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Origin of Race

Total Records: 4 
Origin of Race, Meaning of Race

Origin: Of French derivation. A mnomic for a maker of such things.
Surnames: Razor, Racer, Rasor, Raisor
Submitted by: Connie Anderson
Origin of Race, Meaning of Race

Origin: Researching DeGraqce because of the name changing to DeGrasse, Grass. Trying to sort out the 5 distinct lines coming out of Canada after 1800
Surnames: DeGrace
Submitted by: Carol J Grasse Glidden
Origin of Race, Meaning of Race

Origin: From Lurgan - County Armagh - Ireland 1800-1960
Surnames: GRACEY
Submitted by: cameron gracey
Origin of Race, Meaning of Race

Origin: My surname FARACCO including its many variant spellings like faraco, farraco, faraca, faracca, feracco, feraco, feraca, farace etc. etc. all come from the latin name FARACUS which may well be a latinized form of the arabic name FARACHE, or the Egyptian name FARAK. This surname Faracco and its many variants can today be found throughout southern italy aswell as the north and south american nations.
Surnames: Faracco Faraco Farraco Faracca Farace Feracco Feraco Feraca
Submitted by: Paul Faracco

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