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Origin of Mars

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Origin of Mars, Meaning of Mars

Origin: The surname MARSHALL appears to be occupational in origin. Research indicates that it can be associated with the English and Germans. The name was carried to England in the great migration following the Norman Conquest - 1066. Earliset record of the name found in England was in Wiltshire - where Goisfridus Marescal lived in 1084. The name means 'One who cares for horses, especially one who treated their diseases; a blacksmith; an official in a king's or a high noble's household having charge of military affairs'
Surnames: Marescal, Marschall, Marshal, Marshale, Marshall, Marshell, Maskall, Maskill
Submitted by: Jacqueline Woolnough
Origin of Mars, Meaning of Mars

Origin: France to Canada to Vermont: Coutermarsh, Coutermanche, Courtermarsh, Courtermanche, Countermarsh, Countermanche, and numerous other spellings!
Surnames: Coutermarsh
Submitted by: Darlene Levy
Origin of Mars, Meaning of Mars

Origin: Margaret and Harold and families Hackney,London 1940's
Surnames: Marsh
Submitted by: Eileen Bates
Origin of Mars, Meaning of Mars

Origin: Marson:- Derived from Marston, ( Old English ). A place or dwelling near a marsh.
Surnames: MARSON
Submitted by: David Marson.
Origin of Mars, Meaning of Mars

Origin: Masteller is an americanized spelling which is originally Marsteller. this is a relatively rare name coming only from west central Germany, currrently origins from the 1600's have been traced to Pfungstdat, and Grunigen, Hessen Germany and Pliezhausen in Wurtemburg. This is a job name from the word "Marstall" or keeper of stables.
Surnames: Masteller Marsteller
Submitted by: George Masteller

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