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Origin of Pier

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Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Origin: From my own research, my family (the Pierre family) surance originates in Languedoc in the South of France.
Surnames: Pierre
Submitted by: Alex Pierre-Traves
Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Origin: It appears to be a Native American name. Alot of Sappiers can be found throughout the Northeast....Canada and Maine. I would like more info on this name myself.
Surnames: Sappier, St. Pierre
Submitted by: Roy F. Davis
Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Origin: Good Question! I've been searching for the answer to this question since 1999. I have been told by a native Pole living in Chicago that the name means "to break through, move forward," especially in a military connotation ie...to cause an opponents' rout. This explanation also bears a close resemblence to the story of the Napiers of Scotland's name origin mythology. Is there a link. Charlie Napier of the Napier Clan Society disclaims any link for lack of evidence. However, the stories are so similar it implies a possible connection, especially with the influx of Scot men at arms into the area in the late 1500's. Scholars of the area readily acknowledge the possibility, while Charlie is still holding out for "concrete" evidence, which may or may not exist.
Surnames: Napieralski, Napierski, Napierala (fem. var.)
Submitted by: Richard Napieralski
Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Origin: Pierrepoint

French & Latin origin means swells by the stone bridge
Surnames: Pierrepont
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Origin: Pierrepoint
French & Latin origin means dwells by the stone bridge
Surnames: Pierrepoint
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Origin: Pierpoint means stone bridge in french
Surnames: pierpoint
Submitted by: jessica
Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Origin: Perrone
Italian: from an augmentative of the personal name Perro

Italian (Piemont): from the personal name Perro, a variant of Pierro, influenced by French Pierre.
French: altered spelling of Perreault.
Greek: from the Italian name, or from the Greek family name Perros, a variant of Perris.

from the French personal name Pierre (see Peter).
from Old French pierre ?stone?, ?rock? (Latin petra), a topographic name for someone who lived on a patch of stony soil or by a large outcrop of rock, or a metonymic occupational name for a quarryman or stonemason.

English, Scottish, German, Dutch, etc.: from the personal name Peter (Greek Petros, from petra ?rock?, ?stone?
Surnames: Perrone, Perro, Pierre, Peter
Submitted by:
Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Origin: the Napier family descends from the Earl of Lennox.A second son Donald,performed valiant service for the king of Scotland in 1296.After the battle the king called all the men before him and said.Ye have all done valiantly but there is one amongst you who hath Na-peer(no equal).And calling Donald into his presence,commended himin regard to his service.In commeration he changed his name from Lennox to Napier.
Surnames: Napier
Submitted by: Lynda Napier
Origin of Pier, Meaning of Pier

Submitted by: HOBIAN

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