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Origin of Springs

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Origin of Springs, Meaning of Springs

Origin: A LITTLE TWIG' 'A SMALL OR SLENDER PERSON'. English origin. However, my grandparents were Irish and had the name after the English enslaved them. Therefore it became English in origin. Some of this came from Lacy's surname search the other was told to me by my grandfather.
Surnames: Spriggs, Sprigg, Sprig, Springs, Sprague
Submitted by: Donna Spriggs
Origin of Springs, Meaning of Springs

Origin: I'm Looking For Daniel Perry Springstead Of Tioga New York Or Orange Cty New York In The Mid 1800's
Surnames: Springstead
Submitted by: P K Harris
Origin of Springs, Meaning of Springs

Origin: Colonial immigrants by the name of Sprague name came from England. It is alleged that Holland was the cradle of the Sprague family; that they were weavers there and so oppressed by the stiff duties imposed on their products, they emigrated to England in the 15th or 16th century. Records of the family have been found to reach back to the 14th century, the name being spelled in a variety of forms however.

Sir Edward Spragge, Admiral of the Blue, who was drowned during an engagement with Cornelius Van Tromp of the Dutch Navy off the coast of Holland Aug. 11, 1673, was son of Captain Litchfield Spragge of the English Army and grandson of Captain John Spragge, an Army officer in Queen Elizabeth's time. He was knighted by Charles II on his ship Triumph Jul. 1, 1665 and his Coat of Arms "reproduced is gule, a fess between three trefoils. Crest out of a naval crown, a demi-lion crowned". The above dates being contemporaneous with the lives of the Sprague boys who came to the New World negative a direct relationship and our title to the Sir Edward Coat of Arms. It has been well known for some years that the will of Edward Sprague of Upway had been handed down to us through the family of Ralph', but not until recently has it become so well known that the Sir Hugh Sprague Coat of Arms had been preserved and equally prized by the William' family.

Among the early immigrants to America, whose descendants have become very numerous was Francis Sprague who arrived in Plymouth, Mass., Jul. 1623 in the ship Ann. The descendants of Nicholas Sprake or Sprague who settled in Billerica, Mass. about 1720, have become today a very large family.

Ralph, Richard and William came to Salem, Mass. in 162S. William settled in Hingham, Mass. raised a large family of children and his descendants today are numerous and widely scattered.
Surnames: Spriggs, Sprigg, Sprig, Springs, Sprague, Spragg, Spragge
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