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Description: I am searching for info on a James William SINGLETERRY or a James K SINGLETERRY.


Larry Wilson
Description: Miles Terry b.1762 in Botetourt Co. Va. Married to - Hannah Horton b.1765 in Botetourt Co. Va. Need info. on Terry line

Surnames: Terry

Kathie Terry
Description: I am beginning to research my husbands line.

Surnames: Terry

Judy Mortensen
Description: Zachariah. B.11 Aug 1835 in Ont. Married Eliza Sallows abt. 1858. Lived in Puslinch, Fullarton, & Essex, Ont. Died 1888. I am looking for his parents, possibly a James Terry (living next door in the 1861 census of Fullarton). Any clues would be appreciated.

Surnames: Terry

martha basham
Description: james who married margaret mccawley in 1823

Surnames: terry

Jacque Watkins
Description: I am researching the family line of Lewis Terry, b. 1770 in Virginia or South Carolina. Lewis married Constance (Unknown). Children of Lewis and Constance:

George C. Terry, b. 1810, S.C., m. Mary Mansfield; 2) Elizabeth Moreland.

William Terry, b. 1811, S.C., m. Julia Ann Roberts.

Nancy Terry, b. 1813, S.C., m. Thomas Carder.

Joseph Lewis Terry, b. 1814, S.C., m. Dovina Walker.

Duncan Terry, b. 1814, S.C., m. Wysetta (Unknown).

Surnames: Terry, Walker, Mansfield, Moreland, Roberts, Carder, Brown, Connally, Gregory, Wells, Kuykendall, Bishop, Williams, Bland, Peveto, Story, White, Hartwick, Cavness, Millsap, Clark, Parker, Powell, Roach, Reed, Patterson, Lindsey, Smith, Turner, Wilkins, Holland, Barnes, Jones, Watkins, Kuhlman, Thrower, Reagan, Wicklund, Green, Burch, Fivecoat, Rauch, Henderson, LeBlanc,

Barbi Tomko
Description: Preserved Field and Naomi Overton began a family in Southold,LI,NY. Joel Field married Abby Goldsmith in 1829. They had several children, including Leila who married Henry K Wood in 1862 in Southold. Their son, Charles married Evetta S Cook in Monmouth Co.,NJ. I know all about them-it's the older folks I would like to find.

Surnames: Field/Overton/Cook/Goldsmith/Terry/Wood

Kevin Terry
Description: I am writing a book on Terrys of Cork, Ireland. The main focus is on East Cork including Cork City, 1600 to the present. Chapers will cover those who left East Cork and settled in the United States, Australia, England, France and Spain in this period. I am still researching new information.

Surnames: Terry, Tyrry, Therry

Description: Looking for information on the descendants of Thomas Waitstill Freeman who was born in NC in 1855 and died in Johson City, TN on December 25, 1940. Also looking for information on my 3rd great grandmother Charity Hopson born bet. 1797 and 1804. She married Samuel Freeman b. 1794 in Burke Co., NC.

Surnames: Freeman, Conley, Slagle, Ledford, Buchanan, Terry, Waldrop.

Beck Sams
Description: Researching all SAMs from late 1600's to present.

Surnames: Updated: 1 Nov 2003
Surnames of those who married into Sams families since 1686.

Alexander, Alford, Allred, Ammons, Anders, Armstrong, Arrant, Arrington, Bailey, Baker, Balch, Ball, Barlett, Barton, Bassett, Bates, Beard, Bertin, Blackstock, Blackwell, Boling, Booher, Boulton, Bowman, Boyd, Bradley, Bradford, Briggs, Brilhart, Bradshaw, Bratton, Brenan, Brilhart, Brock, Brown, Buckner, Bullock, Burch, Burton, Butler, Campbell, Carl, Caplinger, Carden, Carrmichael (Carmichel), Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Cate, Catherman, Caudill, Chandler, Clark, Clayborn, Clouse, Comer, Cook, Conner, Coons, Cornelison, Cornett, Couch, Council, Crawford, Crisp, Cross, Crowder, Cruzan, Curry, Curtis, Dauberman, Deem, Dellinger, Delph, DeWeese, Dillard, Dillingham, Dowers, Durham, Edgington, Edmonds, Edmunds, Edwards, Erhardt, Erwin, Fisher, Flasher, Fleak, Folsom, Fortner, Foster, Franklin, Freeman, Fulk, Fuller, Geddie, Gentry, Gibson, Gideon, Gobel, Goldsberry, Goldsmith, Gosnell, Gottbehuet, Green, Gregory, Grove(s), Hacker, Halscomb, Harper, Harrison, Hasty, Hatcher, Hayes, Haynes, Helton, Henderson, Hensler, Henson, Herron, Hickam, Hickman, Hicks, Hill, Hoenes, Holcombe, Hollifield, Hood, Hopkins, Horbeck, Hoskins, Hunt, Hunter, Irwin, Jameson, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jasper, Johnson, Jolly, Jones, Katherman, Katterman, Ketterman, Keever, Kelly, King, Kirkendall, Knowles, Krebs, Lamb, Lansford, Lawson, Laycock, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lewis, Lillard, Massey, Mayfield, Mays, McCall, McKinnon, Merrell, Miller, Mills, Mink, Moon, Moore, Morton, Murray, Orr, Osborne, Osteen, Parham, Payne, Pendergrass, Pitzer, Ponder, Porter, Potts, Preble, Presnell, Price, Proffitt, Prugh, Pugh, Radcliff, Radford, Ramsey, Ranck, Ransom, Rector, Redmon, Reed, Reeder, Reynolds, Rice, Ridenour, Roberts, Rodden, Rowe, Run(n)ion, Runyoun, Rutherford, Sample, Sams, Saunders, Siner, Smith, Sondin, Sowder, Sprinkle, Stanley, Stout, Tackett, Talbot, Tallant, Tate, Templeton, TenBroeck, Terry, Thacker, Thomas, Tillinghast, Tolbut, Tracy, Tre(a)dway, Trent, Tweed, Veatch, Wade, Waldrep, Waldrip, Waldrop, Waldroup, Wallen, Warburton, Ward, Ware, Warren, Webb, Wells, Whit(t)aker, Whittington, Wild(s), Wigel and Young.

Emma Skinner
Description: researching the family of John Jacob Astor born 1763 in Germany. he emigrated to America and made a fortune in fur trading

Surnames: Astor, Kreh, Renckert, Vorfelder, Todd, Bentzon, Bristed, Von Rumpff. Langdon, Wilks, Green, Boreel, Von Pallandt, Armstrong, Ward, Chanler, Terry, Schermerhorne, Gibbes, Drayton, Roosevelt, Willing, Paul, Force, Langhorne

terry roger lee
Description: we are looking for anyone related to albert and bertha ditzler lee. they could have been from the huntington or grant county area.

Surnames: john lee, francis marion lee, albert lee, orville lee, terry roger lee, brad lee, terry dale lee

Robin Sayers
Description: I am doing our family history on my grandfather's side. His name was Harold Edson Terry. His father's name was Vinston Early Terry. I need to find information on his father Jesse Terry. Vinston was born Feb. 18, 1883 in Scioto County, Ohio. He died Aug 22, 1963 in Ironton, Ohio.

Surnames: Terry

Jane Burnett
Description: Looking for info on my gggrandfather William B Terry who married Mary Bailey in Itawambe Cty Miss 24 SEpt 1845 and the Bailey family. Census shows her sister Harriet, age 18 with them in 1850.Their dauighter, Martha Julia Terry m. John Carney in MO.

Surnames: Terry, Bailley, Crittenden, willson, Land, Brock, Rayburn, Jack, Beckett, Baker, Hester

Ray Burris
Description: Any variation of Burroughs, Burris of VA., N.C. ,OH . with connection to Quakers , Cherokees, Geo.Washington , any history 1756-1808 closely related to above people and localities. Other Surnames associated are Sumner, Hewitt, Mckinney, Terry.

Surnames: Burroughs, Burris, Burrows, Terry, Sumner, Hewitt, McKinney

Beverly Wells Roseberry
Description: WELLS, Gustavus, TERRY, Edden, SWAIN, Caleb W., CREECH, John, TUCKER, Ary


David Terry
Description: Researching Terry families in Spotsylvania county Virginia through Harrison county Kentucky.Heads of families are Obediah,William, and James V. Terry.

Surnames: Terry

lee and carol harless
Description: John Wesley Harless and Eliza Ann Terry were my grgrandparents. We have proof of Civil War units he served in for Alabama and Tennessee but have not yet located his actual death date and/or location. THIS IS NOT THE JOHN WESLEY HARLESS WHO LIVED, DIED, And IS BURIED IN TEXAS.

Surnames: Harless-Gasson-Sevitz-Terry

Description: looking for info on family of Morgan R. Puckett and Susannah Whitaker. I decend from their son Greenville "Green B." Puckett and his wife Adaline Pratt. This family is found mostly in Breathitt and Wolfe Co., Ky

Surnames: Wireman, Puckett, Patton, Howard, Stepp, Terry, Casebolt, Whitaker

Tony Huggins
Description: Suffolk Familys

Surnames: Huggins, Barber ,Kerridge ,Sterry ,Pyett, Whistlecraft .

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