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    Description: Extracted information concerning families in the Southern United States bearing the surname AMASON AMESON AMERSON AMISON AMOSON AMOSSON and much more.

    Surnames: Amason, Ameson, Amerson, Amison, Amoson, Amosson


    Behme Surname Resource Center
    Description: Julius HD Behme Family; Julius Caesar Behme Family; Robert Edwin Behme Family; My Behme Family Genealogy Information; Register as a Behme Family Researcher.

    Surnames: Behme


    Blackmore Site
    Description: A Genealogy Resource Center for the Blackmore Surname. Site contains: Blackmore Genealogy References; Blackmore Contacts; Blackmore Forum; Origin of the surname; Non-Genealogy References; Site Enhancements; and Sign Guestbook / View Guestbook.

    Surnames: Blackmore, Blackmer, Blackmar, Blackamore


    Bommer SRC
    Description: These are pages where we are collecting information relating specifically to these surnames. Included on the pages are internet links to other pages where the names have appeared, GEDCOMs available for download and any other data found to be relevant to these names. Site features: Bommer Surnames on this site; Bommer Genealogy Links; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Other Researchers; Queries; Submit your information. Note: This site best viewed with Internet Explorer.

    Surnames: Bommer


    Branscombe Home Page
    Description: BRANSCOMB(E) worldwide one-name study. Variants include Branscom(e), Branscum, Brownscombe, Brinscombe, Bronescombe. Large data base to share. Also interested in residents and history of Branscombe Village, Devon, England, Branscomb, California, USA and BrBranscomb

    Surnames: Branscomb, Branscombe, Branscombes, Branscombs, Branscomes, Branscum, Branscums, Brownscombes


    Breadmore One-Name Study
    Description: Are you, were you or do you know a BREADMORE. All information about any BREADMORE person gratefully received, wherever, whenever in time.

    Surnames: Bridmore, Bredmore, Bredemear, Breadmore, Breadman


    Clan Montgomery Society International
    Description: Clan Montgomery Society International

    Surnames: Montgomrery, Montgomery, Mongomerie


    CLEMENT Cuzins
    Description: CLEMENT Cuzins

    Surnames: Clemons, Clementsen, Clements, Clementi, Clemente, Clement, Clemenson, Clemens, Clemenceau, Clem, Klimkiewicz, Klimek, Klimczak, Klimas, Klima, Klemm


    Delve into Dametz - Genealogy Resource Center
    Description: These pages are meant to be a resource for anybody researching the Dametz families regardless of where or connected to anybody else. Site contains: Online Databases; Descendant Listings; Dametz Email List; Marriage Records; Death and Burial Records; Census Records; The Unknown Names; Researchers and Web Pages; Dametz GenForum; History and Biographies; etc. Your participation is encouraged! Variants include: Da Matz, Da Metz, Damats, Damatts, Damatz, Damets Dametts, Dametz, Damits, Damitts, De Metz, De Mitz, De Mitz, Demats, Dematts, Dematz, Demets, Demetts, Demetz, Demitts, Demitts, and Demitz.

    Surnames: Demitz, Demitts, De Metz, Demetts, Demets, Dematz, Dematts, Demats, Damitts, Damits, Dametz, Dametts, Damets, Damatz, Damatts, Damats


    Demeter Surname Homepage
    Description: This site contains General Information on the Demeter surname. It also contains my own Demeter Family tree, photo's, and documents. The documents may be of particular interest to those doing genealogy research in Hungary. There is a Message Board where I encourage you to post your own Demeter queries.The Researchers Index contains contacts to fellow researchers and easy instructions to add your own research interests to that page. Be sure to check out my links as they will certainly help you with your own quest. (Alternate URL:

    Surnames: Demeter


    Emry/Emery Family Genealogy
    Description: Introduction ; Description of Various Introduction; Description of Various Emry/Emery Lines; Queries; Emry/Emery Noteables, Places, Searches etc; Emry/Emery Genealogy Chat; Emery Family Genealogy Forum; Embry Family Genealogy Forum; Be Notified of Updates; Subscribe to Emery Genealogy Mail List; What's New?; Emry/Emery Family Reunions

    Surnames: Emery, Emry


    Gamble Family Surname
    Description: This website is constructed as information resource, and point of contact for persons interested in the Gamble Family history and Genealogy. Site contains: Origins; Distribution Map; Researchers & Inquiries; Who's Who; Links to other sites; and more.

    Surnames: Gamel, Gamble, Gambill


    Grimes Genealogy
    Description: Nancy Elizabeth Cook, who married William Henry Grimes, was a granddaughter of Martin Cook, b. December 14, 1798, and Catherine (Katie) Murchison, b. November 11, 1802. This marriage forms the basis for the following free online manuscripts

    Martin Cook and Katie Murchison were married in Wayne County, Tennessee, in 1820. They established their home on a farm known later (1900) as the Rich Moore place, near Olive Hill. The writer is in possession of old deeds to three different tracts of land which were purchased by Martin Cook and which apparently formed a part of this farm. Two of the deeds were from John Hollingsworth for tracts of 50 and 80 acres and were recorded September 12, 1844. The price specified was $750.00. The third deed, for 25 acres, was from Martin Cook's father-in-law, Kenneth Murchison. It was recorded February 18, 1853, and the price was $250.00. The land was described as being situated on Hardin's Creek in Wayne County, District 7, Range 11, Section 5.

    Katie Murchison's father was Kenneth Murchison who emigrated to this country from Scotland. In the settlement of Kenneth Murchison's estate in 1868, the following parties signed as his other heirs: John McCarin Hood Murchison, Robert Murchison, Mary Harris and Tipsie Baughman. Apparently these were his children or grandchildren. The name of his wife is not available.

    Martin Cook, according to a letter written in 1922 by his grandson, Dr. K. L. Cook, a practicing physician of Clifton, Tennessee, was a descendent of Mordecai Cooke of Virginia. Dr. Cook's letter was published in 1923 in a book, "Two Families of Virginia, Cooke and Booth," by Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Stubbs.

    Surnames: Grimes


    Hemenway, Hemingway, Hemmingway Genealogy
    Description: While this site is not limited to North American families, most of the vital information is about such families. Information about all families is welcome. What's New; Site Map: Articles: Miscellaneous Records: Land and Census Records; Reference Books: Queries; Family Lines; Spelling Variations; Photos; Other Sites; Bits & Pieces, etc.

    Surnames: Hemmingway, Hemingway, Hemenway


    Hume & Hulme Surname Resource Centre
    Description: This site is dedicated to collecting all information pertaining to the HUMEs & HULMEs and the bearers of those surnames that might in some way facilitate further research in the search for our ancestors. Site features: Hume/Hulme Database; Meaning Of The Names Hume & Hulme; Other Hume/Hulme Links; Archives; Submit Your Information; Hume/Hulme Researchers; Books About Hume/Hulme; Queries.

    Surnames: Hume, Hulme


    Ismay One Name Study
    Description: Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Main Index to Database; Surname Researchers; Genealogy Links; Submit your information

    Surnames: Ismey, Ismay, Isma, Jsmaie


    Jernigan Genealogy Resource Center
    Description: This site is for researchers of all spellings of the Jernigan name. Information Exchange; Inquiries; Jernigan Updates & Reunions; Genealogy Links; Notes From the Editor's Desk; Archives; Bookshelf; Photos; Researcher Homepage Index; Wars; Newsletter; etc. Variations include: Jarnagan, Jarnegan, Jannikin, Janagen, Jernagan, Jonikan, Johnikin, Jonikin, Journagan, Jernegan, Jermegan, Jonerkin, Jernican, Jurnigan, Gernigan, Jerningham, Jarningham, etc.

    Surnames: Jurnigan, Journagan, Jonikin, Jonikan, Jonerkin, Johnikin, Jerningham, Jernigan, Jernican, Jernegan, Jernagan, Jermegan, Jarningham, Jarnegan, Jarnagan, Jannikin, Janagen


    Latimer Family Website
    Description: A site dedicated to the Latimer surname: Archives, Biographies, Cemeteries, Deaths, Directories, Home Pages, Links, Marriages, Military, Obituaries, Photographs, Family Trees.

    Surnames: Latimer


    Le Houymet Internet
    Description: Le Houymet Internet is the official Web Site for Les Descendants de Jean Ouimet Inc., a Family Association representing 32 spelling variations of the surname given to our ancestor Jean Houymet.

    Surnames: Houymet, Ouinet, Ouimette, Ouimett, Ouimet, Ouilmette


    Marfleet Surname Resource Center
    Description: I have been researching MARFLEET Family History, world-wide, for over twenty years, and would welcome any related correspondence or information.

    Surnames: Morflitt, Morflit, Morflete, Morfleet, Mirflete, Mirfleet, Mersflete, Mersflet, Mersfleet, Meriflet, Merfleyt, Merflett, Merflete, Merflet, Merfleete, Merfleet, Merfflete, Mereflitt, Mereflit, Mereflete, Mayrflete, Masfleete, Marflitt, Marflit, Marflight, Marflete, Marfleit, Marfleet, Marfitt, Marfit, Smirflit, Smerflete, Smerfleet, Smarflitt, Smarflit, Smarflete, Smarfleet


    Mayrand Family Association
    Description: Mayrand Family Association

    Surnames: Merrand, Merand, Mayrand, Malhiot


    McWh*rter Genealogy
    Description: The McWh*rter Genealogy Website is designed to assist and support world-wide research on the McWh*rter surname in all its variant spellings. Portions of the the site are dedicated to research being done in Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere as well as throughMawhorter

    Surnames: Mewwhorter, Mewhirter, McWorter, McWhorter, McWhirter, McWherter, McQuirter, McQuarter, Mawhorter


    Meigs Surname Resource Center
    Description: The purpose of this site is to allow for the sharing of information on the Meigs family, regardless of National boundaries. Do you have data to share? There is three ways for you to share. First, register as a Meigs Researcher. Second, link your Meigs web page to this site. E-mail the address and a short description and I\ll add you to the Links page. Finally, I\d be glad to publish actual text files here on my SRC page if they meet the proper requirements. E-mail me for details

    Surnames: Meigs


    Mendenhall Family Association
    Description: This is a forum for sharing genealogy information among the membership of the Mendenhall Family Association (MFA). GEDCOM data repository; Mendenhall-List mailing-list; Sources Database; Newsletter; Mendenhall Family Documents; Reunion Information; Elliott Album; Mendenhall Genealogy Sites.

    Surnames: Mendenhall


    Merman Resource Center
    Description: My name is Ellen Merman-English and I am hoping to build a comprehensive site to bring together information on the Mermann and Joerris families from Germany. Many thanks to those who have contributed their information.

    Surnames: Merman, Joerris


    Merriman Surname Resource Center
    Description: Items of interest for persons researching the Merriman name: discussion groups, meaning of the name, reports, pedigrees, excerpts from books, and links.

    Surnames: Merryman, Merriman


    Meschede Genealogy Homepage
    Description: I am worried that worldwide there is a ton of information, familytrees, photos, letters, books, etc. that will end up lost forever as time goes on. I know when my grandparents died most of the photos ended up getting thrown out because everyone who was looking at them didn\t know who the people in the photos were. We had lost context of all the people in generations gone by. Those people are key to those of us who are seeking to create links to the past. I urge you to get those photos and documents scanned or digitized in some way and send them to me. Let's use the internet to our advantage and have a central place for all our treasures from years gone by.

    Surnames: Meschede, Von Meschede


    Millirons - Anywhere - Anyplace!
    Description: A one name study of all variants from the German root of Meuhleusen.

    Surnames: Muehlueson, Millison, Millirons, Milliron, Millirens, Milliren, Meuhleusen


    Monteith Family Homepage
    Description: This surname has been reserved. Most information can now be found online the link above, however, Malcolm is still in the construction phase for the query page. Expected completion is by 5/10/99.

    Surnames: Montieth, Monteith, Menteith, Mantooth


    Osgood Family History
    Description: Osgood Family History (

    Surnames: non-profit information and services to anyone interested in Osgood genealogy. Links; Guestbook; History; Biographies; Companies; Areas; Submissions; Notes & Comments; and more!


    Ozment Family Genealogy
    Description: This a resource page for anyone who is researching the Ozment/Osment name. Your comments and additions are encouraged! Site Highlights: Records; Tax Records; Ancestral Lines; Court Records; Miscellaneous Records; Genealogy Links; Ozment Links; Guestbook; Genconnect Boards; Mailing List.

    Surnames: Ozment


    Romine Family Group
    Description: Romine Family Group

    Surnames: Romyn, Romines, Romine, Romeyns, Romeyn, Romaines, Romaine, Romain


    Smelser / Smeltzer Descendants Genealogy Group
    Description: This site is devoted to records for all forms of the Smelser surname. Thousands of records including census, obituaries, marriages, city directory listings, researchers, descendancy charts, photos, military records, biographies, wills, land records, death records, birth records and more. Any thing to do with this surname is listed and many records are contributed by fellow researchers.



    Somerville Surname Family Resource Center
    Description: A home for those researching their Somerville ancestors. Site Features: Purpose; Online Database; Archives - Records & Deeds; Volunteer; Genealogy Links; SOMERVILLE Links; Queries; Other SOMERVILLE Resources; Quick Search; Submit YOUR Site; Link UR Site; Host a Surname

    Surnames: Somerville


    The (Maher Meagher Mahar) Surname Page
    Description: Surname Resource Center

    Surnames: Meagher, Maher, Mahar


    The COMBS-COOMBS &c. Research Project
    Description: Genealogy, History, Records, Research, and Email List - over 1,000 web pages, over 200 Researchers.

    Surnames: Cumbs, Cumbes, Cumbe, Cowmbe, Coumbes, Coomes, Coome, Coombs, Coombes, Coombe, Coomb, Coom, Comes, Come, Combs, Combes, Combe, Comb, Com, Komes, Kome, Kom


    The Elam Family Research Page
    Description: In addition to my direct line, I also collect all Elams (and spelling variations thereon) in the hope of being able to help others in their Elam family research. Site features: Index; Descendant Listings; Photographs; Origins; ENGLISH RESEARCH INTERESTS; Archives; Books; Elam Researchers; General Genealogy Links; Family Stories; Public & Family Records; Reunions; Addresses; Coat of Arms; Obituaries; Elams Without Parents; Miscellaneous; Documents; War Veterans; Elam Headstones; Elam Exchange; Norma Neill's Elam Databases. Variants covered: Ealam, Eelam, Elam, Elame, Elem, Elim, Elims, Ellam, Ellame, Ellams, Ellem, Elum

    Surnames: Ealam, Eelam, Elam, Elame, Elem, Elim, Elims, Ellam, Ellame, Ellams, Ellem, Elum


    The Hammill Family Forum
    Description: The Hammill Family Forum

    Surnames: Hammill, Hammil, Hammell, Hammel, Hamill, Hamil, Hamell, Hamel


    The James Family Website
    Description: Submit your James Query to the Guestbook; E-MAIL Other James Researchers; James Gedcom Page; Variations Of The James Name; Lost & Found

    Surnames: James


    The Mabry Family
    Description: Welcome to the Mabry page;

    Surnames: Mybury, Mowbray, Mowbery, Moubray, Meaprey, Meabry, Meabrey, Meaberry, Maysberry, Maybury, Mayburry, Mayburey, Maybry, Maybrey, Maybre, Maybray, Maybowrie, Maybory, Mayborey, Mayberye, Maybery, Mayberry, Mayberrey, Maybary, Maybarry, Mawbury, Marbury, Marburry, Marburie, Marbray, Marberry, Maibry, Maiberry, Mabury, Maburry, Maburey, Maburery, Maburay, Mabry, Mabroy, Mabrie, Mabrey, Mabrery, Mabree, Mabre, Mabray, Mabra, Mabory, Mabore, Mabiroy, Mabire, Mabiray, Mabery, Maberry, Maberey, Maberay, Mabera, Mabbery, Mabberry, Mabary, Mabarry


    The Masters Family Association
    Description: The Masters Family Association

    Surnames: Meschter, Meister, Masters, Master, Maestre


    The Meideros Web
    Description: Heraldry and Genealogy; Coat of Arms; Origin of the Name; History and Genealogy

    Surnames: Meideros


    The Melton Center
    Description: The Melton Center

    Surnames: Milton, Melton, Meltin, Melten, Meltan, Mellton


    Description: From Palmerlee to Parmaly to Parmale to Parmley--and there are nearly 200 ways to spell it--the Parmelee family is virtually all one. Parmelee Family Magazine; Announcements; Reunions; Family and friends; Queries; Obituaries; Births; Notable Parmelees; Honor Roll; Early Generations; Coat of Arms; etc.

    Surnames: Parmley, Parmelee, Parmaly, Parmale


    Description: Historical archives of a Global One-Name Study of the name PRIME. Site contains: Start; Projects; Society; Database; Weblinks; Blazon; Art & Lit; Forum; Guestbook; etc. Variations include: Priem, Prim, Prime, Primm, and Pryme.

    Surnames: Pryme, Primm, Prime, Prim, Priem


    The Rhymes Family
    Description: Families, OUR LINEAGE, Branches, Queries, Where Are We?, Archives, GenForum, Ancestor, Consanguinity, Guestbook, Family Mailing List, Individuals, Reunion

    Surnames: Rymes, Rimes, Rhymes, Rhimes


    The Rintoul Homestead
    Description: This web site is devoted to the thousand or so people around the world who bear the somewhat rare surname

    Surnames: information and research resources regarding our name and family can be hard to find. Anyone with interesting Rintoul information of any kind (genealogy


    The Sims Et Al Gedcom Project
    Description: The Sims Et Al Gedcom Project

    Surnames: Syms, Symns, Symms, Symmns, Symmes, Symme, Symm, Symes, Syme, Sims, Simms, Simmes, Simm, Sime, Sim, Sems, Semms, Semmes, Semes


    The Stymiest Family
    Description: The History of The

    Surnames: Stymiest, Steynmets


    The Van Norman Family Association
    Description: Founded in January 1996 for the compilation of Van Norman/Van Orman (and variant surnames) information. Objective of the site is to trace and link as many Van Norman and variant families as possible. Database; Queries; Publications; Membership; Web Links.

    Surnames: Vinneman, Verniman, Vennernum, Venneman, Veniman, Veneman, Van Ornum, Van Orman, Van Normon, Vannorman, Van Nimmen, Vannerman, Van Nemon, Van Namen, Van Immon, Van Emmen, Van Awman, Van Arnhem


    Toney Genealogy Exchange
    Description: Are you Researching the

    Surnames: know of links to Toney information or other Toney related documents? Maybe you just need some help yourself. Well...You\ve come to the right place! This site is dedicated to promoting the Exchange of


    Tormey Family History Web Site
    Description: A history of the origins of the Tormey name; history of emmigration

    Surnames: O\Tormey, O\Tormaigh, Tormey, Tormaigh


    Weems Family History
    Description: Weems Family History

    Surnames: Wemyss, Weems, Weemes


    Welcome Medlin Descendants
    Description: The information listed here has been collected from various locations. Much of this information has not been documented by the owner of this site. There may be mistakes, feel free to contact me with corrections or to add more information for our distant coMedlin

    Surnames: Medlin


    Welcome to the Genealogy of the Messervy Family
    Description: Military Records; Photo Album; Places to Visit; WWW Links; Facts & Stories; Can You Help?; Church Records; Obituaries; Cemetery Records; Reference Library; Reunion News; Meserve Researchers

    Surnames: Messervey, Mesharvy, Meservie, Meservey, Meservee, Meserve, Maserve


    Welcome to the Official MacDermot Clan Homepage
    Description: Welcome to the Official MacDermot Clan Homepage

    Surnames: Dermott, Dermondy, Dermid, Darmody, Kermode, Mulrooney, McDermott, McDermot, McDermont, McDermitt, McDerment, MacDormand, MacDiarmada, MacDermott, MacDermot Roe, MacDermot, MacDermattroe

    Description: Through the years I have gathered information from others on my family name of Zeimet and would like this site to be a central place for people to check and post information. You will find and on-line database, links to other Zeimet sites, and a Message board.

    Surnames: Zeimet


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