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Linda L Beasley surname list
BEARDSLEY and WIGGINS - Why We Are ...Who We Are
BEARDSLEY/ENGELS Family LineMy husband's paternal family line decends from WILLIAM BEARDSLEY, Immigrant who arrived in 1620 from England with his wife Mary HARVEY, and their first three children, Mary, John and Joseph. They settled first in MA. and then helped establish the town of Stratford, CT. His mother's family are all of German descent. His grandfather was Walter Maximillian ENGELS who was born in 1880 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was married to Wilhelmina DRESING, born in New York City, NY in 1879. Walter's father was Frederick W. ENGELS born in Germany location unknown. He arrived on the ship Breman from Hamburg in 1873. His wife's name was Ernestine. He was a Baker by trade and he had a sister named Renate who was a seamstress. This is all we know about the ENGELS line. Wilhelmina was the daughter of Frederick G.W. DRESING who was also born in Germany. He operated a grocery store in N.Y.C. He and his wife Elizabeth F. Jaegle had 11 children and they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1917. Elizabeth Jaegle was born in New York City and had a brother named William. We believe her father was a farmer. WIGGINS/SMITH Family Line My PATERNAL ancestor was Rev. War Soldier, WILLIAM WIGGINS, born in NC circa 1755. He was married to Elizabeth COOPER, daughter of Fleet Cooper, Sr. and Margaret COOR. It is thought that his father may have been George Wiggins, born c. 1725 in Duplin, N.C. Any assistance to verify this information would be appreciated. My MATERNAL line is the greatest challenge. My grandfather was Geoge Wilson SMITH and my grandmother was adopted. Her adopted name was Grace Emma MARSHALL and we believe her natural name was Elizabeth PRESUITA or PRESEITA. She may have been born in Italy. She was adopted through the Fairmount Childrens Home in Alliance Ohio in 1905. She had a younger sister named Mary born in 1904. It is very possible that the parents gave false information when they left the children as foundlings. Also, the sketchy infomation from the records says that the father was in the Canton WorkHouse. I have never been able to find out any information about such a place. Grandfather's papa was Martin Gring SMITH, son on LeFerry SMITH (1824-1906 PA & Iowa) and Frances Fanny GRING, (1827-1906) dau. of Isreal GRING of PA. Martin was married to Samantha (Manta) WILSON (1867-1935) She was the daughter of Joshua Henry WILSON bn 1824 in Indiana and Frances TEMPLETON born in Ohio.Joshua Henry's father was Grinner WILSION born 1793 in NC. He married in Wayne County Indiana Eleanor Blair WALKER said to be the daughter of James WALKER of Ireland. Who was Griner's father? Was it Milton or Israel?
Frank James Joseph Beattie surname list
Short Tract, New York Ancestors
Most of my family came from England and settled the Allegany county area of Western New York State known in the 19th century as Short Tract. Bennett, Reynolds, Voss - Allegany County, NY family tree
Barron Family Tree
The Barron's hail from Garryduff, County Wexford Eire. They emigrated to this country, apparently, around 1850 via Chaumont (now Lyme) NY and settled in Upstate NY (Newfane area) spreading out to Towanda PA and parts West. The maternal lineage is from the surname Albert. One of the pioneer settlers of Clearfield County, the Alberts originally were French Hugenouts, emigrating from the Palatine. Main branch of the family settled in DuBois PA.
Betty's Tree Farm
William Ricketts believed to be a decendant of Capt. William (Ricard) Ricketts. My ggggg-William Ricketts, a Revolutionary War soldier was born in Maryland in August 1748 and married Mary Ann Jarman. It seems from deeds and etc. that the Ricketts and Jarmans came to Anson County,NC about the same time.
Bushell Family Page
InterneTree: Alan Baldwin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Richard Bushell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Hillarie Douty Genealogy Report: Descendants of Michael Hogben Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Bushell Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Cobus Bushell Family Page: Surname List
Mark F Baker
Mark F Baker - InterneTree
InterneTree: Ancestor Fan Tree of Nicola Jane Batten
Nyilas/NY to Bailey and Batten/ENG
Francis NYILAS born in Hungary, worked in France before arriving in New York about 1903. He married Mary Irma MUTINA in New York around 1911, she was also from Hungary. Alfred BAILEY born abt 1880 in Islington, London, UK. Married Alice and lived in Islington. Their son William BAILEY married Lillian BURNELL, she was the daughter of Gracina MAGGS and Frederick BURNELL. Edward BATTEN born 1900 St Lukes, London. Youngest of 4, Charles,William,Harry and Elizabeth, children of Charles BATTEN and Elizabeth WILKINS. Charles was the son of Thomas BATTEN & Susan BRADSHAW from Shoreditch, London. Francis descendants tree
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Flora Baird surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
Bridget Avery surname list
The Sharp-Atwood Clan
InterneTree: Sharon E Atwood Genealogy Report: Descendants of Ricards Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Sharp Genealogy Report: Descendants of Charles James Atwood (View PDF) Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jon Genealogy Report: Descendants of William J. Lewallen
Woolbats Family Tree
Woolbats Family Tree
McCullough Family Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Donna Lee McCullough
Reuben Magor of Moonta
Bernadette B Affleck's surname list
Family Tree of Ron L. Adams
Elsie Terrell Family Tree\r\n\r\nDorothy Lamon Family Tree\r\n\r\nRonald Adams Family Tree\r\n\r\nThe Family Tree of Ron Adams \r\n\r\nOttis Norrick Family Tree\r\n\r\nJohn Adams Family Tree
McLean/Gallant Maritime Family Home Page
InterneTree: Descendants of Louis Toussaint Longepee\r\n
ROSE of Buckinghamshire Family History and Genealogy
The forebears of this prolific family lived in various villages of central Buckinghamshire for many centuries: Haddenham, Hartwell, Lower Winchendon (alias Nether Winchendon), Upper Winchendon (alias Over Winchendon), Long Crendon, Waddesdon, Cuddington and Eythrope (alias Eythrop, Eythrup and Eythorpe).The file contains 565 individuals bearing the ROSE surname - and a total of 2763 individuals, representing 895 marriages.
Vic Garvey's New Millennium Pages
Garvey Home page specific to Roscommon Garveys but genealogy in general.
Marla Kay's Genealogy Page
Her genealogy section is devoted to the many surnames from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, that appear in her family tree. Some have resided there for over 200 years!
Provides descendancy information for families that settled in early Kansas.

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