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Origin of Pu

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Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Dutch or German Immigrants came from area of Bergen County, New Jersey. spread to West Milford , N.J. and into Penn. Name shortened after fourth generation to Pulis
Surnames: Pulis, Pulisfelt, Pulisvelt, Vanpulisvelt
Submitted by: Albert E. Hooper
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: The name puryear and its variants are originally Hebrew or Egyptian. The name Puryear is a variant of the Purryer, which is a varinat of Purrier and Perrier. The name comes Periou the younger son Budic, Count of Cornouailles, Brittany France (Referance: the book 'The Norman People' Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc.) and (Bloobline of the Holy Grail by Laurence Gardner) The name traced to Parar the Gr.-Gr.-Gr.-Great Grandson of Joseph of Arimathea, who is traced to Moses who was most likely the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten . Akhenatens physical form indicates a possible human - extraterrestrial orgin. ( Peri - a supernatural being in Persian folklore descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until penance is accomplished. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary 1973.) Michael D. Barnes, Scottsboro, Alabama. !
Surnames: Parryer, Paryer, Peraii, Peraiis, Perere, Perers, Peri, Perier, Periera, Perrier, Perriera, Pirarii, Pirariis, Purier, Purrier, Purryer, Puryear, Puryer, Puryour
Submitted by: Michael D. Barnes
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: The Italian surname Lopez, is of Spanish origin. Surnames such as this came from the personal name of the father of the original bearer of the name. The surname Lopez came from the the Spanish personal name 'Lope' and the suffix 'ez' signifies 'son of'. The Spanish personal name 'Lope' becomes 'Lupo' in Italian, which came from the Latin word 'Lupus' and means 'wolf'.
Surnames: Lope, Lopez, Lupo, Lupone, Lupus
Submitted by: Rhonda Lopez Wallers
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: The name Stapelton (as it was invariably spelt before Richard the Second?s time) is Anglo-Saxon. It means a 'trading village;' 'stapel,' a pile or heap, denoting a place where goods were collected and stored for sale?Dr. Johnson defines it, a 'mart or emporium'?and 'tun,' an inclosure or town. It was appropriate to a village like Stapelton, conveniently situated for commerce, on the border-line between the two provinces of Deira and Bernicia, at a point where the river was passable. But the term 'stapel,' or 'staple,' has long since lost its former signification. From being first applied to the place where goods were sold, it was next given to the merchandise sold there, and is now usually understood to mean the product for which the place is best known. The 'tun' was surrounded by an earthen mound tipped with a stockade or quickset hedge, with a ditch outside, and each township was thus a ready-made fortress in time of war.
Surnames: Stableton, Stapelton, Stapilton, Stapledon, Stapledown, Stapleton, Staplton, Stapulton, Stapylton, Stebelton, Stebleton, Stepleton, Steppleton, Steveldon
Submitted by: Steve Stapleton
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Calabria,Catanzaro, Andali, Italy
Surnames: Pullano
Submitted by: Alfredo
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: looking for info on the father of allen pullum ssn 261-07-4542. born dec.7 1892.
Surnames: pullum
Submitted by: wayne pullum
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Trying to find information on my great-great-grandfather, Richard Purdy of Mineral County, WV, who married Eliza Mathews Mauzy Lacy in 1891. Have been seeking info on his parents etc. with no luck. Thanks for any help you can offer!
Surnames: PURDY
Submitted by: C.J. Cratty
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Looking for Punchards worldwide. I have a fairly large database, including IGI, UK civil registrations, UK 1881 Census, Devon 1851 and 1881 Census, and numerous family trees sent to me by people all over the world. Let me put you in contact with cousins you never knew you had!
Surnames: Punchard
Submitted by: Beverley Davies (Punchard)
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Looking for Puncher worldwide. Puncher is most often found as a variant of Punchard and I have an ever increasing database of Puncher information. Please contact me if you would like to share information.
Surnames: Puncher
Submitted by: Beverley Davies (Punchard)
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Looking for info on William Pusey, Evelyn Marcella Chance.
Surnames: Pusey
Submitted by: Donald Pusey
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: The European origins (1500's and 1600's)of the family and it migration patters in the US as well. Did we pass through England to get to Virginia? What about the connections to King Henry II and the court of Louis in France?
Surnames: Puryear
Submitted by: Walt Puryear
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Isla Galena Sitwell Spurrell father..Isaac Spurrell mother.. Jemima Spurrell nee Davis Glovertown Nfld
Surnames: Spurrell
Submitted by: Dan
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Rapue is a shortening of the French/Candian name Rapidieu dit Lamer (which mean rapid water of the Sea). Various spellings of the name over time have been Rapieu, Rappuie, Rapieux. Also the dit name Lamer has been used in place of the surname. Various spelling of the dit name are Lamaire, Lamar, Lamare, Lemere. The family can be traced from Western France to Montreal, Canada, moving to St Louis, MO, then St Joseph, then branching out to Denver, CO; St Paul, MN; and Pawnee, OK.
Surnames: Rapue
Submitted by: Curtis Rapue
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Believed to have originated when a Scottish sailor named Henry Purs came to America and married a woman whose surname was Well or Wells. According to family tradition they combined their surnames to PURSWELL. I have a copy of a letter written in 1923 by John F. Purswell stating that this was passed down to him by earlier generations.
Surnames: Purswell
Submitted by: Steve Moody
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Some of the noblest families of France have been those whose names have been in the Huguenot history. For centuries prior to the reformation their names had become famed for distinguished services. One of these old famous French names is DuPuy, or it is also spelled, DePue, DuPuis, DuPew, Depuy, DePuis, DuPue and Depew. It is mentioned in the history of the county in the eleventh century, and was found in the southeastern section where LePuy, two hundred and seventy miles a little southeast of Paris, is the capital town of Haute-Loire, province of Languedoc. In the tenth century its name was Podium Sauctae Mariae, and it sent the flower of its chivalry to the crusades in 1096. Joining Haute-Loire on the northwest is the department of Puy de Lonie, province of Auvergue. Louis Moverie (1643-80), a French historian, says 'DuPuy is an old house prolific of illustrious men.' It is almost certain it had its origin in France. In 1033, when Conrad II. united to the German Em! pire two burgundies, he appointed Raphael DuPuy, who held the office of commander of the Roman cavalry and grand chamberlain of the Roman Republic as governor of the conquered province of Languedoc and Dauphiny, whose descendants became possessors of many fine estates. HisHistory of West Virginia
Surnames: DePue, DuPuy, DuPuis, DuPew, Depuy, DePuis, DuPue, Depew
Submitted by: History of West Virginia
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: The origin is from the italian Capuchin Monks. That's about all i know...oh, anbd one of them created Cappuccino. So the spelling evolved to Capuchino later on.
Surnames: capuchino
Submitted by: Anissa
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Possibly from a village named Manchikalapudi near Duggirala in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Surnames: manchikalapudi
Submitted by:
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Crophull

English origin means hill rising to a peak or a cropped hill
Surnames: Coppull, Cophulle, Crophill
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: greek;
"kin of the priest";
due to the orthodox restrictions priests where not allowed to marry. but a married man could become a priest and his kin was called papadopoulos. married priests were not able to get a higher position than a mitropolitan (highest priest in a town)
Surnames: papadopoulos, papadopulos
Submitted by:
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: The Name Purdy started out as an Oath meaning in French "By God" ie, Per Dieu, started in France thru Scotland, Landing in West Virginia in 1779
James Purdy a Shoe maker.
Surnames: Purdy
Submitted by: DWilliam Purdy
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: frampus- true spelling phramphus
it comes from norway and means farm house
Surnames: phramphus, phrampus, frampus
Submitted by: cathy frampus
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Pujol means 'hill'
Surnames: Pujol
Submitted by: Genis
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Pulley. From Pool and Leigh, meaning dweller by the waterside.
Surnames: Pulley
Submitted by:
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Surnames: PUPO
Submitted by:
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: "Puusaag" - means "Treesaw", it's of estonian origin.
Surnames: Puusaag
Submitted by: Susanna
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: cognome originario di Cacciano di Cautano ,Provincia di Benevento,Italia
Surnames: rapuano
Submitted by: antonio
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: The meaning of the name Pootman was said to be Postman. In Dutch the word "poot" means foot; however, the name Pootman may have origins in the District of Kleve [Cleves], Germany, in the Voerde area where the spelling is Pootmann and possibly Pottmann.
Surnames: Putman, Potman, Pootman
Submitted by: Mark Putnam
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Leemput = a well full of a clay-like substance. Van de = of the, mostly used for people coming from surtain villages, like 'van Veghel' wich is a town in the Netherlands. Van de Leemput is of Dutch origin.
Surnames: Van De Leemput
Submitted by: R. van de Leemput
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: farm house
Surnames: frampus
Submitted by:
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: According to a Mapua in the Philippines Mapua is probably descended from the name Ma Pao which translated into Chinese characters mean "Horse Waving" or "Horse Laughing"
Surnames: Mapua, Vales
Submitted by:
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: From France, the original name was Porfois, meaning Pure Faith. It was changed on immigration to the US to "Purifoy" and "Purefoy"
Surnames: Purifoy, Purefoy
Submitted by: Lindsey Johnson nee Purifoy
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Pullinger or Bullinger from the ancient French Boulanger or baker.
Surnames: Pullinger
Submitted by: Mark Pullinger
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: Traveler or wanderer. Pronounced like "Schpulak"
Surnames: Spulak, Bosak, Slone, Jordan, Lilly/Lillie
Submitted by: Robert Spulak
Origin of Pu, Meaning of Pu

Origin: English dating back to the middle ages.
Surnames: Copus
Submitted by: Brian W Copus

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