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G. Stitcher Fox
Description: Researching in Virginia counties: Orange, Madison, Greene, Louisa, Albemarle, Campbell, Rockingham

Surnames: Bibb, Clark, Ferneyhough, Grubbs, Hall, Harris, Jones, Lee, Locker, Moore, Parrish, Porter, Sanner, Smith, Stitzer/Stitcher/Sticher, Taylor, Tuell/Tuel

Danna Mullens Reese
Description: Looking for information on Martin and Rebecca Mullins. Last info found on them is the 1850 McNairy, TN census. Moved his family to Lamar Co., TX shortly after this census where his children settled and rasied families. Would love to find out what happened to Martin and Rebecca.

Surnames: Mullins/Mullens/Locke/Lock/Smyers/Overbey/

Charisse Greer
Description: The Greer's from Fentress County and around the TN area. David Greer and Mary Ann Locke married in sevier Co. about 1805.

Surnames: Greer, Crockett, Locke, Reed, and Rains, Choate.

Gaylin Carpenter
Description: Looking for info. on John Warfield 1842-1937 & wife Anna Cecelia (Locke)Warfield & daughters were: #1 Margie(died Young), #2 Carrie Anne (Nan)born 1870 marr. #1 Wm. Battersby &#2 Geo. Elbert, #3 Louisa (Lucy) born 1876 marr. Daniel Millen & possibly dau #4 Winifred Elizabeth born 1878 who marr. Clement Colesworthy. John Warfields #2 wife was Emma Clark & they had a dau. Emma L. born 1883.

Surnames: Warfield, Locke, Battersby, Elbert, Millen, Colesworthy, Clark

Gaylin Carpenter
Description: Need info. on Samuel Klingensmith born 1858 PA & died 1928 TX. Wife was Anne Cecelia Locke born 1843 Ire & died 1907 TX. Married 1876-1878 pro. Fort Worth TX.

Surnames: Klingensmith, Locke

Gaylin Carpenter
Description: Need info. on Peter Cremers born 1836 PA or Ire. Married 3 Feb 1867 at Carlisle Barraacks PA to Annie Cecelia Locke. A daughter Margaret Cremers was born 16 July 1867 at Little Rock, AK. She married Charles F. Morrison on 7 Mar 1883 at Cheyenne, WY. Margaret died either in Oct. or Dec. 16 1902 at Ft. Keogh, Miles City, MT. She was reburied at Lowell, MA family history says.

Surnames: Cremers, Locke, Morrison

Description: I'm looking for information on the Daltons of Northeastern Georgia[Banks,Habersham,Franklin Co.].

Surnames: Dalton,Meeks,Spencer,Locke,Fisher,Brown,Evans

Gaylin Carpenter
Description: Descendents of William Wallace born abt 1823-1825 Scotland and he died May or June 1865 while still in military in PA. He might be the one buried at Ashland Cem. at Carlisle, PA. His wife was Anne Cecelia Locke born 14 Feb 1843 Ire. & died 22 April 1907 San Antonio,Tx. Her last name was Klingensmith & his first name was Samuel. She married 4 times. The other two men were Peter Cremer & John Warfield. Annie had nine daughters but two died young. Need info. on all.

Surnames: Wallace,Locke,Sullivan,Tait,Carpenter,Cremer,Warfield,Millem,Klingensmith,Colesworthy,Flannery,Battersby,Hawkins,Elbert,O'Brien,Morrison,Sargent,

Description: Florida Locke's; Claude Cleveland (father John & Mary); Claude married Margaret Griffin & had Claude Jr, Raymond, William L . Raymond is possibly in New Jersey married to Evelyn, had 2 sons. Claude Jr. had 1 daughter, Serina. William L. had William L. Jr. and Elizabeth Rae. William Jr. had me and my sister, Melinda. Looking for Claude Jr. & Raymond relatives. Also for parents & birth place of John Locke, born 1854.

Surnames: Locke, Griffin

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