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Origin of Lo

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Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: History and Territory of Clann O'Hanlon: originally the Ua'h-Anluain sept.
Surnames: HANLON, O'HANLON, Hanlan, Hanlen, Hanlin, Hanlyn, Handlon, Handlen, Handlan, Handlyn, Hanlin
Submitted by: Annemarie Bruinsma Hanlon
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Christopher Columbuses real name is Cristobal Colon. The name is pronounced exactly like cologne and has an accent over the second o. The folklore of the name is that the white man found it too difficult to pronounce colon so it became Columbus. Colon is of Spainard descent and is linked heavily to the Puerto Rican people.
Surnames: Colon, Columbus
Submitted by: Amanda Colon
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: The Clow surname is locational in origin, meaning one who came from, or lived near a valley in a hillside
Surnames: Clow
Submitted by: April Clow-Gelina
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Ireland
Surnames: Redmond, Dwyer, O'Dwyer, Magee, Coghlan, Coglin, Coughlin, Coglan, Coughlan, Shields, Malone
Submitted by: Arthur C Redmond
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: this name dates back to the 11th century. it's origin is in italy. it means Of the Angels. My maiden name is DiAngelo. My father was born in italy and came to the united states in the 1931. He served in the us army and to distinguish that his name was D'Angelo and not D. Angelo they changed his name to DiAngelo.
Surnames: D'angelo, Diangelo
Submitted by: barbara mecannic
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: this surname is of origin Espa?ol or Arabian
Surnames: Flores, Florez
Submitted by: Claudio Marcelo Flores
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Parsley, according to my research is either a place name(saxon: Parr's leah, or Parr's grove), or a variant on Pashley, Paisley, Paslow, or Presley. The English name seems to be from northern England and southern Scotland, however, its also rumored to be Irish. There is also a group of Parsleys from Norway, but I have no knowledge if the two are connected. In the United States, Parsley is most often found in the southeast, around Tennessee, Virginia and Arkansas. The earliest American reference I found to the name was a death certificate from Virginia dated c.1720
Surnames: Paisley, Parsley, Pashley, Paslow, Presley
Submitted by: Donald Parsley
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: This name is a Scottish name drived from two Scottish words, weard and laugh. (law) Weard means 'watch' and Laugh means 'hill'. (We have been called 'Weardlow' many times over the years. A Watch hill was used much as Paul Revere used Old North church. A lookout tower, only it was a hill, many of which are found in Scotland. Wardlaw and Wardlow are very well known in Scottish history and we believe the variance to be an aural misconception and the hearer just wrote down what they thought they heard. You may have been named Wardlaw just because your family lived very near one of these hills.
Surnames: Wardlaw, Wardlow
Submitted by: Donald Wardlow
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: From the research I have accumulated the name Mellor may have originated from a Celtic word, Moel or the Latin, Mollis, which means a smooth, rounded hill. In England there are two villages named Mellor, one near Blackburn, the other south of Manchester. I have also been told that the name may have originated from a man or family named Mel who lived on a mountain or hill i.e., 'Lor'. This may not be correct, but we believe the name is Norman-French, and was transported to the British Isles at the time of William the Conquerer around 1066 A.D. Would love to talk with others who may have more to substantiate these descriptions.
Surnames: Mellor, Mellors
Submitted by: Earl Scot Mellor
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Hickenloopers first came to America from Mittleschlechtbach, Germany in October 1754. The ship 'Peggy' on which Andreas Heckenleib arrived in this country sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, thus many think the name is Dutch. I have been told the name means 'hedge-hopper/thief.' I understand there are still Heckenliables in Germany today. Some Heckenliables ventured through eastern Europe and Russia first, before coming to America. When they arrived they called themselves Heckenlively.
Surnames: Heckenlaible, Heckenleib, Heckenlively, Hickenlooper, Hickenloover
Submitted by: Emily Dikis
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: This may be a variation of an italian surmane.Granfather was born in Peru--however his father was born in Italy--perhaps Bologna
Surnames: Pellon, Pellone Pelloni
Submitted by: Frederic Pellon
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: A sept of the Clan MacDonald form the Isle of Man. Directly translated, Killough means Holy Lake, or Church Lake. The Killoughs were keepers of holy relics with in the clan.
Surnames: Kalloch, Kellough, Killoe, Killough, Killow, Kilo
Submitted by: Gaylee (Killough) Bork
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Information that we have traces the origin of the Cloer name, with this particular spelling, to a minor French noble house in the middle ages. The name means 'nail wright' or 'maker of nails' and apparently this was the profession of the original family prior to the period of 'nobility'. (We have no information as to how the family rose to this position.) This spelling should not be confused with Clore, which is an entirely different family and is Scottish in origin having been spelled McClore before being 'Americanized.' Our information suggests that the Cloers came to this country during the French revolution to escape religious persecution.
Surnames: Cloer
Submitted by: Gloria Robbins
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: jablon - in czech and polish is apple-tree jablonsky - is maybe founder, owner or farmer of apple-tree garden
Surnames: Jablonovsky, Jablonski, Jablonsky
Submitted by: ivan jablonsky
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Originally LeFleur from Quebec ... Changed to Flora to Anglicize name after a move to upper New York State (the current Jefferson County NY}.... Also, they supposedly operated a hardware store and 'the flower' hardware store didn't have the right ring to it... I believe this occured in the early to mid 18th Century.
Surnames: Flora
Submitted by: jack flora
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: The name as far back as I have been able to go generated in Scotland and Leslie Felix Clow went to Nova Scotia from Scotland in 1900's
Surnames: Clough, Clow
Submitted by: Jo Ann Boyd
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Originally D' Loges, meaning 'of Loges', a town in France.
Surnames: Deloach
Submitted by: Joseph Bishop
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: My family arrived at Ellis Island from Russia. The orginal name was Lomasov, but it was changed becuase a clerk thought it would be to hard to pronounce.
Surnames: Lomas, Lomasov
Submitted by: Juli Ann Lomas
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Looney comes from the Isle of Man. It is of Irish /English descent.
Surnames: Looney
Submitted by: Kathy Schritter
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Lunt, 1396, the definite article was prefixed down to the xvii cent Lunt is situated in the flattest fen district drained by the River Alt, which also forms its north-eastern boundary. The marshy pastures are liable to floods during winter and in wet seasons. In the southern portion there are cultivated fields where cereals and root-crops thrive in a soil consisting of a mixture of sand and clay. Hedges are scanty and trees few and far between. The geological formation is the same as in Sefton. It was formley a hamlet of Sefton, but its separation seems to have been accomplished before 1624. It has an area of 477 acres, and the population in 1901 was 80. The road from Sefton to Ince Blundell passes through it. St. Helen's well close to Sefton church, is a wishing well; a pin had to be thrown in, and if it could be seen at the bottom of the well the omen was favourable. The township is governed by a parish council. Manorially Lunt seems to have been a member of Sefton, but land in it is on one occasion said to have been held of the lord of Warrington, suggesting a territorial connexion with the adjioning township of Thornton. Richard de Molyneux, some time before 1212, gave to Richard Branch and to Robert half a plough-land to be held byKerry James Lunt
Surnames: Lond, Lount, Lund, Lunt
Submitted by: Kerry James Lunt
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: The name Hallowell is of english origin
Surnames: Hallowell, Halowell
Submitted by: Matt
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: in Wales as Mayleror Meyler about 1100 then to Ireland to the county Wexford--John Meeler wes costodian of the peace of Dumcormack 1327-1377-About 1653 Thomas Meeler came to Va,-Henrico county-- His son Nicholas and maybe brother Peter is the beginning of the Meeler- Mealer familr that is now commmmon in the south with both names still in southern Va even tho they may be cousins.
Surnames: Mealear, Mealer, Mealor, Meeler, Meler, Meyler
Submitted by: meeler
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: My mother was a Loftis. She is from Alabama/Mississippi. My great grandparents are from Ireland. There is a story about the difference between Loftis and Loftus. There were two brothers who got in a huge fight to the point that they no longer wanted to be associated. As a gesture of disgust, one changed the spelling of their name so that they would no longer being associated. A good friend of mine in high school was a Loftus. We both went to our relatives and asked if they knew why they were spelt differently. And amazingly enough, we both came back with the same story. Both of us having relatives who came over on the boat from Ireland. Hope this helps.
Surnames: Loftis, Loftus
Submitted by: Melissa Stage
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Is a modification of 'Miller', I have been told. There is a small village near Manchester, UK, called 'Mellor'.
Surnames: Mellor
Submitted by: Nick Mellor
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Believed to have originated as a place name in Scotland.
Surnames: Lockabay, Lockabie, Lockaby, Lockerby
Submitted by: Perry G. McCrary
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: The Italian surname Lopez, is of Spanish origin. Surnames such as this came from the personal name of the father of the original bearer of the name. The surname Lopez came from the the Spanish personal name 'Lope' and the suffix 'ez' signifies 'son of'. The Spanish personal name 'Lope' becomes 'Lupo' in Italian, which came from the Latin word 'Lupus' and means 'wolf'.
Surnames: Lope, Lopez, Lupo, Lupone, Lupus
Submitted by: Rhonda Lopez Wallers
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: It originated in Scotland. Kin is the Scottish term for family (kinfolk). The clan used to live near Lochs (Lakes) So the clans used to visits their kin that lived near the loch. That is were the surmane Kinloch originated from.
Surnames: Kinloch
Submitted by: Scott Douglas
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Originally from Russia, then Alsace Loranne, France
Surnames: Marzloff, Marzolf
Submitted by: Sean Marzolf
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: The orgin of this Surname is a variant spelling of the word Holy Day. This was the war cry of the Annandale Warriors of Scotland in the Strathclyde Briton area. The name means Holy Day or Festival. It was given to a child born on a festival, thus it was called the Holy Day child. Or the many different spellings of the name applied like that of the 15th century, hallidaye. No matter how you spell it, it still means Holy Day.
Surnames: Halidai, Halldae, Halliday, Halloday, Halydaei, Halyday, Holladay, Holliday
Submitted by: Thomas B. Holladay,III
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: British in origin. From Hwit-hloew. White soil hill or burial mound.
Surnames: Whitlow
Submitted by: Travis Whitlow
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: My own surname is from Derbyshire, England, the earliest being in the late 1700s.
Surnames: Longman
Submitted by: William Longman
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: This Irish family name had originally been 'Goldenlock' because so many of the Goudelock had red hair.(from the book 'William Corry and His Descendants'). The Goudelocks came over to America from North Ireland to New Jersey to Virginia and then to South Carolina. This was William Goudelock and His wife Ann Duncan Goudelock.(This is form the book 'Davis Stockton of Virginia').
Surnames: Goudelock
Submitted by: Y. L. Goudelock
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Believed to be French Canadians who migrated from Quebec to Prescott, Ontario. Entered U.S. at Ogdensburg, NY Changed name to Flora to get into RR union. Alexander Fleurant who was father of Wm. Frank Flora who lived in Niagara Fall, NY
Surnames: Fleaurant, Fleurant, Flora
Submitted by: dan Flora
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: The name comes from the villiage of Glattfelden Switzerland just north of Zurich. All Glotfelty families come from Solomon Glotfelty, b.1738 son of Casper Glattfelder, b. 1709.
Surnames: Clodfelter, Clotfelter, Gladfelter, Glatfelter, Glattfelder, Glotfelter, Glotfelty
Submitted by: Don Hartman
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: There is a town by the name of Lowenstein in Germany. It is situated south-east of Frankfurt. There is also a castle there by the same name, as well as a mountain range of that name. There are several branches of the Lowenstein family. I know of the following: 1. The German high nobility (mostly catholic) 2. 'Ordinary' folk in northern Hessen (mostly Lutheran) 3. The Jewish branch (many of them in the United States). In Germany during the 17th and 18th centuries, Jewish people often took the names of the prominent families who protected them. 4. The Lowensteyn (originally Lowenstein and Lutheran) branch, mainly in The Netherlands, but also families in Canada and Ne
Surnames: Loewensteijn, Lowensteijn, Lowenstein, Lowensteyn
Submitted by: Peter Lowensteyn
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: My Tollovsons were the sons and daughter of Tollov (Arentsen) Arnson, born about 1932 in Norway.
Surnames: Tollovson
Submitted by: Linda L. Mott
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Furlong originated with the distance measurement of furlong now only used in horse races. The Irish Furlongs came over with Strongbow who aided MacMurrough's attempt to conquor all of Ireland. In reward for their services, MacMurrough promised them land in Wexford and Waterford.
Surnames: Furlong
Submitted by: judy picard
Origin of Lo, Meaning of Lo

Origin: Possibly of Pictish origin, the sept originated from Leathlobhair, one of the kings of Ireland who died in 871.(Ireland was then divided in four parts, each mastered by one ' king ' ).
Surnames: Lallour, Lalor, Lalour, Lawlor
Submitted by: Patrick LALLOUR

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