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Origin of Tone

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Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: 1. 'one who came from Huddleston',a park township in the parish of sherburn, west riding in Yorkshire. 2.'Huda',Hun', originally denoted ' a fence or encloseure'which became 'enclosure round a house, a homestead,village of town. the earliest record of this surname is from 1200,Richard de Hudelsdun is recorded in the 'Curia Regis Rolls' of yorkshire . william Hudleston was residing in Yorkshire in 1379. in 1587 William Hudleston is mentioned in the 'lancashire Wills at Richmand. the marriage of John Huddleston and Elizabeth Holy is registered in St. James Clerkenwell in 1711
Surnames: Hudderston, Huddleson, Huddleston, Huddlestone, Hudlestone, Hussleson
Submitted by: brenda bishop
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: This surname originates from the 'Manor of' Mucclestone on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border now a village with the name Mucklestone.
Surnames: Mackleston, Mucclestone, Muckleston, Mucklestone
Submitted by: Janet Mackleston
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: Augenstein brothers left Germany in 1751, and landed in America. Some changed their name to Eyestone. I have a Complete Genelogy from J.Bruce Eyestone compiled in 1943.
Surnames: Eyestone, Augenstein
Submitted by: Ray Augenstein Eyestone
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: It's an English surname meaning "to sharpen."
Surnames: Whetstone
Submitted by: Kate Yaffi
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: I am looking for Elizabeth Gunter that married a Toney
Surnames: Toney
Submitted by: Ray Davis
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: Researching the Instone family including name variations like Inston and Instan.
Surnames: Instone
Submitted by: Simon Instone
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: Born Nov. 20,1828, died May 5, 1902. Married to Levinia Messimer March 4, 1858 Cleveland, Tn. Buried in Hopewell.Ga
Surnames: Stonecipher
Submitted by: Linda Barnes
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: Stone Family of Bucks County, PA, began in America with Philip Stein, Sr. of Bedminster Twp., abt. 1750. Son Philip Jr. married Elizabeth BARNTZ. Their son Jacob STONE and wife Mary TRULLINGER had 17 children who lived to adulthood in Bucks Co., thence scattered all over U.S. We have identified over 500 descendants thus far.
Surnames: Stone
Submitted by: Priscilla Stone Sharp
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: Raphael Bertone married Kate Florence Goodwyn in New York about 1912. They moved to Lakeville, Conn. in the 1920s and about 1930 went to Chicago. Their son Raphael Wilson Bertone who worked for B A Railton, Chicago, married Ruth (Zebinden?) about 1940 and their son was named Marc. Any details about this family gratefully received.
Surnames: Bertone
Submitted by: Colin Goodwyn
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: seeking ancestry
Surnames: vanstone
Submitted by: earle forsyth
Origin of Tone, Meaning of Tone

Origin: Rabenstein bedeutet Bewohner des wei?en schnellen fl?ssigen klebrigen Wassers! Sehr Spass!
Surnames: Rabenstein, Rybinstone, Robinson, raebonesotinnybig
Submitted by:

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