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Origin of Ogan

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Origin of Ogan, Meaning of Ogan

Origin: im researching a matt doogan who emigrated from co monaghan ireland in the mid 1800s and settled in nova scotia somewhere.he came from a place called magheracloone and died a wealthy man leaving an unclaimed inheritance.my gran is a direct descendant.irish papers carried a story about a family search in 1970.any help would be greatly appreciated.
Surnames: doogan
Submitted by: grainnerossiter
Origin of Ogan, Meaning of Ogan

Origin: HOGAN family TN (from 1814) AR, GA, AL Seeking ancestors of JOHN HOGAN 5Nov1814 and his descendents.
Surnames: HOGAN
Submitted by: James Hogan
Origin of Ogan, Meaning of Ogan

Origin: is a rare anglicized form of the nama Mac Gruagain and is dimiutive form of the word gruag = hair in irish
Surnames: McGrogan
Submitted by: Bob McGrogan
Origin of Ogan, Meaning of Ogan

Origin: The MacLennans originated from a branch of the Logans of Galloway. The Logans in turn stem from a Thomas of Logan (c. 1150) who may have been related to the Princeses of Galloway and thus the Scottish royal line.

According to an account by Rev. John MacRae of Dingwall, in 1374 a group of Logans was defeated North of Inverness at Druimnaduer. His account elaberates on an earlier account contained in the Wardlaw Ms. (1674).

The leader of the Logans was named "Gillagorm." He had a son called Croitar who was educated at Beauly Abbey. This Croitar had a son whom he named Gillafinan in honor of a Saint Finan. His descendents became known as the MacLennans. This was during a period when the surname Logan was outlawed to be used.

Gillagorm's widow, Helen, inherited the small estate of Drumnamarig near Tore on the Black Isle.

That the Logans resided in the North of Scotland during the 14th Century is confirmed by the fact that a Robert Logan was the King's Bailey for Banff c. 1370.

The spelling Loban is a later varation of the name.
Surnames: Logan MacLennan
Submitted by:
Origin of Ogan, Meaning of Ogan

Surnames: BROGAN
Submitted by:

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