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Origin of Lau

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Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Germany
Surnames: Goethe, Goette, Goettee, Gothe, G?the, Otto, Lauer, Eggert, Thursam, Thuersam, Tiersam
Submitted by: Allison Goettee Cate
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: The Lawton family name comes from the name of the residence of its first bearers near Cheshire, England, circa 1043-66AD. This from one writer: 'Lautune (anciently called Lauton under Lyme)...was possessed by Godric in the time of [Edward] The Confessor, and became the property of Hugo de Mara... [May also refer] to the neighboring township of Buglawton, which down to a comparatively late period was often simply called Lawton.
Surnames: Lauton, Lautune, Lawton
Submitted by: Matthew Lawton
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: The surname McLaughlin has various origins, most of which are based on an ancestor named 'Lochlan.' Others were corrupted forms of similar Irish names. The best known are the McLaughlins of Donegal (MacLochlainn); The Maclachlans of Argyle, Scotland; the McLoughlins of Connacht (in Leitrim and Roscommon); The O Maoilseachlainns of Westmeath (whose name was corrupted to McLoughlin); the Mac Giolla Seachlainns of Bregia; (MacGillaghlin); Some O Lachtnainns (O'Loughnanes) of Ireland similarly had their names mis-anglicised to McLoughlin or O'Loughlin.
Surnames: McLaughlin, McLoughlin
Submitted by: John D. McLaughlin
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Mc - meaning 'son of' - Lachlan - Being from the land near the loch.
McLachlan is the oldest form of this surname. The name originates from the clan of McLachlan which was situated at McLachlan castle near Loch Fyre on the Scottish west coast of the highlands.
Surnames: McLachlan, MacLachlan, McLaughlin, MacLaughlin
Submitted by:
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Researching Claughton/Clafton in Yorkshire. Mainly Guiseley, Horsforth, Yeadon areas.
Surnames: Claughton
Submitted by: Andy Claughton
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Family of Duncan and Georgia of Pensacola, Florida
Surnames: McLaughlin
Submitted by: William M. McLaughlin
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Descendants of Jacob Bowman (1670-1753) from Switzerland to Lancaster County, PA. Other surnames: Martin, Bar...
Surnames: Lauver
Submitted by: Erin McCleaf-Bolling
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: father james - mother jane children Annie and Charles b.l874 b.l876 Lancs ??
Surnames: mclaughlin
Submitted by: beth williams
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Joseph Tacilauskas born c1878 Lithuania lived London.````(Joseph used the name TECHILOSKY in England UK).````Joseph TACILAUSKAS was probably born in Lithuania, possibly on 6 January 1878````Enquirer - Mike Willett Brisbane Australia.``Information updated Mar 2002.
Surnames: Tacilauskas
Submitted by: Mike Willett
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Emil H. Claussen (1814-1849)from Holstein region to IL. Researching his ancestors and descendants. Always like to share.
Surnames: Claussen
Submitted by: Juli Claussen
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Lived in Carburton Nottinghamshire England around the 1700's was servants to the Duke of Portland in the Dukeries. apparently prominent in the 1500's around that time.
Surnames: Launt
Submitted by: Gerald Launt
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Lauver, Kendig, Witmer, McCahan, Amlaw. Juniata County, PA > NE > WI & MN
Surnames: LAUVER
Submitted by: Paula Deml
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Swiss.Meaning gardener
Surnames: Loubser, Loubscher, Laubscher
Submitted by: Dirk
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Lauder

Middle English origin auden from Old French origin lauder, from latin laudare from lau, laud

Means praise
Surnames: Lauder
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Caribbean
Surnames: Laurence
Submitted by: Lydia
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: According to my research the surname
SAVAGE means "someone of fierce countenance."
Surnames: Savage, White, Borden. Hartnett, Lauriston
Submitted by: Bill Savage
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Earliest appearance of the SULOUFF surname is in the 1783 tax record for Brecknock Twp., Berks Co. Pa., where it is spelled SULOUF. Prior to that time it was spelled ZULAUF or ZULAUFF, and it was brought to America by a Hessian soldier named Johannes ZULAUF who arrived at Staten Island 15 August 1776. The surname ZULAUF is the German noun 'crowd' or 'throng' and the German verb 'run to.' The surname went through slightly variant spellings in Berks Co. and York Co. Pa. between 1783 and 1802, and finally it settled to the spelling SULOUFF in Mifflin (now Juniata) Co. after 1802. Two sons continued using the spelling SULOUFF while two sons simplified the surname to SULOFF. These two spellings continue among descendants to this day (January 2005).
Submitted by: Nelson R. Sulouff
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: hermit
Surnames: Klausner
Submitted by:
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: German...means rolling hills. Derived from the Limburg family, had to choose a new name to increase land holdings without causing a war. Chose Laufenberg because of the hills where the castle was built.
Surnames: Laufenberg
Submitted by:
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: Origin of SULOFF in Pennsylvania derives from ZULAUF, the surname of a Hessian soldier who arrived in America in 1776. In 1779 he became a POW in Reading Pa. First change of spelling for his surname to SULOUF is found in tax record for Robeson Twp., Berks Co. PA in 1783. First change of spelling among descendants to SULOFF is found in Mifflin Co. (now Juniata Co.) about 1840. Original meaning of ZULAUF is German word for "run together" or "run toward" and possibly is a place-related surname based upon conjunction of a trail or juncture of streams in the province of Hesse-Cassel (now Germany).
Submitted by: Rev. Nelson R. Sulouff
Origin of Lau, Meaning of Lau

Origin: "son of Laust"
Laust is a side form of (Latin) Laurentius. This form is especially known in most parts of Jutland, Denmark.
Laurentius is a Roman Catholic saint and martyr
(was grilled to death)
Surnames: Laustsen
Submitted by: A. Mehlsen Laustsen

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