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Heidi Hennig Arno - Wisconin
MY Great GRANDPARENTS Hennig Carl Richard Hennig and his wife Anna Hesse relocated to Athens, Marathon County, Wisconsin in about 1884 from Hainichen, Saxony. Their son, Richard (my grandfather) was born in Hainichen in 1880, and married Bertha Teuscher in Athens, Wisconsin. Teuscher Christian Teuscher and his wife Susanna Luedi Marggi emigrated to Athens, Wisconsin in about 1882 from Boltigen, Bern, Switzerland. Christian Teuscher was a carpenter who specialized in making church altars. Bertrand Gustave Bertrand was born in Tongrinne, Namur, Belgium. He emigrated to the Green Bay, Wisconsin area with his parents when he was 6 years old. Gustave married Marie Catherine Mathilde Pirlet. Pirlet Marie Catherine Mathilde Pirlet was born in Red River, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin in 1863. Her father, Desire Pirlet, was born in Archennes, Belgium; her mother, Joanna Bredael, was born in Ottenberg, Belgium. Thomas M. Arno great Grandparents Arno Martin Arno was born in Bornheim, Pfalz, Bavaria in 1842. He emigrated to the Cedarburg area of Wisconsin and later settled in Neenah. He married Catherine Lehrer. Their son Hugo married Agnes Mayer. Mayer Joseph Mayer married Agnes Homayer. They raised a family in Neenah. Joseph was killed in a timber accident in Spencer, Wisconsin February 15, 1882. Kiselewski Grandparents Gustave Kiselewski and his wife Marie Mosney emigrated to Neenah Wisconsin in 1926 from Angerberg, East Prussia. Their daughter Margaret married Joseph Arno, son of Hugo Arno and Agnes Mayer.
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troncoso and del paso y troncoso
history of troncoso surnames originally from galicia, spain

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