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Origin of P

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Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Crumpler is an occupational name for the Old English cromphet ? a flat, thin cake which was often fried on a griddle. In Medieval England, the Cromplers or Crumplers made and sold these 'crompled cakes'. They were favorite items at county fairs, market days, and festivals, similar to our doughnuts today. Tea and crumpets are a favorite afternoon snack in England and Scotland even today.
Surnames: Crumpler
Submitted by: Richard Pickett
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: The Lupton family almost certainly comes originally from the tiny village of Lupton in the former county of Westmorland, now part of Cumbria since local government reorganisation. There is some debate about the derivation of the name itself, the American branch of the family favouring the Latin 'lupus,' a wolf, which gives them an excuse to invent a family shield featuring wolves. This is certainly bogus. The more obvious and far more likely explanation is l'Upton as, in common with many place names it was first written down during the period of French 'occupation' after the Norman Conquest. 'Up-town,' in a countryside of humpy green hills, foothills to the darker slopes of the Pennines, is a fair description.
Surnames: Lupton
Submitted by: Frank and Barbara Lupton
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: The origin of the name Coppock is Irish/Scottish.
Surnames: Coppock
Submitted by: Adam Coppock
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Dutch or German Immigrants came from area of Bergen County, New Jersey. spread to West Milford , N.J. and into Penn. Name shortened after fourth generation to Pulis
Surnames: Pulis, Pulisfelt, Pulisvelt, Vanpulisvelt
Submitted by: Albert E. Hooper
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: From my own research, my family (the Pierre family) surance originates in Languedoc in the South of France.
Surnames: Pierre
Submitted by: Alex Pierre-Traves
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Possible pet name originally from Eberhardt or Eberhard. Eber meaning Boar. Germanic origin. Common name among early Mennonites of Dutch extraction in the two former Prussia's. Family name among the early Flemish Menonites.
Surnames: Epp
Submitted by: Alvin Peter Epp
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: This surname originates in England
Surnames: Peters
Submitted by: Amber Peters
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: To further on an early explaination that 'Shipley' means 'a meadow for sheep' it comes from two parts : Sheep and Lea... A sheep is obviously a sheep, and a 'lea' is the Scottish and/or Irish word for 'meadow.' This surname originated with the shepards of Scotland, and they seemed to have migrated to England, and thus the name now has an English descent pattern attached to it!! :)
Surnames: Shipley
Submitted by: Angela Mia Shipley
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: I have traced Tinkapaugh to 1600 Germany when it was Dinckelbach. It means little foot.
Surnames: Dinckelbach, Tinkapaugh, Tinklepaugh
Submitted by: Bernadette Tinklepaugh-Boozel
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Of Anglo-Saxon origin. Surnames were given for occupations, places of residence, physical characteristics, etc. This name literally means 'proud or haughty one.
Surnames: Prout, Prouty
Submitted by: Betty (Prout) Castleberry
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: The name Shipley means 'pasture for sheep', or ' a clearing in the woods for sheep'.
Surnames: Shipley
Submitted by: Bill and Valerie Shipley
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: England as far as I know my great-grandfather(Bathurst Cooper ?-1921) moved here (Canada) in the late 1800s.
Surnames: Cooper
Submitted by: Blake Cooper
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Pinto derived from Pintabona or Pintabone.
Surnames: Pinto
Submitted by: Charlene Nameche
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Comes from St.Sampson,a local name in Normandy,France,near Caen.The first to bore it was Ralph de St.Sampson,a brother to Thomas,the first Norman Arshbishop of York,who with ralhp,had been educated as the charge of Odo,half brother of William The Conqueror.ralph was also Chaplain to William,and was created 'Baron de Donvre'.
Surnames: Sampson
Submitted by: Cheryl Amling
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Our ancestor from Sweden came to the US, like many we changed our name from Samuelson to Sampson, thus our current surname.
Surnames: Sampson, Samuelson
Submitted by: Christie
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Believed to be Old French (who came across to England in 13th Century). Cop - meaning high or top; Page - being page in the court. Alternatively: Cop from cup, and page giving the page who served the wine.
Surnames: Coppage, Cuppage
Submitted by: Coppage
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: english/welsh origin meaning living/alive. Name from the bishop of Saintes, 5th cent. martyr from the Normans. Difiicult to pronounce which explains the numerous spellings.
Surnames: Fidian, Fithian, Fivian, Phythian, Vivian
Submitted by: Dawn Phythian-Crockett
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: It is my understanding the name is German and is a rather derogatory name for a clergyman or priest. Kind of like 'preacher' is derogatory. When a German person pronounces it they pronounce the 'P' and 'F' as in 'Pa-fawf' Somehow they make it sound like it has several syllables.
Surnames: Pfaff
Submitted by: Deborah D. Pfaff
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: German
Surnames: Duda, Luck, Lueck, Bohmann, Ebert, Pfeiffer, Howard, Shetler, Schettler, Shettler, Stephens
Submitted by: dianna
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Parsley, according to my research is either a place name(saxon: Parr's leah, or Parr's grove), or a variant on Pashley, Paisley, Paslow, or Presley. The English name seems to be from northern England and southern Scotland, however, its also rumored to be Irish. There is also a group of Parsleys from Norway, but I have no knowledge if the two are connected. In the United States, Parsley is most often found in the southeast, around Tennessee, Virginia and Arkansas. The earliest American reference I found to the name was a death certificate from Virginia dated c.1720
Surnames: Paisley, Parsley, Pashley, Paslow, Presley
Submitted by: Donald Parsley
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Greek history, Trojan War.
Surnames: Priam, Primm
Submitted by: dwight e primm
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: There are two possible origins for this name. One possibility is 'Descendants of Little Theobald(for which Tibb was a nickname)' and one possibility proposed to me was that they were originally makers of the cloth or scarf worn by a religious leader- known as a tippet. Tibbits is NOT a variant-Tibbits is Lebanese in origin, while Tippet
Surnames: Tibbett, Tibbetts, Tippett, Tippetts
Submitted by: Edith Tippett
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: An ancestor, probably my great-great grandfather, changed his name from Sharpenstein (unsure of spelling) to Sharp.
Surnames: Sharp
Submitted by: Elizabeth Thomas
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Hickenloopers first came to America from Mittleschlechtbach, Germany in October 1754. The ship 'Peggy' on which Andreas Heckenleib arrived in this country sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, thus many think the name is Dutch. I have been told the name means 'hedge-hopper/thief.' I understand there are still Heckenliables in Germany today. Some Heckenliables ventured through eastern Europe and Russia first, before coming to America. When they arrived they called themselves Heckenlively.
Surnames: Heckenlaible, Heckenleib, Heckenlively, Hickenlooper, Hickenloover
Submitted by: Emily Dikis
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Germanic, I've been told that possibly the Snapp name is an adaptation from 'Schnauppe' and that the name was given to makers of schnapps liquor in Germany, which is kind of funny because the descendants who arrived in the U.S. in 1733 (within 1 year accuracy) were religious zealots of some sort. The first house built and occupied by the original snapp emigrees still stands (I've been told by other snapps online) in Fairfax, VA. The original descendants were father and son. I think the house is brick, but am not sure. I hope this is helpful. There are Snapps in California and TN who know vastly more about Snapp family geneology.
Surnames: Snapp, Unknown
Submitted by: Frank Snapp
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: This may be a variation of an italian surmane.Granfather was born in Peru--however his father was born in Italy--perhaps Bologna
Surnames: Pellon, Pellone Pelloni
Submitted by: Frederic Pellon
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: English :occupational name for medieval court official, from Middle English bedele (Old English bydel, reinforced by Old French bedel). The word is of Germanic origin, and akin to the Old English b?odan to bid, command and to the Old High German bodo, messenger. (See BOTHA).In the Middle Ages a beadle in England and France was a junior official of a court of justice, responsible for acting as an usher in a court, carrying the mace in processions in front of a justice, delivering official notices, making proclamations (as a sort of town crier), and so on. By Shakespeare's day a beadle was a sort of village constable, appointed by the parish to keep order.
Surnames: Beadel, Beadell, Beadle, Bed, Beddall, Beddell, Bedeau, Bedel, Bedell, Bedle, Beedle, Biddell, Biddle, Bittel, Buddell, Buddle, B?ttle, Pedel
Submitted by: Ian Beadle
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Meaning son of a parson. A clan in Scotland with a crest that stated 'Touch not the cat without a Glove
Surnames: Macpherson, Mcpherson
Submitted by: J.M. McPherson
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: The name comes from Numa Pompilius. He was the second king of Rome (r. 715-673 BC). Of Sabine origin, he was regarded by later Romans as the wisest and most pious of their seven traditional kings. To Numa were attributed the reformation of the calendar, the reorganization of the state religion, the regulation of religious rites and ceremonies, the organization of the several sacerdotal colleges, and the establishment of the system of sacral law.
Surnames: Pompilio, Pompilius
Submitted by: James D. Pompilio
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: England--Suffolk, Cambridgeshire then to Canada
Surnames: Peachey
Submitted by: James Peachey
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Means 'man with creaking legs
Surnames: Spracklen
Submitted by: jamie spracklen
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: The origin of the name is Welsh.
Surnames: Spry, Sprye
Submitted by: Janet Cazier
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: The name of Soper is derived from the occupation of its first bearers as 'soapers', that is, as makers of soap. In ancient English and early American records the name is found in various spellings. Families bearing this name were found at early dates in the English Counties of Dorset, Gloucester, Buckingham, Cumberland, Somerset and London, as well as in various parts of Scotland at a later period. These lines belonged, for the most part, to the yeomanry and merchant classes of Great Britain.
Surnames: Soaper, Sooper, Sopar, Soper, Sopere, Soperer, Souper
Submitted by: Janice Kent
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Name: McGimpsey From Gaelic: MacDiomasaigh, O'Diomasaighe. These names came from the Irish word 'Diomusach' meaning proud, haughty, or arrogant.Origin : IrelandThe name McGimpsey occurred in many references, but from time to time, the surname was said to have been recorded as Dempsey, O'Dempsey, Dempsy, Dempsay, Dempsie, and these changes in spelling frequently occurred with the sept. It was not uncommon for a person to be born with one spelling, married with another, and have yet another at his wake. Dempsey is the English version. McGimpsey is the Irish version.Historians have used books by O'Hart, McLysaght, O'Brien, Woulfe along with baptismals, parish records, and ancient land grants to compile the origin of this family name.Researchers have concluded that the family name McGimpsey was first found in King's County, Ireland. Some have said first in Queen's County, Ireland.The Dempseys were associated with the second century Irish King, Cathair Mor. The Dempsey territory included territory on both sides of the River Barrow in the King's and Queen's Counties. Dermot O'Dempsey died in 1193. He was Chief of the Name, and founded the Cistercian Abbey at Moasterevan.After the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland tJLMcGimsey@aol.comJoe McGimsey
Surnames: Dempsay, Dempsey, Dempsie, Dempsy, McGimpsey, McGimsey, McGimsie, McJimsey, O'Dempsey
Submitted by: Joe McGimsey
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: I have always been told that the name Pixley began as a Welsh place name. As the letter X comes from Latin, I would assume (with nothing to base this on) that the spelling may have changed somewhere along the line (depending upon *when* the name originated). Hope this helps.
Surnames: Pixley
Submitted by: Jon Pixley
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: Tupper, british surname, mainly from the island of Guernsey, was originally German as 'T?epper'. They came to England about 1550 fleeing from religion persecution by the Roman Catholics. They setteled mainly in Guernsey and Sussex. The name exists also in France as 'Toupard
Surnames: T?epper, Toupard, Tupper
Submitted by: Jorge Bianchi
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: My grandma's maiden name is Perrone and she thinks it is Italian but I did some researching and I found out that it is Acadian-Cajun,and French Canadian.
Surnames: Perrone
Submitted by: Katie Finlayson
Origin of P, Meaning of P

Origin: CLIZBE: Name shared by several small towns in the North of England, all located within the Danelaw (the area conquered by the Vikings). Origin prob. 'Clea's by' meaning the settlement (by) belonging to Clea (a Viking name).
Surnames: Clipsby, Clisbe, Clisbi, Clisbie, Clisby, Clizbe
Submitted by: Kent Clizbe

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