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Origin of Nun

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Origin of Nun, Meaning of Nun

Origin: This surname originates in Saxony (Sachsen), Germany. It seems that several members of the original 'tribe' have wandered all over the world. There are Nunninks in Germany, of course. In Holland, where I have been born. In the United States and Canada. Even in nations as remotely as Finland. Any way, my ancestors came from Saxony to work as 'season-labourer' in the province of Zuid-Holland, in Germany. These people were called Hannekemaaiers, whatever that is. I, Paul Albertus Cosmas Nunnink am the eldest son of Johannes Bernardus Aloysius Joseph Nunnink, who is the son of Cosmas Johannes Nunnink. My domicile is Nijmegen in Holland. I was born in Heerlen, also in Holland, in 1960. My father was born in Bergschenhoek in Zuid Holland in 1932.
Surnames: Nunnink
Submitted by: P.A.C. Nunnink
Origin of Nun, Meaning of Nun

Origin: melbourne australia origin
Surnames: Nunan
Submitted by: Angela Nunan
Origin of Nun, Meaning of Nun

Origin: Seeking genealogy connection to FRIEDRICH CARL HORNUNG born about 1798 possibly in Germany or Switzerland, married Apr 5, 1835 in St John's Evangelical Church, Buffalo, NY to Katerina Hauenstein. Sons of this marriage were Johann born about May 1831, and John born May 3, 1839 in Buffalo ?, NY. My great grandmother was a daughter to that marriage and named Anna Maria (Mary Anna) Hornung born Oct 14, 1840 in Buffalo. Please reply to Doc, Donald E. Wuerz at dncwuerz@aol.com
Surnames: HORNUNG
Submitted by: Donald E. 'Doc' Wuerz
Origin of Nun, Meaning of Nun

Origin: Alley of Nuns
Surnames: Nungesser
Submitted by:
Origin of Nun, Meaning of Nun

Origin: The origin of the surname Penunuri is Basque (Spain) meaning "house amongst the rocks".
Surnames: Penunuri
Submitted by: Steven Penunuri
Origin of Nun, Meaning of Nun

Origin: The origin of the surname Penunuri is Basque (Spain), an isolar, indiginous people of the Pyranees mountains dividing Spain and France. Neither a genetic nor linguistal link has ever been discovered between the Basque (originally known as "Euskadi") and other peoples of the World, and to this day their origin remains a true mystery. In Spain, all Basque people were recognized as nobles. Only Basques or noble Spaniards were allowed to live in the Basque lands. Because of this, when you see old Church records you will see de Pe?u?uri referring to their ancestral home and nobility. There are variations of the spelling (Pe?o?ori, Pe?e?uri and Pe?u?uri). Church records in Vizcaya, Spain date back to the 1500's and span over a course of 300 years. The Basque people derived their surnames from descriptions of their farmhouses. Pe?u?uri translates as 'House Amongst The Rocks'. This was confirmed by Susan Ibarra, a Basque genealogy expert. The original ancestral home was in Galdamez, later in Encartaciones, and also in Castro Urdiales. In the New World, a branch emmigrated to Argentina and Mexico. The oldest records I found were in Puebla circa 1730. There are a few in the Mexico City area but the majority are in Northern Mexico. Some settled in Butac, near Sonora, an extinct pueblo now underwater. Their, they founded a Spanish mission and became quite wealthy as owners/operators of gold and silver mines, as well as a flour mill, a cattle ranch and a general store. Some left after an indian massacre circa 1850 and by 1960 they had all but left the region. Their decendants later left Mexico for Arizona, Idaho and Southern California, with streets named in their honor in Moreno Valley, Ca. (Penunuri Place) and Mexico City.
Surnames: Penunuri
Submitted by: Steven Penunuri

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