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Stevens Geneaology and related sirnames
Descendants of Colonel Thomas Stevens Born 1600 England Died 1650 Scotland. Andrew Mcalister Born 1844 Indiana Died 1927 Washington. Johann Stroh Born 1612 Died 1668. Solomon Reynolds Born 1819 Died 1866.
Oldt Family History
This is the beginnings of our Oldt Family History...
Amanda Groshong Werhane?s Pages
Family genealogy pages.
Larry Soul?'s Genealogy Page
Ancestors, descendants, and full database in html format
Quaker Watsons of NJ and PA
Descendants of Thomas Watson (Cumberland England to Bucks County Pennsylvania c. 1701) and also (unrelated) of Matthew Watson from York England to Burlington New Jersey c. 1682
Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
The ZIMMERMANN's of Todtmoos
I am searching for the ancestors and decendants of Nikolaus Zimmermann and Maria Wasmer of Todtmoos, Germany. He was born in 1705 and died in 1769. His wife Maria was born in 1709 and died in 1788. They were married in 1730 and had 10 children.
Peter Beaulieu Family Tree of Chippewa County, Wisconsin
Peter Beaulieu, born December 16, 1852 in Canada. He married Rose Wardell on April 06, 1879 and settled in Chippewa County, WI. He is my great-great grandfather. His father and grandfather were both named Peter as well. Hall family, my grandmother Lamina Rose Hall (b. July 17, 1917) married my grandfather Aldwin John Beaulieu (b. July 08, 1916) September 25, 1937. Lamina's mother's name was Eva Hall.
The Thomas Baustert Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Baustert User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Heinrich Hartmann Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Peter Baustert My Baustert ancestors came to this country (from Luxembourg) around 1890. They settled in Pa., Mi., and Ok. My paternal great grandparents are Matthias Baustert and Elizabeth Engle, and Jacob Schmidt and Elizabeth Heintz. My paternal grandparents were Nicholas John Baustert and Anna Schmidt. My maternal grandparents are Albert Edward Hartman and Effie Belle Goldinger. My wife is RoseMary Basista. Her paternal great grandparents were Michael Basista and Anna Kertis, and Michael Margitan and Anna Morgan. Her paternal grandparents were Michael Basista and Mary Margitan. Her maternal great grandparents were Matthew Kelcha (aka Zalobin) and Suzanne Olaxsovich, and Michael Fencik and Anna. Her maternal grandparents were Joseph Zalobin and Anna Fencik. They were from Czechoslovakia. The Thomas Baustert Home Page: Surname List
Baumans in Stark County, Ohio
Marian Hungerman Bauman surname list
The Victor Herbert Baumhoefner Family
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Carl William Baumhoefener Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Friedrich Johann Kanning Genealogy Report: Descendants of Friedrich Johann Kanning Genealogy Report: Descendants of Carl William Baumhoefener
Batey Family Tree
InterneTree: James M Batey Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Samuel Reuben Ard Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Ashley Micheala Batey Batey Family Tree: Surname List
Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley
Book: Apples and Oranges Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley: Surname List
The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page
Frederick ROCHLITZ (1816-1890) was from Pomerania, Germany and died in Pulaski, Iowa. He was married to Caroline Wilhelmine KAEDING (1820-1897). They lived in the Bloomfield, Iowa area. They had 7 children: Wilhelmine, Augusta, Frederick, Ernestine,Mary, William and August. Charles Gotlieb ULRICH (1839-1913) was born in Hammermuchle,Germany and died in Dewitt, Nebraska. He was married to Johannah GRAFF (1844-1879/81). They lived in Illinois where Johannah is buried. They had 6 children: Anna, Wilhemina, Albert, Mary, Charles, and Edward. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Frederick Rochlitz Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Charles Gotlieb Ulrich The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page: Surname List
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
Fellman, Spiegelman, , Spector, Isenberg
InterneTree: Descendants of Chaim Mordechai Spiegelman Fellman, Spiegelman, , Spector, Isenberg: Surname List
The Thomas L. Barcom Family Home Page
Barcom from Wisconsin and Canada, Meier later changed to Meyer from Wisconsin decended from John Meier in Germany, Johnston from the West Monroe, Oswego County New York area and the Sheboygan County Wisconsin area and Zettel from Wisconsin decended from Sebastian Zettel of Germany, the area of Bavaria. The name Barcom stems from the French name Berthiuame and is spelled by some branches as Barcomb, Barcome and several others. Zettel is sometimes spelled Zettl. Sebastian, Maria and their three children settled in Leroy, Wisconsin. Son Joseph later moved to West Bend, Washington, Wisconsin while daughter Maria, Teresa and son Xaver remained in the Leroy area . Joseph's son Albert settled in Baron, Wisconsin while the rest of his children remained in the West Bend area. Johan Meier settled in Washington County Wisconsin and his children settled primarily in the West Bend and Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I am a direct decendant of son Leopold Wilhelm Meir Sr. The Thomas L. Barcom Family Home Page: Surname List
The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX
Our findings so far, go back to our G.G.G.Grandparents; John Balentine (DOB:1785) and Sarah Culpepper (DOB:1786),on our father's side, and to our G.Grandparents; William J.Keaton (DOB:05 May 1835)and Martha Ann Moore (DOB:1840)on our mother's side. The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX: Surname List
The Fluxgold Family
The Fluxgold Family: Surname List
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard: Surname List
Allen Mullican was my Gr.Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandfather. William J. Mullican Sr. the father of Allen his wife Wilmoth Estes. Samuel was my Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandfather,one of many sons of Allen and Susanah Fuston. He moved to Pickens county ALB, where he met and mrried Arrena Pearson, and Adeline McKinney. My Gr.Gr.Grandfather was born there,being the son of Adeline McKinney. John William Mullican. He married Emma L Blallock and my Grandfather William Ancel Mullican was also born there. They moved to Meridian MS. Had a few more children and moved on to Texas. eventually settleing in Smith County, near Tyler Texas. InterneTree: Rebecca A Baldwin Temecula THE MULLICAN'S, FROM TENNESSEE TO TEXAS: Surname List
Jack Balfour and Family of Edmonton, Alberta
Jack Balfour and Family of Edmonton, Alberta: Surname List
The Baldwin & Geddes Family Home Page
Akin from Connecticut Baldwin from Vermont Akin,Baldwin and Kilmer from Upstate New York Birnie, Geddes, Murray, and Whyte from Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Massachusetts Boykin, Etheridge, Flowers, Griffin, Horn,Renfrow, and Williamson from North Carolina Cook, and Herne from New York (St. Regis... Mohawk) Gorny and Tavardek from Austria and Michigan Gustafson, and Rohdin from Sweden and Massachusetts Wood, and Story from Georgia
The Vicari/Aplin/.Beaudoin/,Baker Family
InterneTree: Stephanie Baker VA Report: Birthday Report The Vicari/Baker Family: Surname List
Amanda M Baker of Saint George, KS
InterneTree: Amanda M Baker KS Amanda M Baker of Saint George, KS: Surname List
Bailey Family of Los Angeles, Ca
Bailey Family of Los Angeles, Ca: Surname List
InterneTree: Rachel Baxter (Beixter)
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Else Andersen
Cherith Brooke Bailey
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Cherith Brooke Bailey Cherith Brooke Bailey: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Bonnie Rose Crabb
The Hans Ruuds of South Dakota
InterneTree: Gayle Diane (Ford) Wyant The Hans Ruuds of South Dakota: Surname List
The Pugh's North Carolina and the Backensto's of Michigan
InterneTree: Terrell L Backensto The Pugh's North Carolina and the Backensto's of Michigan: Surname List
The Babcock's Home Page
Edward's son, RALPH LEO BABCOCK was born on 8 Mar 1902 in Pacific, Portage, WI. Edward's wife was Ida Rohrbeck.
The Babbs and Vaughn Family Histories
InterneTree: Derrick K Babbs
Sam and Julie Azzalina's Home Page
ROHRBACH/ROHRBAUGH from Rueggisberg, Canton Bern, Switzerland York County, PA, USA Easton, Northampton County, PABORTNER from ? Germany York County, PA, USAPRICE from Penmachno, Carnarvonshire, Wales Bangor, Northampton County, PA, USA ROBERTS from Llandudno, Denbighshire, Wales Bangor, Northampton County, PA, USAAZZALINA from Santo Stefano, Messina, Sicily Phillipsburg, Warren County, NJ, USA Easton, Northampton County, PASCINGO from ? Italy Riegelsville, Warren County, NJ, USATORCIVIA from Santo Stefano, Messina, SicilyGASBARRA from Chietta Vemagni (?), Italy PA, USADELCIOTTO from ? Italy PA, USA Report: Report
Allyn A. Ayotte Family Home Page
Allyn A. Ayotte Family Home Page: Surname List
The Ayers,Morey,Brown,Plyler Home Page.
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Dalos Ayers Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samual Brown Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jacob Kroh Genealogy Report: Descendants of Asa Morey Genealogy Report: Descendants of Moses Plyler
The Austin/Winger Home Page
Dale Arthur Austin, Jr surname list
Genealogy of the Aunspaw Family
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Adam Anspach Genealogy Report: Descendants of Benjamin F. Unspaw Genealogy of the Aunspaw Family: Surname List

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