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Origin of Ly

Total Records: 80 
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: History and Territory of Clann O'Hanlon: originally the Ua'h-Anluain sept.
Surnames: HANLON, O'HANLON, Hanlan, Hanlen, Hanlin, Hanlyn, Handlon, Handlen, Handlan, Handlyn, Hanlin
Submitted by: Annemarie Bruinsma Hanlon
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Prior to the 19th Century the name seems to have been most prevalent on the East coast of England especially in Northumberland/Durham and Norfolk.
Surnames: Softley, Softly
Submitted by: Rosemary Cave
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: I was told by a george selley in england that the name selley in england is from devon and cornwall. he also says that the name originated from 2 brothers that were saddle makers and in french is pronounced salliea. spelled sellier or sellere meaning saddlemaker. so he says they came to uk with william the conqueror. there are other selley people from germany-no relation they are selle and add a y. george selleys job was govt. workers genealogy.
Surnames: Celly, Sealie, Sealy, Seeley, Seely, Selley, Zully
Submitted by: bill selley
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Sallier was of French Hugenot origin.
Surnames: Salier, Sallier, Salyer
Submitted by: Bobbi Salyer
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: One meaning of the name is an area of bent grass.
Surnames: Bentley, Bently
Submitted by: Charles John Bentley
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: My grandfather's father came from Hungary in the 1900's with the name 'Szalay.' To ease pronunciation, it was legally changed to 'Sally
Surnames: Sally, Szalay
Submitted by: Christina McConnaughey
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Bauer-lein means peasant farmer, flax.Surnames were required to identify individuals for tax purposes sometime around the years1300-1400 and are identified in church recordsaccording to my reference (Howard Barnhart). He wrote a booklet on Andreas Byerly(Bauerlein) in April, 1991.
Surnames: Bauerlein, Beyerly, Bierle, Bierly, Byerly
Submitted by: dorothy srembo
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: English, most likely descended from the Normans around 1100.
Surnames: Matinglee, Matingley, Mattingley, Mattingly
Submitted by: E. Mattingly
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Hickenloopers first came to America from Mittleschlechtbach, Germany in October 1754. The ship 'Peggy' on which Andreas Heckenleib arrived in this country sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, thus many think the name is Dutch. I have been told the name means 'hedge-hopper/thief.' I understand there are still Heckenliables in Germany today. Some Heckenliables ventured through eastern Europe and Russia first, before coming to America. When they arrived they called themselves Heckenlively.
Surnames: Heckenlaible, Heckenleib, Heckenlively, Hickenlooper, Hickenloover
Submitted by: Emily Dikis
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: My understanding is that the name translates (roughly) as 'a crossing over a river/stream/creek where flax grows.
Surnames: Lyford
Submitted by: Eva John Lyford
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: I was wondering if it could be LYTLE. Pronounced and spelled by someone who had an accent that didn't pronounce the 't'. LYTLE is from Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
Surnames: Lyall
Submitted by: Geraldine Lytle Martinez
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: LYTLE is from Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
Surnames: Liddle, Lightle, Litel, Little, Lytel, Lytle
Submitted by: Geraldine Lytle Martinez
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Tully is from Tulloch, Irish for Hilloch, small hill, English Hill.
Surnames: Tully
Submitted by: Neil
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: The earliest Lyon ancestor I have information on was Norman de Leonne, from France, who fought with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, 1066. His son was Sir Roger de Leonne, 1040, also born in France. His descendents were: Sir Paganus de Leonne, 1075, France, then name changed. Hugo de Leonibus (or Leonne), 1121, France, Ernoid de Leonibus, 1150, France, John de Leonibus (alias Lyon), 1176, Norfolk, England, Pagan de Leonibus, 1195, Norfolk, England, and then name changed again. Sir John de Lyouns (info states: grandfather at head of Lyon family in Scotland), 1225, Norfolk, England, next generation was John de Lyon, 1250, Norfolk, England and his son was the first LYON; Sir Adam Lyon, 1285, Norfolk, England. This inormation was copied from the Salt Lake City Library by a co-worker of my uncle.
Surnames: Lyon
Submitted by: Pam Cox Williams
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: KELLY and it's variations is the 2nd most common of the Irish surnames. From the Gaellic O'Ceallaigh or Ceallaigh, meaning bright-headed. County Galway and county Meade are the main areas for this surname.
Surnames: Kelley, Kelly
Submitted by: Robert A. Kelley
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Thomas Litle, b 1854, Scotland emigrated age 14, 1868, USA Parents, Thomas Litle and Isabella Alan, no dates. Thomas Little d 1922, Illinois, USA, occupation coal miner. Possiblity he was a lead or coal miner coming from SW Scotland.
Surnames: Litle, Little, Lytle
Submitted by: Sue Little Forgatch
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: The orgin of this Surname is a variant spelling of the word Holy Day. This was the war cry of the Annandale Warriors of Scotland in the Strathclyde Briton area. The name means Holy Day or Festival. It was given to a child born on a festival, thus it was called the Holy Day child. Or the many different spellings of the name applied like that of the 15th century, hallidaye. No matter how you spell it, it still means Holy Day.
Surnames: Halidai, Halldae, Halliday, Halloday, Halydaei, Halyday, Holladay, Holliday
Submitted by: Thomas B. Holladay,III
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Daly and all it's variants derive from the ancient Irish Gaelic surname, (O'Dalaigh). From an ancient ancestor, named Dalach. O'Dalaigh means grandson, and or descendents of Dalach. Dalach, derived from the Gaelic word 'dal', meaning assemblyman.
Surnames: Dailey, Daily, Daley, Daly, Dawley, Dawly, Dolley, Dolly
Submitted by: Tracey Daly
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Dally, along with other variants, (Daly,Dalley,Dailey, ext), is derived from the ancient Irish Gaelic surname, (O'Dalaigh), from a common ancestor named, 'Dalach'. The 'O', denotes, grandson, or descendent of , 'Dalach'. Dalach derives from the Irish Gaelic word, 'dal', meaning, Assemblyman.
Surnames: Dailey, Daily, Daley, Dalley, Dally, Daly, Dolley, Dolly, O'dalaigh, O'daly
Submitted by: Tracey
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: As far as I know this name is Scotch-Irish. I have traced it back with the help of many others to William M Gallegly of Glascow or Perth Scotland who was born in 1740 and married Hannah Garner on June 25, 1764 in Cumberland County, Carlisle, Pennsylvania in the Dutch Reform Church. We think these are the ancestors of all Gallegly's in America now but not sure. I was told that Gallegly in its original Gaelic form which is quite unlike its present form means 'servant of the young warrior'. I would like to know more and am working on that now.
Surnames: Gallegly
Submitted by: Paulette Gallegly Buche
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: The name is is traced to George Lygon Father of Sir Richard Lygon of England and means 'wolf-shaft spear'.
Surnames: Leagan, Leagans, Legans, Liggins, Liggons, Ligon, Lygon
Submitted by: Mrs. Jim R. Legans
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Hobb was a pet form of the name Robert (where there is a mention of Hobb). The Norman invasion in 1066 brought many names to England, but the locals had trouble pronouncing the Norman version of a preceding 'R' so they used 'H' in many cases, which was easier for them to say. That why Dick became a nickname for Rick (Richard), and Hobb was substituted for Rob (Robert). Hob, Hopp, Hobbin, Hoblin, Hobling, Hoblyn are variations. Patronymic forms include Hobbes, Hobbs, Hobbiss, Hobbis, Hobson, Hopson, Hobbins. Hopkins: English Patronymic name...At the time of the conquest, the Normans brought the name Robert to England, and it had several pet forms that became the basis for surnames. Rob (which we still use), Hob, and Dob, were all pet names for Robert. Hobbs and Hobson were drawn from Hob, and Hopkins was yet another variation. Hopp is generally a variation of the English patronymic name Hobb, which was a medieval given name spelled alternately Hobbe, and Hobb, which was a pet form of the given name Robert. Hob is another variant, while diminutive forms are Hobbin, Hobling, Hoblyn , and Hobbes, Hobbs, Hobbis, and Hobbiss are patronymic variations. As a name of German origin, Hobb is likely a spelling variation of the Low German name HoppeChris Hobbs
Surnames: Heppner, Heptner, Hob, Hobbes, Hobbin, Hobbins, Hobbis, Hobbiss, Hobbs, Hoblin, Hobling, Hoblyn, Hobson, Hopf, Hopfer, Hopfner, Hopman, Hopp, Hoppner, Hopson, Hoptner, Van Hoppe
Submitted by: Chris Hobbs
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: The name Gallion is of French origin and is most probably derived from the Old French word 'galier'. It is of nickname origin and it originally signified 'man of good humor, joker'.
Surnames: Gallion, Gallienne, Galyean, Gaylon, Galyen, Gallyon, Gallien, Gallian
Submitted by: Bill Honnen
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: John McCulley born near Gallway in Scotland in 1763.Brother Robert was born in Ireland in 1768 on their way here to the colonies. We find them in Blount Co. Tn in 1790.
Surnames: McCulley, McCully, McCulough
Submitted by: Jean Hill
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: briar hill or fort
Surnames: brierly
Submitted by:
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: I am looking for my family in Ireland and Scotland. I am traveling overseas soon. Also, I have nothing to do while my leg is in a cast.
Surnames: Patric ia Lynnerin Deeley
Submitted by: yozed
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: born 1823 tenn maried nancy jane wall 1844 son william caroll blythe 1849 tenn tenn mo ark
Surnames: blythe
Submitted by: travis brewer tulsa okla
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: African American, Arkansas origin (1800s)
Surnames: Connolly
Submitted by: Andree
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: I am trying to find the family of James Arnold Cully, born on 6-21-37. He was removed from his home at the age of 3 by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations of Amherst Co., VA. It is my understanding that James' father's name may have been William 'Willy' Cully. The search is for medical reasons.
Surnames: Cully
Submitted by: Kathy Crump
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Descendants of John Dillman (from Germany)...Adams County, PA. by mid 1800's. Son, William F. (1837-1926) married Catherine Carey (1838-??).
Surnames: Kelly
Submitted by: Erin McCleaf-Bolling
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: I am interested in researching the the family of Sarah Kelly, who married a Thomas John Kilroy. They are my great great grand parents and the only child name that i have of theirs is Thomas John Kilroy. Whos birthdate was 11-3-1894 and was born in Waterloo, NSW, Australia. He went on to marry Violet May Davidson on the 15-1-1916. Violets birthday was the 14-10-1896. I am really only interested in the Kilroy and Kelly family, but would welcoem any information on the Davdson side as well...
Surnames: Kelly
Submitted by: Emily
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: I am looking for relatives of Edward Timothy Kelly. He was born in 1886 in Kilkenny, Ireland. I was told he had about 13 brothers and sisters and that he was a twin. He died on June 29, 1965 in New York. He married Mary Winifred O'Conner from Londonderry, Ireland. They were my mother's parents. My mother's name was Maureen Alicia Kelly. She was born 12/24/1916 in Brooklyn, NY.
Surnames: Kelly
Submitted by: Tim Ridley
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Kelly, James L., Lived & died in Tippah County, Miss. Reportedly moved there with the Tate & Ticer families. Born in Abbeville Dist., South Carolina 1802. Can't find records for South Carolina.
Surnames: Kelly
Submitted by: Sarah K. Rogers
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Surnames: O'DALY
Submitted by: DAVID O'DALY
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: John Lynd & Betsey Pancake of Lawrence County, Ohio
Surnames: Lynd
Submitted by: Teri Cochran Allred, AG, CGRS
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Famous in Connacht & Eire provinces, ancient warriors & physicians to the king are Mac an Tuile or O'Maotuile of Cavan, Longford region & Tullystown, Barony Fore, Westmeath. Tully Castle?s north-west of Monea Castle Fermanagh & Tullynally Castle are on maps dated 1600. Tully?s near Killagan & Kingstown, Kildare, Strokestown & Tully Bay south of Lough Erne. Russian Prince du Tolly, was the General against Napoleons 1812 retreat & of Clan Barclay in Scotland where Tully's enjoy 'protection' today
Surnames: Tully
Submitted by: Andrew Tully
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: Looking for info on family of Richard Leroy Kelly. Siblings, Orman, Ivan, Blanche and Lee. Lee settled in RI after WWI. Richard's mother may have been an Overman. Richard's wife was Delta Mae Estes. Children Mildred, Chester Leroy, Dolores, Raymond and Maxine. Specifically looking for Edward Kelly who is researching Lee Kelly.
Surnames: Kelly
Submitted by: Joyce Kelly
Origin of Ly, Meaning of Ly

Origin: An ancestor, most likely Herveus de Kipier, married a daughter of the earl Percy on Northern England in the late 12th century. Her dowry was the manor of Topcliffe in Yorkshire so her husband styled himself de Toppeclyve. The vast majority of us descend from this marriage.
Surnames: Topcliffe, Topley, Topliff, Tapley, Tokely, Tockley, Toclive, Tocklyffe, Toplin, Taplin, Toppeclyve, Topply, Tople, Taple, Tapple
Submitted by: Colin Topley

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