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Origin of Schwartz

Origin of Schwartz

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Origin of Schwartz

Total Records: 3 
Origin of Schwartz, Meaning of Schwartz

Origin: I was always told that schwartz came from the black forrest in germany.
Surnames: Schwartz
Submitted by: mathew schwartz
Origin of Schwartz, Meaning of Schwartz

Origin: Schwarz/Schwartz surname has many derivations. The word "schwarz" means "dark or black" in the German language. However, the possible origins include the following:

1. Persons from the duchy or principality of Schwarzenberg

2. Persons living in the vicinity of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

3. Persons having dark hair and/or dark skin

The latter is the most common origin of Schwartz family surnames.

There is apparently a distinction made between Jewish Schwarz and Germanic Schwartz, although the distinction is only noticeable when studying german records in the 1700-1900 AD period.
Submitted by: Dean A. Glenn
Origin of Schwartz, Meaning of Schwartz

Origin: in my research i have found the name schwartz or schwarz as the german equal to the name smith or brown or black.
Surnames: schwartz
Submitted by: Benjamin Schwartz

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