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Tollner Family
A website for the Tollner / T?llner family from Mecklenburg area Germany and Australia.
Biography of Alexander Mc Pherson, 1902
This energetic and progressive farmer and stock raiser of the vicinity of Bridgetport is a native of Ontario, Canada, and he possesses in a full mesaure the thrift, resourcefulness and other qualities of good citizenship for which the sons of that province are noted.
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MELYSSA BEALL surname list
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Linda L Beasley surname list
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InterneTree: Julie A Beard Bishops Bridge Hunter Valley
The Beasley , Pitre, Jofar, Davis Family
InterneTree: Glenn S Beasley Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Perk Beasley Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Reuben Williams (View PDF) Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of James Cherry Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Richard Dick Mcnack Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Leonce Joseph Pitre Mary L.Davis my Great Grand Mother She was born in Lynchburg, Virginia December 10,1840 She Married Richard Davis the Son of a Plantation Owner He was a carpenter by trade Born 1829,in Richmond, Virginia. He also had a Sister Bassie Davis She is my Great Grand Aunt Richard & Mary - they called her Bambi had only one child my Grand Father Samuel Davis aka (Samuel Jofar) Born 1883,in Richmond, Virginia. He ran away from home and was able to pass as white; He joined the Merchant Marine and lived in Brazil with a Family named Jofar. After he returned to America and rejoined his family he told them that Davis was a Slave name and his free name was Jofar. He would never use that name again he was not a slave to any Man, His father did not like this and there were many family arguments about it. Samuel Jofar married Ella Pierman my Grandmother she was Born 1884 in Lynchburg, Virginia the Jofar & Davis family arrived in Phoenix, Arizona about 1915 Just before the Birth of my Mother Wyona Jofar-Beasley. Samuel Jofar Became one of the 1st Black Doctor's in the state of Arizona He was a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine His Office was located near 11th Street & Washington in Phoenix, Arizona He was also a Barber And I still can remember my 1st hair cut as a child. Richard & Mary Davis are buried at Forrest Lawn Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona Samuel & Ella Jofar are buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona The Children of Samuel & Ella Jofar are: Wyona L. Jofar Beasley Martha Jofar Belcher Joseph K. Jofar The Beasley , Pitre, Jofar, Davis Family: Surname List
Guidry + McCarver = A Lot of Family!
Book: Guidry Meets McCarver InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Earnest Ray McCarver Genealogy Report: Bibliography of Sources Guidry + McCarver = A Lot of Family!: Surname List
The Hender Family Tree
The Hender Family Tree
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David Baxter surname list
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David Baxter surname list
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David Baxter surname list
The Findings of My Barber Genealogy
InterneTree: Ancestor Fan Tree of Edwin Mae Barber, Sr. The Findings of My Barber Genealogy: Surname List
The McGing's from Kinnuary, Killawalla.
my dad Patrick James MCGING of Bootle, Lancashire his dad was John MCGING who was killed in 1943 whilst working on the Mersy Tunnel. His mum was Sarah Anne MCGING she was listed as a land owner in Kinnuary, Killawalla. the MCPHERSONs of Leith,Edinburgh Scotland. My grandad was William Brown MCPHERSON and his dad was Hugh MCPHERSON and his mum was Barbara McCraig MCPHERSON nee JOHNSON. InterneTree: Nicola Batmaz
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Mary Joyce Bates surname list
Basford, Bashford , --Bath ,Menifee, Montgomery Co, Ky.
Ancestors of John W. Basford, b, 1790, Va. Married Elizabeth Norris, 1809 in Mason,Co, Ky. b, 1792 in Va. Daughter of John Norris and Hannah McCarty. Children-- Issac, James, John Jr.,Elizabeth,Hannah, Mary Ann, Martha, All lived in Bath Co, Ky. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John W .Basford,Sr. Basford, Bashford , --Bath ,Menifee, Montgomery,Co. Ky.: Surname List
Michael A. Banks (Ohio) and Ancestors
Michael Alan Banks Family Tree
Balko Family Ancestors
Diane Balko surname list
The VanderMey and Baldridge Family Tree
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Cindy Lee VanderMey All-in-One Tree of Robert Munro Baldridge (PDF Format) Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Aelbert ter Vrugt The VanderMey and Baldridge Family Tree: Surname List
Balharrie & Albins Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Descendant Tree of Matthew Story Balharrie & Albins Genealogy Home Page: Surname List
The Baker & Burkes of Eastern Tennessee and SE Virginia
In this line you will find Elisha Walling, the Long Hunter. He was very important in exploration of this area. His cohorts were Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, and others who were given this title as Long Hunter.
The Douglas Baker Family Home Page
Carpani comes from Italy. Gibbons comes from Ireland.
Julie (Henson) Bailey Family Home Page
Julie Lynn Bailey surname list
Our Kentucky McCartys
InterneTree: Judy Bailey KY Report: Kinship of Justin McCarty Report: Report Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Justin McCarty Our Kentucky McCartys: Surname List
James L Taylor Descendents and/or Ancestors
JAMES TAYLOR was possibly born in Tennessee. He married MARY Ollie McPHERSON in Tennessee. They were in Alabama between 1840 and 1850. By 1850 they had moved to Pontotoc County in Mississippi. Mary's father was ISSAC McPHERSON. He was also possibly born in Tennessee. I have found land records and census records for Issac in Tuscaloosa County in Alabama 1848 to 1860. Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Taylor II
The James Willis Haynes of South Carolina
Willis Haynes born ab 1780 who married Elizabeth McPherson and had 7 children with James Willis Haynes being one of their children.
Avey/Grekul Home Page
Joan Avey surname list
The Amedio /Braud Connection
Jasper John Amedio, of New Orleans, La. Jasper John Amedio married Mamie Theresa Spinnato about 1936. They had three children: Kelly, Josephine and Phyliss Ann. Joseph Michael Braud, of Slidell, Louisiana. Born in Galveston, Texas but spent a majority of his life in New Orleans and Slidell, La. He married Marie Rose Crochet in 1937. They had four children: Joseph John, Mary Louise, Julia Ann and Lynn Marie Braud.
Chantal Asselstine Family Tree
InterneTree: Jemima Benham (Beecher)
The Arvin & Mallan Family Trees
InterneTree: Ancestors of Sherri Marie Arvin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas John Arvin Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Massey Jones Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Cannon Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Harritt The Arvin ? Cannon - and Jones families are Catholics from Indiana. The Harritt families were Christians from Ohio & southern Indiana. The Mehlenbacher families are Lutherans from Canada and Germany. Jenkins family is from Michigan. The Novak and Sasek families are from Bohemia and Illinois. The Arvin & Mallan Family Trees: Surname List
The Thomas Jefferson Taylors of Goodland, KS
The Thomas Jefferson Taylors of Goodland, KS: Surname List
Marvin Luther Arnold of Odessa, Texas
InterneTree: Descendant Fan Tree of Anthony Gholson Sr. Ancestor Tree of James Arnold Sr. Descendant Tree of James Sr. Arnold Descendant Fan Tree of Anthony Gholson Sr. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of James Sr. Arnold Genealogy Report: Ancestors of James Sr. Arnold Marvin Luther Arnold of Odessa, Texas : Surname List
The Ancrum (Ankrum, Ankrom, Etc.) Family History Home Page
Descendant Tree: Descendants of Archibald Ankrum I
Phyllis Andrews Of Pioneer, Ca
Daniel Turner, b.12-25-1843 in Allerton, Darbyshire, England, d.1-13-1913 in Seevers, IA. He had two brothers who emigrated to the US before he did and who he never found. Richard Heath, b. in England, d. 6-12-1885 in Illinois; and of his wife, Ann Luke, b.8-23-1856 in England, d. 9-3-1928 in Ottumwa, IA. Eliza Olive Barnes, b.8-16-1852 in Licking Co, Ohio; d.5-20-1922 in Powesheik Co, IA, married Jacob Andrews in 1872. Phyllis Andrews of Pioneer, CA: Surname List
Duncan McPherson and Christina Ross who were married in Rothiemurchus, Duthil, Inverness, Scotland on 24 Jan 1833. They had five children born in the same town. Sybella chr. 31 Dec 1833 John chr. 15 Set 1841 Ann chr. 20 Jun 1845 Janet (Jessie) chr.1 Jul 1835 Andrew chr. 7 Feb 1837 In 1853 this family travelled out to Tasmania on board Sir Allan McNab and settled into farming communities. Sybella married James Robertson in September of 1853 just weeks before departing. They had a large family once they arrived in Tasmania.
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SCOTLAND ABERDEENSHIRE ? Addan/Hadden (Aberdour) Burgess (Methlick?), Cowie (Aberdour) , Craik (Aberdour) Ironside (Methlick), Ferguson (Methlick) Gamach/Gammack (Aberdour?) Leith, (?) Panton(Aberdour, Monquhitter) Pratt (Monquhitter?), Ross (Cuminestown, Turriff) Wemyss(Aberdour) AYRSHIRE ? Bankhead (Kilmarnock) Brown(Riccarton, Kilmaurs) Caldwell(Kilmaurs) Fairie(Kilmaurs) Galt(Dundonald?) Gilmour(Fenwick?) Hay(Dundonald, Kilmaurs) McPherson (Irvine) Milla/er(Kilmaurs) Parker(Kilmaurs, Kilmarnock) Reid(Kilmaurs) Shaw(Irvine) Watt(Kilmaurs) BANFFSHIRE ? Andrew(Gardenstown), Davidson, DUMFRIESSHIRE (Lochmaben) ? Graham, Little, Sharp EDINBURGH ? Downie, Stevenson, Turnbull FIFE(St. Andrew?s) ? Gourlay, Liddell GLASGOW ? Bain, Cleland, Law, McCulloch, Thomson RENFREWSHIRE ? Armour (Greenock) Jameson(Greenock) Love(Greenock) Munro (Greenock) Scott(Greenock) Taylor (Greenock) ROXBURGHSHIRE - Vair STIRLINGSHIRE (Bothkennar, Grangemouth, St. Ninian's) ? Brown, Cochrane, Ferguson, Harvey/Harvie, ENGLAND WEST YORKSHIRE - Bainton(Weston) Constantine(Linton-in-Craven) Greenwood(Weston) Hattersley(Ecclesfield & Keighley) Holdsworth(Sheffield?) Kitchin(Skipton) Leyland (Linton-in-Craven) Longdon(Sheffield?) Mason (Bolton Abbey) Merrydew(Sheffield?David Michael Graham Andrew
Bonnie Ross Family Tree
Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Alcorn Bonnie Ross Family Tree: Surname List
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InterneTree: Ruth Randall (Steeves) Susan Victoria Anastasopoulos surname list
Esslemont / Esselmont home page link
This site gathers all the know information about the variations of the Esslemont family name into one location.
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InterneTree: Gloria Jean Geesing (Adopted)

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