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Origin of Raught

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Origin of Raught, Meaning of Raught

Origin: Rafter Surname

The name comes from Reachtabhair, (Reachtabhra, Rechtabrat) a common first name during the 7-9 cents in Ireland.
(old Irish for Reacht is Recht, The Irish for "Law and Order" is Riail agus Reacht)

all native Irish surnames are derived from an ancestors first names which go back into pre-history, as in this case Reachtabhair. and so all decendents of Reachtabhair now become
O Reachtabhair (Rafter).

There are many records of this name in Irish History...
It was borne by a son of Flann Fe?rna, a prince ot the Ciarraige (Later called Kerry), who died in 741 A D.

quoting from "Irish Names", O Corr?in & Maguire. They refer to two other noteworthies, Rechtabra, king of Corca Baiscinn (South Clare) and ancestor of the O Linnanes and the Baskins.
There was also an abbot of Clonfert of that name who died in 850.

To quote directly from the 'annals of the four masters' (Author unknown) in the year 892
Uathmharan, son of Conchobhar, lord of Ui Failghe (Offaly), was treacherously killed by Cosgrach, son of Reachtabhra; and Cosgrach, son of Reachtabhra (Cosgrach Mac Reachtabhra), Tanist of Ui Failghe was killed in revenge of him.

Because this name was fairly common in ancient Ireland this led to variations in the name and so today we have many anglisized version of the surname, for example Rafter, Raftery, Rattigan, Wrafter, Raughter(Donegal), Raftiss (The latter is due to an old dialect of Irish spoken in Kilkenny, now lost), all the above surnames containing the 'Reacht' part in Irish.

Reacht is pronounced rokHt (Rocked)
(where the kH sounds throaty like the 'ch' at the end of 'Loch')

So in theory anyone with any of the above surnames can trace their ancestors back to 7th century Ireland.

?ireann go Br?ch
Surnames: Rafter, Wrafter, Raftiss, Raughter
Submitted by: O Reachtabhair

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