tim Knutson
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: two .Patronym- Abbot's son, the son of a abbot, the caretaker of a church or chapel. The other 'abbot' means son of abraham, so descendent of abraham_note patronym is northern European, 'abbot' is Jewish
Surnames: ibbetson
Submitted by: ibbetson
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: Norway
Surnames: Embertson
Submitted by:
Origin of Tso, Meaning of Tso

Origin: greek
Surnames: Tsolakidis, Armaos
Submitted by:

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