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Origin of Stell

Origin of Stell

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Origin of Stell

Total Records: 6 
Origin of Stell, Meaning of Stell

Origin: London areas; Cripplegate 1576 - 1895 Stepney 1652 - 1864 St Pancras 1738 - 1873 Shoreditch 1751 - 1915 Finsbury 1777 - 1867 Bethnall Green 1806 - 1859 Hackney 1860 - 1940 Catford 1900 - 1970
Surnames: CASTELL
Submitted by: Marcus Castell
Origin of Stell, Meaning of Stell

Origin: Anthony Rastelli came to US @1900 at age 12. (His sister,Concetta DiMarco,in Philadelphia, PA & children:Danny, Millie, Mary, Frank and Yolanda.) Lived in Brooklyn, NY. Married Fannie (Anna) Forgione (B. 1896, Brooklyn?)-early 1900's. Children:Beatrice (B. @1916), Roberto (B. 1918, killed in action Navy 1944) and Gennaro (Jerry)(B. 1924). An uncle served in Italian army, & was postmaster of Milan. His parents spoke often of Bari and Abruzzi.
Surnames: Rastelli
Submitted by: Kathy
Origin of Stell, Meaning of Stell

Origin: Masteller is an americanized spelling which is originally Marsteller. this is a relatively rare name coming only from west central Germany, currrently origins from the 1600's have been traced to Pfungstdat, and Grunigen, Hessen Germany and Pliezhausen in Wurtemburg. This is a job name from the word "Marstall" or keeper of stables.
Surnames: Masteller Marsteller
Submitted by: George Masteller
Origin of Stell, Meaning of Stell

Origin: Meaning of surname "Castellani"
Surnames: Castellani
Submitted by: Brenda Castellani
Origin of Stell, Meaning of Stell

Origin: dweller near the ramparts of a castle
Surnames: castelli
Submitted by:
Origin of Stell, Meaning of Stell

Origin: Wastell/Wostle/waistell/wasdale/ . Wasdale is a Valley With a lake in Cumbria/Cumberland England. It was Wastell until about 1750 when it changed to Wasdale; as did my family names.
Surnames: Wastell, Waistel, Wostell, Wasdale
Submitted by: Pamela Baines

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