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Genealogy depository for the Larson/Morgan Conglomeration
Genealogy depository for the Larson/Morgan Conglomeration. Includes: census images, cemetery photos, maps, document scans, and Ahnentafels. Surnames: LARSON, MORGAN, MELIN, GOREE / GAURY, WILL, HANSON, BRADFORD, MYERS, TIETJENS, COTTON, PATTILLO, ALLEN, L?KEN, MATSSON, PINDERS, SILER/SYLER, SLOAN, ENGSTROM, GERZMOKINSKY, and NORIN. Primary locations include: Douglas, Otter Tail, and Polk County, Minnesota; Rapides and Grant Parish, Louisiana; Franklin County, Tennessee; Orange County, Texas; Rutland County, Vermont; Stj?rdal & L?nke, Norway; Maglarp, Sweden; and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
Our Collection of Family Names
Andrew J Beadle - InterneTree
The Darwin and Alice Hardman Beatty Home Page
John Franklin Beatty b.Pittigo, Ireland lived in Chickasaw Co. IAJethro Jones from Wales, lived in Chickasaw Co.IA Joshua Christopher from England,lived in CO, Tx, and IA James Ludlow Riggs lived in Dickinson and Emmett Co. IA James Calvin Hampshire Mercer Co. MO family from Germany Johnnes Hamsher/Hamscher (John Hampshire) Iva Sanders Hampshire f = J.W. Sanders from IN John Alexander Hardman Mercer Co. MO family ? from Henry Co. IN Mary Jane Snapp Hardman family from Germany Johnnes Schnepp/Schnepf (John Snapp) Jacob and Lena Freeze Raveling from Germany lived Clay Co. IA John Larson from Halmstra, Sweden lived in Clay Co. IA Edward Handke from ? lived in Oto, IA Charles Grubb from ? lived in Ruthven, IA
The Beaujean Family Tree
InterneTree: Albert F Beaujean
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Deborah K Baughman
The Bateman Family's Ancestors
Bateman Family Tree
My Larson - Lilly - Murphy Family Tree
Sweden to Wisconsin - The Peter Larson family. Iowa to Wisconsin - The Arthur Lilly family. Ireland to Wisconsin - The Stephen Murphy family. Germany to Iowa - The Beuter family My Larson - Lilly - Murphy Family Tree: Surname List
The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX
Our findings so far, go back to our G.G.G.Grandparents; John Balentine (DOB:1785) and Sarah Culpepper (DOB:1786),on our father's side, and to our G.Grandparents; William J.Keaton (DOB:05 May 1835)and Martha Ann Moore (DOB:1840)on our mother's side. The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX: Surname List
Anne Tove og Tor Arild Bakke
Anne Tove og Tor Arild Bakke: Surname List
The Hites of Shenandoah County, VA
Julie Bailey - InterneTree
InterneTree: Rachel Baxter (Beixter)
The Hans Ruuds of South Dakota
InterneTree: Gayle Diane (Ford) Wyant The Hans Ruuds of South Dakota: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
The Deidre & Bernie Badker Family Home Page
BERNIE ALAN BADKER'S FAMILY Father's Side Henry Frederick Badker married to Ida Price and their descendants in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota (About 1850 to present). Mother's Side John Dargan (Born 1799-Ireland, Died 1900) married to unknown name in Ireland, Riceville, Iowa (About 1800 to present). DEIDRE ANN OLSEN'S FAMILY Father's Side Iver Syse (Born September 4, 1807-Norway, Died October 24, 1891)married to Katherine Opheim (Norway) and their descendants in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota (About 1807 to present). Bastian Larson (Born March 26, 1826-Norway, Died April 12, 1906, Iowa) married to Anne Tederu Peterson (Norway) on March 23, 1856,in Iowa, Wisconsin (1826 to present). William Olson (Born 1816, Died 1895) married Sarah (Born 1838) both from Norway, immigrated to Meroa, Iowa, and their descendants in Iowa, Minnesota (1816 to present). Hans Peterson (Alm) (Born October 22, 1838, Died July 18, 1923) married Ingeborg Ponderus (Born July 4, 1837, Died June 14, 1922)both from Norway, immigrated to Meroa, Iowa, and their descendants in Iowa, Minnesota (1838 to present). Mother's Side Jurgen Ketelsen married Margaret Carlson(Both born in Germany, possibly around early 1800's) and their descendants. Looking for Katherine Ketelsen (Died May 7, 1931, Trosky, Minnesota) and other siblings of August Ketelsen (Born March 15, 1872 Died May 14, 1960) Henrick Henry Arp (Born January 31, 1845, Died November 16, 1926) married Bertha Schoel (Born September 22, 1842, Died November 6, 1904) (Both born in Germany, died in Iowa) and their descendants in Minnesota, Iowa (1842 to present). Christophers Rustavd and Ann Katerine (Both born & died in Norway) and descendants in Norway, Iowa (1800 to present) Anders Wong married Caroline (Both born in Norway & Died in U.S.) and descendants in Iowa, North Dakota (1800 to present).
Decendents of Gunder Baarlie (Norway) & Johan Backman (SWE)
Gunder Baarlie and Martha Nelson decendants along with decendents of Andrew M. Johnson of Wisconsin (born in SWE). decendants of Christian Gunderson and Martha Nelson Pederson. decendants of Anton Baarlie Gunderson, born 1841 Eidsvold Norway. desendants of Johan Backman born 3/12/1780 in Piteae lfs. Sweden. InterneTree: Karl R Backman
Rowells of Minnesota
Stephani Ayala - InterneTree
Dorie's Family Tree Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Sr Remer (View PDF) Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Fredrick Tuckenhagen (View PDF)
Awe-Scearcy-Tessmer-Olson, etc... Home Page
InterneTree: Mariam Bleazard (Blazzard) Awe-Scearcy-Tessmer-Olson, etc... Home Page: Surname List
Kimberly Ann (Reinhard) Augelli - My Family Tree
InterneTree: Kimberly A Augelli NC Kimberly Ann (Reinhard) Augelli - My Family Tree: Surname List
Qui Habet Aures Audienti, AUDIAT! Matthews 11-12
All-in-One Tree of Ole Pedersen Qui Habet Aures Audienti, AUDIAT! Matthews 11-12: Surname List
Athon and Hammer Family
Athon 1650-Present MD VA NC IN IL KSAkers 1700-Present PA KSDibert 1800-Present PA OH KSGainey 1756-1899 NC KY IN ILGiles 1700-1800 SC KYHammer 1000-Present NORWAY KSLanning 1600-Present WALES NJ IL KSLarson 1000-Present NORWAY KSMeredith 1800-1900 NC INPettijohn 1800-1930 OH KSSlusser 1600-1900 GERMANY MD OH KSStarbuck 1600-Present ENGLAND MS NC IN KSTournade 1815-Present FRANCE LA FL PR KSWood 1800-1900 OH NE FL KS
Carole Atchley
Carole Atchley - InterneTree
Atchison-Beecher; New England to Ohio
Atchison-Beecher; New England to Ohio: Surname List
Jeanne Sue Ashworth Cooke Home Page
Jesse Weatherly Cooke born October 31, 1890 of South Carolina. Ida Mae Horne born August 12, l870 of North Carolina married to Isaiah Devander Faircloth, born March 21, l861 also of the Carolina area. The Archie Devander Cooke Home Page: Surname List
The Alan Lawrence Arthurs of New Orleans, La.
Canary Island Migration to Louisiana in the late 18th century and to the earliest settlers of New Orleans.
Philip Trygve Arneson, Colorado Springs, CO
InterneTree: Trygve Arneson Philip Trygve Arneson, Colorado Springs, CO: Surname List
The Edward Plumer Nickless Home Page
InterneTree: Descendants of Edward Plumer Nickless Edward and Jessie Nickless, my great-grandparents, had fourteen children.
Wade's Historical Qwest Page
Lawrence Corbesia/Loreen Busall of Faribault, Minnesota - Rice County.
Ancestors Of Wade Alan Anderson
Ancestors of Wade Alan Anderson: Surname List
The Scott Anderson & Sarah Soderfelt Home Page
Anderson-Hjalmer (b.1885 in Sweden) Bouquot- family lived in Minnesota most of their lives, but spread out to Montana and Iowa. Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Lauren Ashley Anderson InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Lauren Ashley Anderson
The Anderson-Larson Family Home Page
Rosaline Anderson surname list
The Miriam And Robert Andree Family Home Page
Robert R Andree - InterneTree
The Ray Anderson Home Page
my second great grandparent Anders Persson who was born November 29, 1810 in Kvarntorp, H?gs?ter, Sweden and died April 04, 1887. He married (1) Johanna Jakobsdotter November 14, 1829 in H?gs?ter, Sweden, daughter of Jakob Andersson and Kajsa Hansdotter. She was born February 06, 1811 in Solberg, H?gs?ter, Sweden, and died May 10, 1848 in Kvarntorp, H?gs?ter, Sweden. He married (2) Britta Stina Johanesdotter Abt. 1848, daughter of Johannes Engelbrectsson and Anna Olsdotter. She was born February 13, 1827, and died February 15, 1904. Children of Anders Persson and Johanna Jakobsdotter were: Per Andersson, born 1830; died 1831. Per Andersson, born 1832; died 1887. Anders Andersson, born 1833; died 1840. Anders Andersson, born 1835; died 1887. Johannes Andersson, born 1836; died Unknown. Anna Kajsa Andersdotter, born 1838; died 1887. Elisabet Andersdotter, born 1841; died 1841. My great-grandfather Hans Andersson, born October 21, 1842 in Kvarntorp, H?gs?ter, Sweden; died March 08, 1918 in Rochester, MN. Jan Jakob Andersson, born 1844; died 1846. Eva Andersdotter, born 1847; died 1928. Children of Anders Persson and Britta Johannesdotter were: Jan Jakob Anderson, born 1849; died 1917. Olaus Anderson, born 1851; died 193Raymond J. Anderson
Ancestors and Family of Earl & Inez Anderson, Kelowna B.C.
Inez Larson's family is entirely composed of Norwegian lines of descent which included the families of Larson, Christiansen, Hanson, Pederson, and many others. These families centered in the Scandinavian settlements near LaCrosse Wisconsin in the 1870 and 1880's. Anderson/Larson family tree version
The Andersons of Becker County, Minnesota
Paternal family from Sweden: ANDERSON, NILSON, NELSON, BRUZELL, LARSON, ALSTERMARK. I have traced part of this family to the village of ?straby, Sk?ne (the southern tip of Sweden) Material family: KING, COLLINS, SCHRAM, deCONINCK. Early KING families settled in Kentucky and southern Indiana. ---------------------------------------------------- Husbands family: Paternal family from Sweden: ANDERSON. This family is from Klevshult, Sweden. Material family: McDOWELL. A famous ancestor of this family is Sir Isaac Newton.
Anders Gustav Larson Family
InterneTree: Jeanie L Anderson CLARKFIELD Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Anders Gustav Larson Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Nils Guulsson Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Ole Knutson Genealogy Report: Descendants of Anders Gustav Larson
Anderson/Ahlstrand Family Home Page
Margaret Ann Unger (b. 1833) married John Sprague (b. 18 Dec 1833). She was the daughter of John Unger and Nancy Cline. Peter Watkins/Mary Phillips: Peter (1832-1881) Mary (1839-1932) of England, Illinois, Nebraska. Nels Peter Ludvig Hult/Anna Larson: Nels (1864-1938) Anna (1870-1960) of Sweden and Nebraska. Carl Jensen/Lizzie Frederikke Skow: Carl (1871-1964) Lizzie (1880-1944) of Denmark and Nebraska. McLain: Edith Mclain daughter of James Jefferson McLain and Mary Ann Elizabeth Fales. Wallin: Selma Holdiard Wallin married Samuel August Ahlstrand/Johanson (1864-1948)
Eidinger Family
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Sigurd Eidinger Eidinger Family: Surname List

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