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Origin of Leach

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Origin of Leach, Meaning of Leach

Origin: The Leach family are the decendants of the McLeach family of Scotland. Three brothers McLeach came to this country from the Highlands of Scotland 350 years ago, and settled in Cold Run Mass. The name was changed, on petition to Parliament, from McLeach to Leach. This was in about 1760- 125 years after they arrived here.
Surnames: Leach, Leache
Submitted by: Deanna
Origin of Leach, Meaning of Leach

Origin: John Meade Leach,married Alena Adams,8 kids,son(Thomas)Meade Leach,my granddad jefferson co,PA. info:marriage, Thomas Leach b:1830 OH d:1903 Jackson Co.OH & Mary Ann Skinner b: 1835 OH m 1853 OH, Jackson d: Aft 1880.Is Thomas Leach related Leach's Jefferson co & bond MaryAnn Skinner to Skinners in PA grandmother, Millie Devoe Skinner Morgan,her mom Fanny Oswald Skinner married Sherman Skinner,Millie had brother (REV)Floyd Skinner;cousin Secil Skinner from Clearfield Co, PA.
Surnames: Leach
Submitted by: Dulany Morrison Leach-McElreavy

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