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Origin of Ski

Total Records: 63 
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: site devoted to history, origin and genealogy of Maternowski surname. The website mostly deals with the Russian branch of the family from mid-18th century.
Surnames: Maternowski
Submitted by: Denis Maternowski
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Two Hoskins were among the Norman invaders who accompanied William the Conquerer as he overran King Harold's army late in 1066. The name Hoskins is found predominantly in the Suffolk/London section of Southeastern England. The main Virginia Hoskins clan descends from Bartholomew Hoskins who came to Virginia from England in 1614. He was a son of John Hoskins, barrister and member of Parliament who committed funds to the settlements in Virginia by 1606. Bartholomew appears to have had a brother named Bennet or Bennett Hoskins who may have emigrated to eht eastern shore of area of Virginia/Maryland some years later, but that is conjectural and lacking proof at this time. Another Hoskins family may have arisen in New England as well. The Virginia Hoskins regard Higham Castle near Cumberland, England as their ancestral home, and their coat of arms is identical to that at Higham Castle.
Surnames: Haskins, Hodgkins, Horskins, Hosking, Hoskins
Submitted by: Charles R. Hoskins
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Majewski was the surname born by seven major Polish families, which were septs of the clans Dosluga, Jastraebiec, Lew, Labeda, Nalcez, Zadora, and Starykon. The surname Majewski is of toponymic origin, deriving from any of the places in Poland named 'Majewo', so called from the Polish term 'maj' meaning 'May'. Thus, the first bearer of this name was someone who was identified by the members of his community as 'one who came from Majewo', or 'the lord of Majewo'.
Surnames: Majewski
Submitted by: Debra Majewski McDermott
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: jablon - in czech and polish is apple-tree jablonsky - is maybe founder, owner or farmer of apple-tree garden
Surnames: Jablonovsky, Jablonski, Jablonsky
Submitted by: ivan jablonsky
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Zech would be German. Zechlinski would be Polish, probably originating in the part of Poland occupied by Prussia in the 1800's.
Surnames: Zech, Zechlinski
Submitted by: Mary Ann Bergevin
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Poland
Surnames: Tomaszewski
Submitted by: Mike Tomaszewski
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: The name comes from the root meaning 'rock, stone,' so in most cases it means 'family from Kamien' or some similar name-and there are about a jillion places in Poland with names that qualify. So asking about it is a lot like asking about 'Jones' in this country.
Surnames: Kaminski
Submitted by: Rich and Judy Horton
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: The surname DUSKIN, as far as that which pertains to its origin in north Alabama, originated from the surname DESKINS during the mid 1800s. Local recorders of county records may have misrecorded the Deskins surname as Duskin or Duskins. This happened for certain in Alabama and Iowa with different branches of the Deskin(s) lines from Virginia.
Surnames: Duskin
Submitted by: Terry D. Lee
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: This surname is 100%25 Polish. It's a very popular name in Poland
Surnames: Jasinski
Submitted by: Yvonna Jasinski
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: The surname MARSHALL appears to be occupational in origin. Research indicates that it can be associated with the English and Germans. The name was carried to England in the great migration following the Norman Conquest - 1066. Earliset record of the name found in England was in Wiltshire - where Goisfridus Marescal lived in 1084. The name means 'One who cares for horses, especially one who treated their diseases; a blacksmith; an official in a king's or a high noble's household having charge of military affairs'
Surnames: Marescal, Marschall, Marshal, Marshale, Marshall, Marshell, Maskall, Maskill
Submitted by: Jacqueline Woolnough
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Maslinski from Maslow in Poland (~ 1600 y.)
Surnames: Maslinskim Maslow
Submitted by: Konrad
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: William Szablewski, born in Poland, died in Milwaukke, Wisc. Married Victoria, born in Germany, died Milwaukee, WI. Their first child, John, was born in Milwaukee July 7, 1915, looking for siblings: Leonard, Thadeous, Ester, Dorothy, Estelle
Submitted by: Jim Stoll
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: i live in the u.k. the only gasiewski left over here any info about my ancestory would be appriciated thank you
Surnames: Gasiewski
Submitted by: pete gasiewski
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Czaplewski family from Chicago, Illinois 1880+...before 1880 in Danzig area of Germany/Poland
Submitted by: Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: From Crossen/Odrz Now Melbourne Australia
Surnames: Marcinkowski
Submitted by: Peter
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: family name, british
Surnames: skillett
Submitted by: skillett
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: great grandfather, William Skinner and Abraham Skinner-great ubncle
Surnames: skinner
Submitted by: june shipman
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Searching for information regarding Stefan Oginski of Mlawa, Poland. He was living there in the year 1910
Surnames: Oginski
Submitted by: Mr. Awo Subris
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Dr. Eric Kaminski, last known adress Hallondale, FL
Surnames: Kaminski
Submitted by: Tavalin
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: wongrowski/wongroski
Surnames: wongrowski
Submitted by: Laurie Faison
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: I am wolrking on the family of Joseph wolfskill, Father of William
Surnames: wolfskill
Submitted by: Denise Wolfskill
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: I have been told it is a Lithuanian name.
Surnames: Buchinski
Submitted by: Butch
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Keeper of Flacons

Surnames: Jastrzebski
Submitted by: S.Jastrzebski
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: the polish and eastern european surname is based on a nickname. the term means "foot" so an original bearor may have been lame or had an unusual foot! its variants are noha and nogin.
Surnames: noga, nogatski, nogawski
Submitted by: n kulikowsky
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Collecting family data on descendants of Anthony Janczewski, orig from Belarus; settled Schuylkill Co, PA mid/late 1800's
Surnames: Janczewski
Submitted by: Sharon S Robinson
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: I have researched the Bay City MI Jaskiewicz's, all descendants of Jan Jaskiewicz, b June 8, 1845 in Biskupice ( Wyslawice/Gultowy area of Poznan Province)POLAND. His parents were Antoni & Catherine Blaszak (b 1803, Dominowo).
Surnames: Jaskiewicz
Submitted by: S Jaskiewicz
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Stephan, Steven, Stephen Immigrated 1906 on Potsdam. Sister's name Helena, family from Janowa or Janowo, Poland. Resided in East Chicago, Indiana early 1900s, founder of St Stanislaus. Death date uncertain, maybe 1947. His daughter is Helen Langowski b 10 Nov 1908.
Submitted by: Pegg L Anderson
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Interested in Trochanowski (feminine Trochanowska) from the Lemko area of Austrian Galicia. Area is now in Poland.
Surnames: Trochanowski
Submitted by: Daniel C. Postellon
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Annie Galenzoski/Herbert Galenzoski farmed in Soutie, Saskatchewan, Canada. These are my grandparents. I have lots of info on Annie's would like info on Herbert's line.
Surnames: Galenzoski
Submitted by: Tricia Farley
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Okurowski, Polish and Slavic, various spellings, various meanings: the words Okur and kur mean clay, dirt, holy mountain, holy ghost, fowler, rising phoenix, Kur River of Armenia, maybe Ogur (Ogrosky) and Okur Huns, Korea, Kir of the Bible, probable links to Okurow, Poland village, maybe Okurovo in South Russia. Ancient origin.
Surnames: Okurowski, Ogrosky, Okurovsky, Okur, Kurowski, Okuroski
Submitted by: Genealogy and History Association
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Good Question! I've been searching for the answer to this question since 1999. I have been told by a native Pole living in Chicago that the name means "to break through, move forward," especially in a military connotation ie...to cause an opponents' rout. This explanation also bears a close resemblence to the story of the Napiers of Scotland's name origin mythology. Is there a link. Charlie Napier of the Napier Clan Society disclaims any link for lack of evidence. However, the stories are so similar it implies a possible connection, especially with the influx of Scot men at arms into the area in the late 1500's. Scholars of the area readily acknowledge the possibility, while Charlie is still holding out for "concrete" evidence, which may or may not exist.
Surnames: Napieralski, Napierski, Napierala (fem. var.)
Submitted by: Richard Napieralski
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: This surname comes from central-europe 'zuch' wich means brave boy

Matthew ?uchowski from Poland
Surnames: Zuchowski
Submitted by:
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Zblewski is an ancient term for "god of battle" which would usually refer to military power. It is a very royal surname among Poland and upper Scandinavia. Many people who hold this surname are of the royal blood of King Zblewski IV
Surnames: Zblewski
Submitted by: Zblewski
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Village in Lancashire, England
Celtic - inis-cip = island or meadow of the long grass
Welsh - ynys=island + Norse cype = osier or willow making. So island of osier baskets or island where the willow grows
Surnames: Inskip, Inskipp, Inskippe, Inskeep
Submitted by: Jennifer Kirkby
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: A very powerful, wealthy and royal family in Poland in the mid 1500s. Their reign over much of Poland still continues today, with many people admiring them, and treating them liek royalty, for they have mcuh control.
Surnames: Lamparski
Submitted by: Alex Lampsrki
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Janowski is a surname which started from given name Jan. Most probably Tom son of Jan would be Tom Janowski. Another possibility is from the city Janow in Poland, some one use to live in Janow, and moved to another place, so they called him Janowski which means from Janow.
Surnames: Janowski
Submitted by: Greg
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Orgin of that name is Europian, mostly Polish but also occur in other Slovakian family languages. This name occur in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Ukraina, Check Republick, Slovakia and maybe some other countries. Also has different variety: Janovski, Yanowski, Yanovski. Sometimes is confused with JanKowski but this is completely different name.
Surnames: Janowski
Submitted by: Greg
Origin of Ski, Meaning of Ski

Origin: Name mostly found in following counties.
Inskip mainly Bedfodshire and Hertfordshire
Inskippe, Inskipp mainly Sussex
Inskeep mainly Staffordshire
Mixture of spellings in Lancashire and Yorkshire
Surnames: Inskip, Inskippe, Inskipp, Inskeep
Submitted by: Jennifer Kirkby

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