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Origin of Stein

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Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: There is a town by the name of Lowenstein in Germany. It is situated south-east of Frankfurt. There is also a castle there by the same name, as well as a mountain range of that name. There are several branches of the Lowenstein family. I know of the following: 1. The German high nobility (mostly catholic) 2. 'Ordinary' folk in northern Hessen (mostly Lutheran) 3. The Jewish branch (many of them in the United States). In Germany during the 17th and 18th centuries, Jewish people often took the names of the prominent families who protected them. 4. The Lowensteyn (originally Lowenstein and Lutheran) branch, mainly in The Netherlands, but also families in Canada and Ne
Surnames: Loewensteijn, Lowensteijn, Lowenstein, Lowensteyn
Submitted by: Peter Lowensteyn
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: Augenstein brothers left Germany in 1751, and landed in America. Some changed their name to Eyestone. I have a Complete Genelogy from J.Bruce Eyestone compiled in 1943.
Surnames: Eyestone, Augenstein
Submitted by: Ray Augenstein Eyestone
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: Bonstein/Bunstine from 1776 to present in America, before that Germany. All relatives.
Surnames: Bonstein
Submitted by: Tanya
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: is this surname german or jewish.
Surnames: steinbeck
Submitted by: tom macqueen
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: Ebenstein -- Help Rock
Surnames: Ebenstein
Submitted by: Karen Cox
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Surnames: STEIN
Submitted by: MICHAEL
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: Otto von Hammerstein, Graf im Nieder-Lahngau, Graf von Gleiberg, Graf in der Wettergau & in Engersgau, Graf von Hammerstein, son of Heribert count von Gleiberg von Kinziggau & Irmintrud von Avalgau was made Count of Hammerstein, by his father who, after giving Otto's brother the Herzogtum (Duchy of) Swabia, gave Otto what honors he could (or made up). For people with political power in this period, his father could make Otto a count, even tho the area he controlled was quite small. Otto's (small) village of Hammerstein still exists & the ruins of Schloss (castle) Hammerstein is still there on the Rhine about 18 km NE of Koblenz. Please do not believe the Ancestral File presented by the people at familysearch.org who say Otto was born in "Hammerstein, (now Czarne), Koszalin, Poland". This is sloppy genealogical reseach by people who should know better. He was probably born in the Wetterau or Kinzigau (area of the rivers Wetter &/or Kinzig = what is now southern Hesse) Both rivers flow into the river Main at Hanau near Frankfurt am Main which is the border between the modern states of Hesse & Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Otto/Udo married Irmgard of Verdun who was apparently related too close for the church (consanguity). Much scholarly research has been done but there is no agreement by modern scholars about who were their common ancesters.

Their love for each other in spite of the church's findings (& excommunication) was the story of "Love's Labour's Lost". Too bad a movie hasn't been done. Otto & Irmgard also caused a small schism in the Catholic church between the German Archbishop Erkenbald of Mainz & the Pope. Heinrich II, siding with the German authority of the church (the Pope said the consanguinous marriage of Otto & Irmgard was ok) beseiged Otto & Irmgard in their castle. After 3 months & the food gone, Otto capitulated. Otto may have capitulated, but in spite of the emperor & the church continued to live with Irmgard his love. Erkenbald's successor, Aribo (a man of ambition re: German religious authority vs the authority of the Roman church vis-a-vis the pope) declared Otto & Irmgard excommunicated. Subseqently Otto succumbed to the pressure & accepted the dissolution of his marriage to his beloved Irmgard. Irmgard on the other hand decided to fight & travelled to Rome to attempt an audience with Pope Benedict VIII who had previously been on her & Otto's side. Unfortunately Benedict died in Apr 1024. Pope John XIX, his successor refused an audience with Imrgard thereby ending the matter (or so the story goes).
Otto, who had lost his possessions because of the excommunication, received most of them back after his acceptance of the church's ban on his marriage (to his love). I do not know what happened to Irmgard, but with the stout heart that she had she may have secretly made her way back to Otto or, realizing Otto' denunciation of their marriage (or be persona non grata) went her own way. There are no records of her re-marriage. Popular in this era of women who had nowhere to go, many entered orders of the church. There is no record that Irmgard did this.

Romeo & Juliette, move over! These were not teenagers, but an adult man & woman who loved each other so much that they defied not only the Holy church but the emperor who eventally attacked them. They decided (at one time) to rebel in spite of this, their love for each other being more important than the church or their king/empereror!

Our passions should be so strong, our resolutions so final, our love so pure!

Surnames: Hammerstein
Submitted by: Curt Hofemann
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: Steinacker is a little town in the Bergische Land in Germany, about 50 km away from Cologne.
Surnames: Steinacker
Submitted by:
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: My understanding is Steinbeck originated in Germany, and is German, not Jewish.
Surnames: Steinbeck
Submitted by: K Steinbeck
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: Eysteinsson

son of Eystein

Eystein Norse origin means lucky
Surnames: Eysteinsson
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: I was told by my mother that Eckstein translates as "cornerstone".
Surnames: Eckstein
Submitted by: Tom Hodapp
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: Rabenstein comes from Germany literaly translated it means lover of water - or love of fishing, the old saying "Mr.Rabenstein sehr gro?e Dick schl?gt die Fische in der R?ckseite."
has been pased down from generation to generation of fishermen and German trout farmers! Roughly transalted it means "You are so good with the fish that your name might be Mr.Rabenstein." They also say in more modern terms "Mr.Rabenstein hat sexuellen Verkehr mit Fischen und Pudel und seine drei fetten Schwestern und er F?uste sein Bruder regelm??ig und l??t ?ber sein Vatersexualleben nicht sprechen." Which means almost the same - Rabenstein means dweller of the white fast flowwing sticky waters.
Surnames: Rabenstein
Submitted by:
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: Rabenstein bedeutet Bewohner des wei?en schnellen fl?ssigen klebrigen Wassers! Sehr Spass!
Surnames: Rabenstein, Rybinstone, Robinson, raebonesotinnybig
Submitted by:
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: "Weinstein" (German) is a German word that can be directly translated as "Winestone." Early Weinsteins were probably wine makers, as Weinstein refers to tiny edible stones found in grape wine, which form naturally during the wine making process. In this process, minerals crystalize forming the "stones." The presence of stones indicate that the wine has aged well and will taste excellent. They are also sometimes called "diamonds" by wine professionals.
Surnames: Weinstein
Submitted by: Joshua Borden-Weinstein
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: austria
Surnames: steininger
Submitted by:
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: kuper = copper
stein = stone
apperantly, this name is originally a copper miner's name, someone who used to harvest copper.
czech republic, jewish name
Surnames: kuperstein
Submitted by:
Origin of Stein, Meaning of Stein

Origin: it means iron fisted man and relates to the trade of blacksmith
Surnames: Ballerstein
Submitted by: Mark

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